Aurora 7

Aurora 7

7.4 score

[AURORA 7] origin from the novel, it overthrows th...


only problem is the energy system..

+ unlike other games when you level up they give you extra energy , but this game gives none. and you get stuck waiting hours to progress unless you spend gems (which you get while playing the game) but players also need gems for the gacha.. so you get stuck between purchasing a gacha , energy or gold (but gold is not much of a problem mistake when you get to the gold dungeon at around lv45)


But besides that even with the VIP system there I'm a F2p and I'm stronger than vip5 players because the gacha is all about luck not how much you spend + gaining power is about knowing what you doing rather than just hoping you can whale through the game ..


So f2p players like me don't get intimidated. download and enjoy.

(1 more thing , if you want to top up via carrier billing , some countries currency isn't accepted at the moment so that's 1 down side when it comes to getting that 1st in game purchase pack) but it's not a must to get it because it's only an SR hero not SSR. + theres tons of better SR's out there.


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