Ceres M

Ceres M

8.2 score

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Hardcore Gamer

gacha rpg game turnbase

heroes appearances : adult , monstrous . no chibi /teenagers sofar. reroll is easy , can continously reroll 30x for getting two or 4 at max nat *5 in tutorial.

ui similar like 7k , gameplay even though theres some new face mechanic the core still same like generally turnbase game

graphic hmm i think its decent enough .. havent set the highest yet..

rn i find the voice sound is missing ? or they didnt use va in first place.

theres a fusion system that combine two lv30 units nat*4 to get *4 ~ *6 but i ady test it and seems not worth it / simply useless feature.

so lets test this game lil bit further

now i have gather lil bit info so i probably have a tierlist for newbie/starter tho im not that sure.

if you want to hear my opinion just ask in comments

while ill still play this more for a while


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