Ceres M

Ceres M

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Hardcore Gamer

Take your time selecting your starting lineup. Having played the various other versions of this title since it was originally released, this is a hard-learned lesson. You may see 30 draws and think that it is more than enough to get a team you like, but they will shovel a lot of trash your way unless you aim high. Obtaining two of the SR characters at once is highly possible and not all that rare. Gather up your Google accounts, make a new Facebook, use a guest account, and start the game with a team that will last.

This game reminds me of ElChronicle in a lot of ways, but with stage selection. The artwork in this one is much better, though. The settings are all meaningful and can create a few completely different appearances. You would think I am playing a different game after enabling the SSAO and DOF. SSAO improves the color and shadow contrast. Depth of field increases the background blur as objects are further away from the camera.

Without spoiling the story, the game uses a few different storylines in parallel. While they are each somewhat common on their own, having a few different arks happening in "real-time" helps to break up some of the monotony of a single tale about a hero that... well, I better not say.

You get a lot of rewards in this game (if it follows the same path as the original version). You may not get a team of SR characters along the way, but you will definitely have enough to power up the lesser ones. There is support for evolution, so you are not completely lost if your team is average.

Much of the game is automated, so it is not a challenge. It is, however, interesting enough to watch without getting too bored. This is something a lot of auto-battle games forget. If you are going to make the player a spectator, at least give them a show.



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