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Perfect World has made its grand return! This new ...

*****UPDATED 09/12/19****

This is one time I'm very glad to be wrong! I reported yesterday that level cap went from 79 to 80. I knew I was wrong when I hit 81 today along with the rest of my guild. We're not sure why the update notes didn't mention the cap, but we've since found out its 89, when a new very tough dungeon opens to us at 89

****UPDATED 09/11/19****

Get ready to laugh :) I reported that the level cap of 79 was to be lifted today. I'm happy to tell you all that we now have a new cap. Ok here comes the absurd part where you will all say, "Shut up! There's no way that's right!" The cap went from 79 to 80. This isn't a typo. They raised the cap by 1 level. What they are thinking I cannot even pretend to know.


I'm very surprised by this release. I was expecting another "auto play p2w nightmare" taking very little skill. Another lesson teaching us not to assume anything :) I LOVE my Blademaster. he's incredibly versatile, having 2 full stances with each having fully skilled choices. The axe stance is very good for AoE attacks, and the polearm stance actually has great single target RANGED attack!! The Blademaster has double the skills to master, and definitely requires a good understanding of the skills in both stances. you can easily switch stances on the fly during combat, and its fast and clean. the dps output is VERY high, and he also makes a very competent off tank because his defenses are so high. Spec him right (don't use a single point for magical attack, while focusing on str, atk, and vit).

There is a lot to do here as the daily events will easily take you hours to complete. The dungeons are well thought out, with boss mechanics not being terribly intense until the level 60 dungeons. Then, things change very quickly in terms of difficulty and boss mechanics. One downside I'm encountering quite often. The highest dungeons can be won or wiped strictly on the skills of your healer. if you have a mediocre healer, you're probably going to die repeatedly, and it's really frustrating to be at the top of the dps leaderboard by doing your job, only to wipe because the healer isn't competent. I can't even tell you how often this happens. my best advice is to forget about doing pugs starting after Cave of Treasures dungeon and keep your dungeon runs all with in guild groups. Once you get into Heaven or Hell and Netherworld dungeons you're absolutely going to need great healing.

PvP in game is also surprisingly fun. there is your typical one on one AI run called The Pinnacle, and there are 2 instanced PvP zones as well. one of these zones requires PvP on your flying mount. yup. Aerial combat. There is also the ability to do open world, wild PvP which is also good fun.

All in all, a solid game with much to like. There are a lot of elite players on the server who aren't leaving which is a good indication that the appeal is high. the art and graphics are truly stellar as well. I understand the 79 cap is being removed tomorrow, the 11th of September, and I'm eager to progress and enter the content I can see listed but not yet able to enter.

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