Zombie Blast Crew

Zombie Blast Crew

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Blast Crew更新终于来了。选择你最喜欢的幸存者,使用他们独特的属性、技能和武器来定义你自己的...



Hardcore Gamer

ill make a quick summary

pros : game size is small , controls is very smooth , aim is easy since its auto ( so back to basic just hit and run ) , skills + weapon is customizable , graphic is clean enough .. so for a game that under 100 mb this is very shockingly well made . simple & fun game !

cons : not free from ads (at least its not pop out of no where) , no coop system (cmiiw im afraid i need to reach certain rank to unlock it .. but i highly doubt that) , no chat system , no guild system , no story . again just simple game yet still good !

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