Call of Duty®: Mobile

Call of Duty®: Mobile

8.7 score


There is a lot of people waiting on this game but I am most great full for the traffic to my YouTube channel when we first found out about it I was second in the United States to post content on the game directly related to developers news on the alpha in Australia and also about the future of the game and and what to expect being a really big fan of timi studios even tho to this day I only have a small following of subscribers this game has helped me reach ten thousand views in the past few months so thank you tencent thank you ☺️ timi studios and thank you activision an I look forward to being the best solder out there with my game play style I’m sure I will be receiving A lot more popularity in the coming months

有很多人在等待这个游戏,但是当我们第一次发现它时,我对我的YouTube频道的流量非常满意我在美国排名第二,直接发布与开发者新闻相关的游戏内容。 阿尔法在澳大利亚,也有关于游戏的未来,以及期待成为蒂米工作室的忠实粉丝甚至到今天我只有一小部分订阅者,这个游戏帮助我在过去的一些观众中获得了一万次观看 几个月所以谢谢你腾讯谢谢你们tim️timi工作室并感谢你们积极参与我希望通过我的游戏风格成为最好的焊接工具我相信我会在接下来的几个月里获得更多人气


  • JUN

    wow, thank you for your review. Please let me know your channel and I'd love to visit your channel. please looking foward it, official version.

    Thank you for your support.

  • Legacyofleaders

    Thank you everyone for the support from everyone that has replied to this comment and or followed me here I don’t get much support for my creativity at home so each and everyone here that supports me here and on other social media sites you are why I do this thank you

  • 手机用户1097492

    omg i love you i think your the best TapTap Person yiu have good news stuff

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