FishIsland: Fishing Paradise

FishIsland: Fishing Paradise

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Hardcore Gamer

If you enjoy rhythm games, this may be a better fit than if you enjoy sports games. It is a fishing game, but not in the conventional sense. You cast out a rod and enter what more closely resembles Cytus than the last Com2uS game you played.

There is a lot of customization. You have a small selection of appearances for the character and only 4 starting outfits before entering a game where almost everything is an equipment item, including the boat. The graphics are not extremely detailed, but still manage to look high quality. This makes all of the customization really shine in a UI that becomes exclusive to your game.

The level progression eases you into the mechanics well. You are presented with the basic controls in the first area. They slowly speed up as you progress. Once you unlock the second area, you are introduced to more complex controls. You can jump to the second area when it unlocks or remain in the first area until is cleared. This allows you to move at your own pace.

Auto play is offered as a reward item. This is a clever way to balance being able to complete missions without effort and still having to learn the mechanics. Limited items mean you either have to earn the right to be lazy or spend a decent amount of money on it. I consider this a fair trade.

I enjoyed this game when it was in beta and it appears to have only improved since then. It is good to see the release was global. Now even those who are uncomfortable with foreign games will get to enjoy it.

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