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Battle Disc

Developer: Black Mobile Games

Throw the disc and eliminate opponents defences. But be carefull... If he catches the disc, he will throw it back.


Jelly Shift

Developer: SayGames

Shift the jelly up and down to change its form. Make sure to shape the jelly correctly so it can fit through the obstacles. Will you be the first to beat all levels?



Developer: ICON Games

Slicing soap, flakes, grass has never been so satisfying and breathtaking . Enjoy the destruction now! Hold to slice things, but watch out the obstacles! Main Features - Simple and pleasing -Addictive gameplay - Easy control - Variable things to slice - Impressive visual effects Collect corn, rock, leaves, sell them, and unlock even cooler things!


Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Developer: Lion Studios

Are you ready to become a hero, spy, and legend? Solve puzzling challenges, show off your deadly accuracy and take aim at the enemies. Come experience the shooting phenomenon. Use your brain in this unique puzzle game. You will need precise aim and laser focus to take down enemies, ninjas, and many other bad guys you will encounter in the world! Travel to new lands, save hostages, and use unique weapons like grenade launchers to combat your foes. Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you do it in one shot? Game Features: 1. Destroy them all and save the world! Mister Bullet is on a secret mission. Use your deadly accuracy and precision to keep the bad guys! Whether it is a spy, agent, zombie, lumberjack, alien they are all here to take over the world and only a MASTER can take them down and save the world. 2. Unlock Epic Missions So many enemies and levels for you to take down, each with their own unique twist! How smart are you? Can you solve all the puzzles? Shoot bullets that ricochet, bounce, or simply go in a straight line! Use your bullets to make objects fall and explode. Create chain reactions and do whatever it takes to get your target! 3. New Challenges Await Rescue hostages, throw grenades at people and go on secret missions. No matter the situation, just remember to make every shot count! 4. Engaging Physics Puzzler Only the smartest and quickest can solve all the puzzles! You will need more than just accuracy to make it through. Speed, timing and patience are all things you will need to become the zennest shooting master. Can you get three stars on every level? 5. Spy vs Spy Are you the best and most accurate? Battle against other spies in crazy PVP multiplayer scenarios. 6. New Features Weekly Mr Bullet is constantly updating with new unique levels, weapons and other skins. You will NOT want to miss out on the action. Whether you're a shooter or a puzzler, Mr. Bullet is a challenge ready for you. This is the best physics shooter game there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Battle notorious villains. Become a legend agent. Start your mission and never stop shooting! Bullseye! Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster, and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on Mr Bullet and our other Award Winning titles;


Line Color

Developer: tastypill

Tap and hold to paint the road. Can you paint all the way to finish line? VIP Access offers a weekly subscription for $5.99 after a 3 day free trial. Upon purchase of this subscription, you will immediately receive: 3 rare characters, 200% coin earned on level-up, 250 bonus coins daily and remove all ads. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. This is an auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your Google Play account after purchase confirmation. Your subscription is renewed unless you turn it off at least 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. The prices are set for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency. See below links for more information. For our privacy policy visit: For our terms of service visit: For any additional question, please contact us at:


成語填填字: 成語接龍遊戲

Developer: Kerun Games

古色古香的遊戲畫風,操作簡單的遊戲設置,引人入勝的遊戲玩法,多樣化的趣味文字謎題,這款益智類成語接龍遊戲,在方格之間,縱横交錯中,考驗你的文字儲備!簡單易上手,難度逐步增加,闖關模式,學習與挑戰兼備。寓教於樂,讓你在遊戲中感受文字的魅力! 規則講解: 成語填填字-成語接龍是一款闖關類文字遊戲,遊戲界面由不同的横豎空格組成,在已知文字的提示下,將下方的零散文字正確填入上方縱横交錯的詞語空格之中,組成正確的成語就能獲得遊戲勝利! 遊戲特色: -闖關玩法,難度遞增,寓教於樂 -行走的成語庫,隨時聯繫,點開即玩 -古風古韻的遊戲界面,清新護眼的風格 -逐步解鎖遊戲關卡,在積累中掌握成語奧祕 -靈動舒緩的遊戲音樂,完美解壓,放松大腦 -規則說明一目了然,上手就會,操作簡單 -答題講解,成語釋義讓你快速學習成語 -提示和求助功能幫助你快速過關 畫面清新動人,操作簡單易懂,玩樂與學習兼備。閑暇時光來一局,提神醒腦,自我挑戰。難度逐步增加,階梯闖關模式,讓你循序漸進地掌握詞語,學習起來毫無壓力。單機遊戲,無需聯網,下載即玩,趕緊來挑戰吧!


Dr. Mario World

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

■ Use your puzzle skills to eliminate pesky viruses! • Match capsules with viruses and watch them disappear! Simply match three objects of the same color vertically or horizontally to clear them. • Luckily, Dr. Mario and friends have virus-busting skills, and you can use leftover half-capsules to strategically zero in on especially meddlesome viruses. • Take your time, because each puzzling configuration of viruses must be cleared using a limited number of capsules. Keep calm to plan your approach, and you'll rid Dr. Mario's world of viruses in no time! ■ Paging Dr. Mario! • A colorful cast of viruses has Dr. Mario's world in a panic! Dr. Mario and friends have put on lab coats and grabbed capsules! Now they're ready to eliminate those unruly viruses. • Dr. Mario isn't the only one on call—Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, and others are on duty. Staff up with assistants like Goomba, Koopa Troopa, and Buzzy Beetle to help your doctors out with additional skills. • Doctors and assistants have various virus-busting skills, so experiment to find a combination that suits your style and pace. • Hundreds of stages over many different worlds are ready for you to save! New worlds, new doctors, and more will be delivered on a regular basis. ■ Play together with friends and family around the world! • You're not in this alone—send and receive stamina-giving hearts to use in stage mode! Then, show off your puzzle-solving progress. • In versus mode, you can turn up the intensity on your virus-busting by challenging others to a one-on-one showdown—without using hearts! • Find the right combo of doctor and assistants and aim for victory online to earn battle points and increase your tier! Notes: • This game is free to start, with optional in-game purchases. • Persistent Internet and compatible smart device required. Data charges may apply. • May contain advertising. • For information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy.


Attack on Titan: Humanity's Last Hope

Developer: 隆中網絡

Attack on Titan: Humanity's Last Hope mobile game was developed by the Tencent team to perfectly reproduce the animated content of "Attack on Titan". The team redesigned all the characters in animation with various scenes appearing in the animation.For example the Maria Wall and the Giant Wood Forest. Players will experience these scenes one by one throughout the gameplay.


Extraordinary Ones

Developer: 网易游戏

❖Contact Us Follow our website and SNS for exciting events and latest in-game news! Facebook: YouTube:   ❖Classic 5V5 Battle Team up with your friends and carry the whole team. Choose from Assassin, Support, Ability Power, Tank and so on. Try various play styles and powerful heroic skills. Crush your enemies in a real time 5vs5 combat. Get more penta kill and conquer the arena!   ❖56+ Legendary Heroes Master a roster of 56+ heroes combining eastern myths and modern art. Dozing goddess Chang’e with a muscular rabbit fighting together with her, punk Muqam who has an awesome Motorcycle and a magic suitcase, gentleman Arthur with silvery hair and white suit. More amazing heroes with various super power are waiting for you to pick up!   ❖Innovative Hero Awaking Mode After upgraded to 12th level, Heroes will be awaken with strengthened skills and items. Even the monster and minions get into stronger awaken stage. Beat your opponents with the awakened skill and become a legend in the arena!   ❖All-star Japanese Voice Cast 48 top-level Japanese voice actors including Aki Toyosaki and Koyasu Takehito present distinctive characters of each hero. Sweet, narcissistic or whatever, you’ll find your ideal hero at first hearing! You may hear voices from: 小西 克幸,花江 夏樹,下野 紘,諏訪部 順一,子安 武人,上坂 すみれ,能登 麻美子,堀江 由衣,雨宮 天,小倉 唯,細谷 佳正,豊崎 愛生,中島 ヨシキ,榎木 淳弥,速水 奨,野水 伊織,子安 武人,松岡 禎丞,桑原 由気,仙台 エリ,伊藤 静,寺島 拓篤,内山 昂輝,佐藤 利奈,花江 夏樹,小清水 亜美,日笠 陽子,富田 美憂,三木 眞一郎,野島 裕史,岡本 信彦,村瀬 歩,種田 梨沙,内田 雄馬,関 俊彦,山下 大輝,竹内 良太,高野 直子,逢坂 良太,保志 総一朗,野中 藍,阿澄 佳奈,明坂 聡美,上坂 すみれ,木村 良平,野水 伊織,斎藤 千和,増田 俊樹,生天目 仁美   ❖Academy Style 3-Lane Map Beautiful academy style design combines with classic 3-lane layout. Beat monsters in a library or basketball court. More gimmicks behind them! Get additional buffs or even a mount by beating specified monsters. Open the Treasure Box for unexpected items like Curse Eggs or Angels. Oops! Take care of the Ice Gun from your enemy!   ❖Hero Intimacy System. Want to build a closer relationship with your hero! Set your beloved hero as homepage hero and interact with him or her by shaking or sending a gift! Unlock more skin, CV and facial expressions with higher intimacy! Storage permission is critical to game initialization(Save game file to phone storage), please grant access after game starts. Camera permission is required if you want to take a photo and upload to the game, please grant access if you need this function. Location permission is required to play with players nearby, please grant access if you need this function.


Golf Nest - Dig Your Way Out!

Developer: Kaori Takanashi

Just dig with your finger to guide the ball. It's easy but challenging. Each level is a challenging physics Dig through sand to guide your ball through impressive scenes! Complete lots of challenging stage to unlock new skins. What is your best score? Just give it a try!


Developer: Rooster Games

Get ready for the funniest and most enjoyable battle royale game which has more than 10M downloads on other platforms.Pick up other players and throw them off the area. Try to survive and be the last one standing. Join this addictive entertainment right now. Features: * Free to play. * Play it anytime anywhere. * Super realistic physics. * Easy controls. * Hanging to the walls to survive added. * Breaking free when grabbed added. * Fast, addictive and fun gameplay.


Perfect World M


《完美世界M》官方粉絲團 即刻加入粉絲團就能獲得最新消息還能搶先獲得實用道具、不定期限時活動豪禮! 首款稱霸『陸、海、空』的爽感,暢遊無縫大地圖的快感,神級MMO次世代大作《完美世界M》,將重現經典、超越經典 【經典IP、完美移植】 各大地圖場景、音樂經典呈現,彷彿穿越13年時光隧道,給您滿滿的回憶與感動。 【獨創陸、海、空三棲戰鬥】 不再只有飛行趕路、不是只有座騎奔馳、不僅只有游泳海景;首創陸海空三棲戰鬥,讓您享有空前的戰鬥體驗。 【高自由度精緻捏臉、打造獨一無二的你(妳)】 承襲端遊捏臉始祖的系統,進化至更加精緻的細節設定,完整決定您的角色外觀,完美顏值由您定義! 【最真實的MMORPG、告別無腦掛機副本】 經典修真及黃昏副本再現、擺脫一般戰力碾壓的副本機制,專業的職業特色、明確的副本分工。齊心協力闖蕩6到24人的各類團隊挑戰,感受最真實的副本體驗。 【攜手幫派盟友重返戰場、群雄割據完美大陸】 幫派是充滿回憶及溫暖的家,趕緊召回老戰友並肩作戰,一同在幫派聯賽脫穎而出、搶佔領土稱霸完美世界。 【無接縫大地圖、自由探索完美世界】 高達60000平方公里的面積,可使用空間達90%以上,美景不再只是看得到卻到不了,讓您無拘束的暢遊完美世界。 ※本遊戲依據遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級。 ※您須年滿15歲始得使用本遊戲。 ※本遊戲情節涉及戀愛交友、暴力、不當言語。 ※遊戲情節純屬虛構,請注意使用時間,切勿沉迷或不當模仿。 ※部分內容需另支付費用,勿用他人代儲以免觸法。



Developer: Eskyfun Entertainment Network Limited

【遊戲簡介】 《長生繪夢》是一款唯美古風仙靈MMORPG遊戲,遊戲以架空玄幻修仙背景為題材,以最別出心裁的角度,講述一名修行者在亂世中,除妖降魔,遨遊天地的故事!獨創古風大世界社交仙俠手遊,邀你共赴一場浪漫千年之約。華麗古風+天神合體玩法,讓你在長生夢境中浪漫邂逅;炫酷外觀+個性裝扮,讓你成為大千世界中最矚目的存在;交友結盟姻緣+組隊PK+世界跨服,和你最緊密的戰友勇往直前! 【遊戲特色】 ◇ 清新古風 別具一格◇ 別出心裁的清新唯美古風,獨特的技術渲染淡水墨場景,讓你在體驗遊戲的過程中,享受不一樣的視覺盛宴。 ◇ 甜美邂逅 花前月下◇ 甜蜜溫馨的婚姻玩法,模擬真實戀愛體驗,從相遇-相識-相知-相戀,在那江湖中邂逅令你心動的那個TA; 舉辦婚宴,夫妻副本,體驗甜蜜悠閒的戀愛時光。 ◇ 個性裝扮 風華絕代◇ 坐騎和不拘泥於傳統的翅膀,獨特的背飾設計,各種萌寵跟隨身旁;華麗仙翼,炫酷光武,逆天飛劍,節日時裝,讓你隨意打扮,走在潮流最前端。 ◇ 幫派集結 金蘭之交◇ 與志同道合的朋友創建幫派,一同共赴戰場、贏得勝利、守衡幫派,幫派宴會,與盟友培養關係,共同成長。幫派亂鬥、幫派爭霸、展現幫主的權威,分享勝利果實! ◇ 繽紛玩法 身臨其境◇ 遊戲內置多種玩法,不論你喜歡單人闖關,組隊打王或是PK狂人,總有一樣適合你.決戰華山,殺戮戰場,遠古禁地,讓你暢享逍遙的生活。 【溫馨提示】 *本軟體因涉及暴力情節,依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級。 *本遊戲為免費試用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務、 *請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。


吞食天地5 召喚樂園

Developer: 980x Game Online

【超越吞食,唯有吞食!】 經典神級Online Game吞食天地續作,打破傳統新突破! 【神級三國回合制OnlineGame續作!】 突然傳統一帶一限制,打造屬於你的五虎陣容! 娘子軍、五子良將通通由你打造! 【創角即送聖獸隨行;再送張飛關羽助你橫行!】 青龍、白虎、玄武、朱雀免費任選!最強聖獸由你培養! 眾多萌寵同步登場!誰是你的心頭好? 【打副本、攻城戰、即時PK!向單機說不!】 極具特色的組隊系統,與三五知己一同挑戰最難副本! 集結全員,攻城戰開打!即時PK,決一勝負! 【四大職業各俱特色!坦補輸出由你決定!】 四個不同定位,各自擁有特色的職業,是坦是補?輸出輔助由你決定! 【義軍VS山寨!哪個戰無不勝?為了義軍!為了山寨!】 至激陣營戰,為了義軍!為了山寨! 成就陣營王者,豐富好禮送不停!


Hundred Soul

Developer: Hound 13

"Savior. You are the last hope for the humanity." Be our savior and save the crumbling world. ▣ Beginning of Action Theories of Relativity. Experience the real action that takes advantage of different combinations of equipment and fellows relative to your enemy’s characteristics and vulnerabilities to attack them. Your choice decides your action. Enjoy Hundred Soul Packed with thrilling actions and battles. ▣ All about action. #100 Action Theories of Relativity Action is relative. Examine the essence of action through 100 Action Theories of Relativity in Hundred Soul. Action Theory #1. Your equipment selection decides the action - Try various battle styles utilizing up to 100 of diverse equipment. Action Theory #2. Your fellow selection decided the action. - Fellow is your comrade in the battlefield. Each fellow has different abilities and react differently to particular situations. Action Theory #3. Your control skill decides the action. - Action starts with your control. The best way to overcome extreme situations is using your control skill. Action Theory #4. Timing decides the action. - Chances are hard to come by. Pay attention to timing and don’t miss the decisive moment. Action Theory #5. Your enemy’s behavior decides the action. - Observe enemy behavior. Watch for a chance and deliver critical damage to your enemy. ▣ Appealing Graphics See the realistic graphics pushed to the limit of Unity Engine. Experience the world of Hundred Soul filled with tenaciously detailed graphics, exquisite character motions, and dynamic visual directing. [Access Permission] This app needs access to the following permissions. - Photos/Media/Files : Saves files to execute the game and to take and display screen shots and videos. - Phone : For use of AppGuard for security of your phone. - Contacts : Accesses contacts to look up account information for log-in. You cannot play the game if you do not approve the access permissions. After you approve the access permissions, you can revoke them in the following ways. - Android v6.0 and higher: Settings > Application > Select App > Permissions > Turn permission off. - Below Android v.60 : Uninstall the application or upgrade Android version to turn off permissions. ---- Developer Contact Information:


Witch's Weapon

Developer: Leiting Games

守護世界の代價是——變成美少女?!! 超幻想!性轉百合美少女RPG《魔女兵器》 即刻下載,恥力全開!! 【故事背景】 2037 年夏,由於「異質物」爆發世界毀滅,躲過一劫的少年「小憐」對著聖杯許願,希望一切從未發生。一陣白光過後的次日清晨,城市完好如初,少年醒來卻發現自己變成了女孩子。而聖杯也在嚴密的監控下突然消失。 撲朔迷離的戰鬥衝突,獲得兵器魔力的少女,各個政治勢力圍繞「異質物」的陰謀逐漸拉開序幕…… 【遊戲特色】 *30萬文字演繹超幻想救世劇情。斷裂重置的時間,分崩離析的明天。 *唯美「百合」幻想繪卷。邂逅性格各異的兵器少女,度過淡淡柑橘味的唯美日常。 *一心同體,搭配最強魔女陣容。即時制定最佳策略,迎戰各路對手。 *超豪華聲優陣容。你好像蠻喜歡…被弄疼的感覺? 小憐(CV:釘宮理惠) 莉琉(CV:伊藤靜) 伊露卡(CV:澤城美雪) 白燭(CV:植田佳奈) 阿斯塔利爾(CV:能登麻美子) 索婭(CV:新井裏美) 愛麗絲(CV:石川由依) 莉莉婭(CV:上阪堇) 芩(CV:平野綾) 【可公開情報】 「異質物」 「異質物」──又稱「神跡」,只要滿足特定條件,就能引發超常物理現象的資訊或載體。這種作用不受任何維度、時空、心靈等已知壁障的限制。 長久以來,異質物一直在我們周圍,它們大多外形類似日常用品,很難被人發現。但只要受到特定的激發,就能引起超越人類理解範圍的異常現象。 「七年戰爭」 隨著越來越多的異質物被發現,各國逐漸意識到其重大的戰略意義。一場圍繞異質物的軍備競賽就此展開。2027年夏,隨著東京主城區被異質物毀滅,第三次世界大戰正式爆發。最終伴隨著1/2人口的犧牲、200多個國家和政府的解體,戰爭於2034年結束。這場戰爭也稱「七年戰爭」。 「學園都市」 六個在異質物研究方面最先進的組織結成和平同盟,停戰的原因是幾乎每一方手中都有足以毀滅世界的異質物武器,在這樣的威懾下誰也不敢碰誰。為了應對民眾強烈的反戰情緒,六個組織通過政治宣傳將自己包裝為「學園都市」。 「洛斯金杯事件」 2037年7月6日,恐怖分子闖入異質物開放式學術展覽,並解開了異質物洛斯金杯的封印,洛斯金杯內的詛咒被釋放,硫磺與烈火從天而降,第五學園都市瞬間毀滅......觀測結果本該如此......但實際情況卻是災變的因果似乎被一股未知力量強行篡改,使得一切從未發生,除了洛斯金杯神秘失蹤,以及某位少年似乎因為因果的牽連而變成了少女...... 歡迎加入官方粉絲團及哈啦區,第一時間瞭解遊戲相關資訊! 官方粉絲團: 巴哈姆特: ==================================================== ※《魔女兵器》依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級 ※本遊戲內容涉及遊戲角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾或裝扮但不涉及性暗示 ※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷


Empire of Glory

Developer: heyyogame

Sir! The country needs you!!! Are you ready for the world war? Build your Country, produce strong tank, train your soldiers, consolidate the base, command your army to join this world war, launch a massive military action, defeat your enemy and capture his base. ✔Millions of players are ready for this war ✔Align with elites, fight with the strong enemy together ✔Build your own base, control the future technology ✔Launch a international military action, the war is triggered at any moment ✔Dispatch your legendary general, accept the secret quest -Global scale map, conquer the seven continents- A large scale global map, all the players fight with each other, or become ally. Gather the resources together, fight with the enemy countries together, beat the dangerous wild mercenaries! -Excited military competition, show your big gun- Manufacture all kinds of missiles, tanks, mobile artillery tanks, armored cars, train your MBT. Produce exclusive war machines, show your power in many fierce wars. -Legendary general comes again, lead your army- Hire the legendary generals, every generals have his own skills. Dominate the war, control the central base, be the King of Military, defend the violation from your enemy, show your strong ability of leadership! -Scientific research, improve the power of your country- Research all kinds of economy technology and military technology, content your demands of strategy, balance your economy and upgrade your army, to improve your power, dominate the war. -The world war has started, fight for the peace- Finish all kinds of quests, to improve your power, obtain amazing rewards. Join the international events, defend for the peace with all the elite allied players, against to the enemy leagues. Be the King of Military! Click that red button and start the war right now, join the war to fight, be the Master of your world! This is a game to end wars with wars!


Fortress Go

Developer: GameTopia Games

The Fortress has back! Finger-controlled within 3 min turn-based shooting game is now waiting for you, team up with your friends and show off your power! 《Fortress GO》is a relaxing and social based Real time competitive game. Players could choose from more than 20 kinds of cute tanks with different career. Enjoy the battle! Features: 1.Aim and fire, the legend is in your hands Horizontal version! Launching!Competition! The super-classic playing method is coming! The unique “ BONUS continuing fight” system will bring you to a fast-paced and turn-based battle. No time to waiting for teammates! 2.Enjoy the battle at anytime and anywhere 3 minutes turn-based battle, give it a shoot! 3.Real time matching with players all over the world An infinite variety of enemies are coming! Build up of your own “family” team for a long term relationship with your friends and develop the leadership ! 4.Develop your career, the roles are diversified Attack, eruption, therapy, control…more than 20 tanks are under your control. Make your own tanks unique with the epic decorations! 5.You are always the strongest challenger Become the strongest challenger in different competition system, not only the to prove your strength! Contact Facebook:



Developer: 在线途游

成语大官人是一个闯关类的游戏,从简单到复杂,一步步考验你的成语储备。边玩边学,寓教于乐,既可以愉悦心情,又可以训练思维,提升个人内涵修养。 学成语的过程中还能加官进爵,招贤纳士,买屋置地,走向人生巅峰。 【说明】 - 成语填词闯关,穷秀才也能考取功名,平步青云。 - 游戏和成语相结合,填词和接龙玩法的结合,玩游戏的同时,顺便了解很多成语。 - 操作简单,容易上手,点击填字就能带来学习成语的快乐。 - 精选7000多个成语,一共2800关无重复,让你酣畅淋漓玩个够! - 游戏界面由不同的横竖空格组成,需要在空格处填字接龙,使之在横向纵向都是一个成语。 - 关卡从简单到复杂一步一步挑战你的脑力极限,提高你的反应速度和尖锐眼力。 - 完全参照成语词典详尽解释成语,说明成语的出处,在学习成语同时也要了解背后的成语故事。 - 随时随地能玩,没有时间限制,疯狂猜成语让你感受成语大会般的魅力! - 猜成语,成语填词,成语接龙,填词闯关,参加科举,各种玩法等你挑战 《成语大官人》是一款可以学到很多成语的游戏,无论你是什么年龄,什么职业,它都适合你。 中华成语千千万,看起来很简单,可是有时候抓破头皮也不一定能猜到,不服就来猜猜看!




【遊戲簡介】 首款古風大世界尋愛RPG手遊,蕭敬騰化身深情王爺,邀你共赴一場浪漫千年之約。全3D場景極致還原千年汴京盛況,你可以在這個唯美古風世界中自由探索,體驗到心動戀愛、浪漫結緣、品階晉升、綾羅收集、多人社交等獨特玩法,真實古風人生,為你浪漫開啟。 個性DIY捏臉,精美首飾搭配百變古裝華服,美人千面才夠! 浪漫結緣系統,賦予每個NPC最別具一格的靈魂,讓ta成為你最溫暖的知己伴侶。 趕快和好友一同加入,揭開汴京城沉寂千年的神秘面紗,享受從未有過的古風手遊新體驗! 【遊戲特色】 ◇ 千年汴京 邀君入夢 ◇ 全3D大場景地圖,極致還原真實古風大世界,打造絕美視覺盛宴。擬真流動變幻的時間與天氣,陰晴雨雪、日夜交替,無論是琴棋書畫還是花前月下,處處都是場景創新交互。真人即時互動,豐富的雙人交互重塑百態古代生活交際圈,從未體驗過的絕美古風人生,正在拉開序幕。 ◇ 萬變華服 一顧傾城 ◇ 美麗自由定義,高自由度捏臉系統,臉型、五官、妝容等部位細節都可以調整,引領古風新時尚!特色時裝系統,綾羅巧衣搭配精美配飾,組合出千萬種經典華服,以高技術標準打造古裝的無限可能,全方位實現你的古裝夢,享受浪漫古風人生! ◇ 心動情緣 專屬陪伴 ◇ 浪漫古風結緣,霸道皇上、溫柔王爺、深情侍衛...收集只屬於你的心動緣分,和古風世界人物來一場現實社交,搭配閒聊、拜訪、緣分等功能,隨時隨地和心愛的他訂下一場甜蜜的相遇,收穫意想不到的驚喜。真人即時交友,公主抱比心飛吻,甜蜜互動超越你對戀愛的所有期待。每一場交談都是最用心的深情,每一次拜訪都是最浪漫的約會。 ◇ 尋愛虐戀 為愛而戰 ◇ 競爭考核,評比晉升,真實還原緊張與刺激感。史上最強隨從陣容,以最別出心裁的角度還原古人風采,與跨越時空的歷史隨從一起,伴隨著戰鬥的歷練,收集與成長!如何突破重重危機的困境,千年汴京的尋愛虐戀,等待你來書寫。 【聯繫我們】 官方客訴郵箱 更多訊息請Facebook搜索關注浮生為卿歌官方粉絲團 【溫馨提醒】 ※本軟體涉及輕微打鬥、戀愛交友情節。 ※本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬貨幣、物品等付費服務。 ※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。



Developer: Itchi Technology Limited

香港卡通情侶《大大與小妹》首次推出手機遊戲, 玩家需要玩遊戲中的三隻mini game升級金幣, 幫女主角小妹換各種可愛造型、買食物、換傢私, 令小妹和大大相遇,繼續遊戲旅程! 玩家可以與大大小妹對答互動,解鎖不同的彩蛋動作。 Facebook:大大與小妹 Instagram:lenus_ig



Developer: WeGames Corporation.

◇・*:.。遊戲簡介 .。.:*・゚◇ 亙古之前,天命創造了諸多世界,其中包含了山海、鏡花、武俠、魔世等共三千個存於不同空間的時間軸世界,並將其藏於建有秩序法則的《命運錄》之中,以控制這世界的運行發展軌跡。 如今這道法則已遭混沌破壞,部份世界出現了偏差與異常的現象,唯一擁有穿梭世界能力的「無我相族」必須擔起重任,找尋三千世界的命運關鍵人物「命運之子」…… ◇・*:.。遊戲特色 .。.:*・゚◇ 以古風服飾為主、現代為輔的3D戀愛換裝遊戲《雲裳羽衣》,擁有多元的造型配件、自由設計服裝及捏臉系統,任誰都能創造無限搭配的可能性。 穿越三千世界、與命運之子邂逅相遇,永生的追逐和愛戀、扣人心弦。 遊戲採用層染技術,實現光影、動作、特效,帶來全所未有的換裝視覺盛宴。 ❤萬變華裳❤ 服飾造型,經典文化元素融入現代審美設計。 ❤命運之子❤ 命運之子戀愛玩法,穿越世界與男神相遇相知。 ❤唯美自拍❤ 拍照系統加入繽紛創意元素,臉萌、動作、位置自由調配,記錄美好瞬間。 ❤千人千面❤ 打破固定格局,捏臉玩法更符合美學原理,臉型妝容自由換。 ❤自由設計❤ 自由染色、印花、染布、剪裁等獨特設計功能,打造服飾自訂系統 ★ 聯繫我們 ==官方資訊== FB粉絲團:搜尋『』 線上回報:


Brave Conquest

Developer: IGG.COM

Hop in now and join us at [Brave Conquest] - the casual, fun-filled strategy game! Manage your own Kingdom and fill your coffers in a snap! Experiment with bizarre formations to take on whatever your foes throw at you! Wait no more! Now’s the time to ascend the throne and take your place among the greatest lords! [Game Features] *Your Kingdom, Your Choice! As the lord of your Kingdom, you get to call the shots! Unlock and place unique buildings anywhere you wish! Lack materials and resources? Farms and Factories are your best options! Want to speed up your army’s growth? Focus on unlocking the Barracks, Spellworks, and Wonders! Also, don’t forget to feed your guardian Dragon lest she burn your castle down! *An Epic Realm with Tons of Treasures! Traverse across lush green plains and snow dunes, and scale the highest peaks and deepest valleys in search of lost Wonders and rare treasures! Be sure to free up some inventory space before exploring with your goblin crew. You never know what legendary treasures you’ll find at the far reaches of the realm! *One True Legend, Ten Thousand Troops Unite! A lord is never without able subjects! Stand tall alongside Heroes of justice and evil. There’s no battle too tough! Make your troops strong and fit! Train them up and be rewarded with upgraded troop types for an unfair advantage in battle! *Brain-Teasing Challenges to Overcome! Training your troops has never been easier! Leave ‘em alone and they’ll level up automatically! War isn’t so simple, though. Even the most well-drilled soldiers can’t win a battle by themselves! It’s up to you to lead and deploy them wisely! Lords never stop challenging themselves, and the game certainly encourages this! Partake in a never-ending journey towards greater glories by conquering the Battle Hall, Arena, and global Kingdom Wars! *Allies Unite! Fight to Become the Realm’s Strongest Alliance! Not enough resources? Your allies have much to share! Bullied by other players? Your allies got your back! Interested in an Alliance event? Work with your allies! And when all seems lost… Well, let your allies worry about that!



Developer: Fantasygames

【遊戲特色】 【無雙武將 策略搭配】 玩法豐富的燒腦塔防手遊保證燒乾你的腦細胞!是時候向大家證明您的超絕軍師智商實力!守塔、守城、征戰、競技場、擂臺賽、武將陣容、讓您一戰出名!是英雄戰出來!是軍師出來戰 ! 【萌系人物 Q版造型】 Q版的人物造型,萌態十足,更有紅唇皓齒、壹笑傾國的美人,為英雄增加屬性,助競技場耀武揚威!200多名傳奇歷史武將讓玩家盡收帳下! 【百變戰塔 全新樂趣玩法】 遊戲融合多種全新玩法,三國名將化身多類塔防,不僅讓你充分體驗策略塔防的樂趣,更讓你體驗到不一樣的武將塔防! 【呆萌武將 笑談三國風雲】 Q版造型,萌態十足武將技能傷害爆屏,談笑間,三國風起雲湧! 【百家爭鳴 招募英雄豪傑】 呂布?馬超?統統招來做小弟,數百個三國名將等著主公來挑選! 【鐵馬金戈 揮鞭索戰馬】 夢回吹角連營,馬作的盧飛快,跑馬場群馬疾馳,已備好套索等主公來挑選。 我們非常樂意為您解決遊戲中遇到的任何問題,歡迎聯系我們! Facebook:


Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Developer: Kiary games

You are a private detective. After receiving a letter from your father, asking for help, you go to the small town of Redcliff. The city is completely empty. Where have all the inhabitants gone? What happened to your father? This is what you have to find out. Explore the city, find clues, solve puzzles, open locks to advance your investigation. The game is a mixture of escape the room and classic quests. Features: - Fully 3D levels that can and should be rotated to inspect them from another angle. - Variety of locations from the usual residential building to the ancient catacombs. - Interactive world - Many puzzles - Detective story, with unexpected plot twists. Awards: TOP 20 - Indie Games Showcase from Google Play Best Mobile Game - DevGAMM’2019 Best Indie Game (Nominee) - DevGAMM’2019 Excellence in Game Design (Nominee) - DevGAMM’2019


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Developer: Niantic, Inc.

From the makers of Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the real-world augmented reality (AR) game inspired by the Wizarding World that puts magic in the hands of players worldwide. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is co-developed and co-published by Niantic, Inc. and WB Games San Francisco as part of Portkey Games, a label dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and video games inspired by J.K. Rowling's original stories that place players at the center of their own adventure. Realize Your Wizarding Potential A calamity has befallen the wizarding world, causing Foundables—magical artefacts, creatures, people, and even memories—to mysteriously appear in the Muggle world. As a new recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, you’ll work with witches and wizards from across the globe to solve the mystery of The Calamity and keep magic safe from Muggle eyes. The Magic Is All Around You As you step outside and explore the world, the Map will reveal Traces of magic that indicate the location of Foundables. These Traces are found at various real-world locations and trigger richly detailed 3D encounters in full 360-degree advanced AR. You’ll need to cast a variety of spells to defeat the confounding magic surrounding the Foundables in order to safely return them to the wizarding world. Keep an eye out for other things that will aid you on your journey including Inns that replenish Spell Energy, ingredients that can be used to brew potions, and even Portkeys that can whisk you away to iconic wizarding world locations. Stronger United Gather your friends to take on even bigger magical feats such as Wizarding Challenges, real-time cooperative multiplayer battles against dangerous foes. To overcome the stronger threats and discover rarer Foundables, you’ll need to team up and strategize with your fellow witches and wizards and specialize in different magical Professions—Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor—that each have their own unique skills and abilities that come in handy at different times. Ready your wand, alert your friends, and be ready to protect the wizarding world from a global calamity. Your Wizarding adventure awaits! Stay tuned for the latest at


Touch The Wall

Developer: VOODOO

Be sneaky and try to touch the wall before the other players without being seen by the red light!


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Developer: 育碧中国

Loot big or die trying! Let the Mighty Quest begin! Enter the magic lands of Opulencia: defeat the craziest foes, find epic loot and claim the King’s throne! Fight epic battles and become the mightiest Hero of all in this intense Action RPG adventure! FRANTIC ONE-THUMB GAMEPLAY Grab your phone and tap to slash! Experience wild brawls at a frenzied pace! Fight your way through goblins, skeletons, banshees and all kinds of fearsome creatures. A WONDERFUL WORLD TO CONQUER Discover Opulencia, a stunning world of floating castles. Hack through more than 100 unique environments from the Cursed Cathedral to the Haunted Pirate Ship. BUILD YOUR OWN HERO Become the Hero of your dreams! Open character building allows for unique builds and deep playstyles. With over 1000 unique items of gear, it’s time to get creative! GEAR UP, NEVER GIVE UP Enhance your Hero by looting tons of epic weapons, awesome armor and legendary artefacts. Upgrade your sword, fuse and empower your gear, and kick some monster butt! RAID TO THE TOP Level up your powers with tons of runes and blessings, unlock formidable skills, and unleash devastating abilities! MASSIVE PVE CAMPAIGN Learn the tricks and traps of each castle, and crush its mighty boss to discover the truth about Opulencia. Tackle 3 different difficulty modes, all-you-can-eat! THRILLING PVP ARENA Enter the Arena, play intense PvP matches, and climb the rankings! It’s one against one against one against one. Well… it’s you against everyone… NEVER-ENDING-EVER-CHANGING EVENTS There’s always some crazy time-limited ruthless events going down in the game. Unique gameplay modes, incredible loot, exclusive rewards: you’ll never get tired! PRE-REGISTER NOW to secure a special REWARD at launch! After 1 million sign ups, everyone will receive a unique pet in-game – Bradley, the Doomsday messenger - when the game launches. Spread the word and tell your friends about it! PLEASE NOTE: • This game is free-to-download but some in-game items may be purchased for real money. You can choose to disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. • A network connection is required to play. Time to go loot some castles, dungeons and claim your riches now! Draw your sword and get out of this description! Features recap: - Intense hack and slash action RPG gameplay - Equip your own Hero with the best sword and gear - Crawl the dungeons and raid the King’s throne - Slash monsters and crush bosses (PvE) - Fight other Heroes in the Arena and become the boss (PvP) Raid epic bosses (PvE) or fight in the Arena (PvP) to complete your quest and become the King of all Heroes in this Action RPG adventure game! Equip your Hero with the best gear: swords, axes, shields, helmets, chests, and more. Raid castles, crawl dungeons, crush monster bosses to loot more and more in this endlessly epic fighting adventure. Raise your sword, slash mythic Heroes, crush fearsome bosses and claim the King’s throne! The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a Hack and Slash Adventure RPG game.


Dragon Sky

Developer: Triple-Double

The Idle RPG Shooter, , for those who are tired of mass-produced RPGs! Strong Dragons build a strong empire. Summon powerful Dragons by combining 2 Dragons! Combining baby Dragons will create powerful Dragons! Discover Legendary Dragon and enter the battlefield! Legendary Dragons will lead the war to victory with its powerful skills. Combine fire, water, grass and neutral dragons! Create an unbeatable party with various combinations! Strengthen your party with the Blessing of Goddess! Dominate over others with the holy power of dragons. Conquer the Boss and get your reward! Boss monsters will give you greater rewards. Fantastic Dragons and even more brilliant shooting actions! Collect your Dragons and prepare for your war! ============= [Request for Permission] ▶ Guide to required permissions. 1. Access to Photos, Media, and Files - Required to save game data in your device, which is required to launch the game. - This app includes permission to use the storage of Photos, Media and File. Permission is required to read/write necessary information needed to access the game. 2. Read phone status and identity. - Required to create or verify user accounts. ▶ How to remove permission. - Android 6.0 and above : Settings > Apps > Select app > Permissions > Select to allow or remove permissions. - Under Android 6.0 : Due to the characteristic of the operating system, you can remove permission by deleting the app.



Developer: 艾肯娛樂(香港)股份有限公司

【遊戲特色】 ◆菁英士官招募,與少女馳騁前線 戰鬥型少女可強化兵種強度、獲得戰鬥技能,發展型少女可增強各建築物資源產出與特殊產出技能。超過60名少女等著指揮官收服! ◆科技研發,強化部隊軍種屬性 科技研發可強化兵種屬性,突破軍隊極限。運用兵種相剋機制、策略佈局,縱橫於各區戰線,提升軍事競爭力。 ◆討伐喪屍,末世中求生存 於世界地圖尋找喪屍軌跡,和聯盟好友一同加入討伐行動,殲滅各類型的喪屍,取得獎勵與榮耀! ◆掠奪玩家,引爆全球戰線 遊戲規模為全球共服,可在世界地圖中徵查敵方玩家,透過軍事結盟攻略敵方城池,摧毀掠奪他人心血結晶,享受與盟友共同對抗外敵的快感。 ◆採集資源,建設末日生存基地 透過資源的採集,可以打造專屬的城市,外觀任玩家自由更換造型,創建末日防禦堡壘,擴展自己的戰略版圖。 本軟體依遊戲分際管理辦法規定分類為輔12級 * 本遊戲部分內容或服務需另行支付其他費用 * 請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷於遊戲 * 本遊戲內容涉及暴力(少量血腥畫面)、遊戲角色穿著凸顯性特征之服飾

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