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Punishing: Gray Raven

Developer: 库洛游戏

‘Punishing: Gray Raven’ is a 3D action mobile game with a sci-fi apocalypse theme. You will become the commander and lead the last hope of mankind - the bionic human form 「structure」to fight against the mechanical army infected by the 「Punishing」 virus. Use your judgment, flexibly slide your fingertips, trigger different skill moves, and play a gorgeous battle at the end of the world! The story of Punishing: Gray Raven takes place in the near future. Fusion technology has brought humanity into the golden age of high degree of unity and rapid development. However, due to human's ultimate exploration of basic science, it finally touched the taboo field, and the virus, symbolized "punishing", suddenly broke out. The fragile human body was quickly destroyed by the virus, while the infected machine was controlled by the virus and turned into a violent slaughtering machine. After less than a century of resistance, the once highly prosperous human civilization has almost lost its trace on the planet. The survivors are in exile in deep space, as an alternative to the numerous mechanical infectious organisms that roam the earth. And you will play the role of a "saviour" with the last hope of human civilization, the "structure", on your journey back to Earth. The era of counterattack has begun-- May every son of humankind return to the earth be safe.


Hunter x Hunter CN

Developer: 腾讯

"Hunter x Hunter" is an authorized mobile game licensed by Shueisha. It is an action game based on large-scale multiplayer online, emphasizing character training, player socialization, common challenge and player confrontation. The background of the game story is based on the original works of Yoshihiro Togashi. The 2011 version of the animation "HUNTER X HUNTER" is based on the player playing an unknown member of the hunter world, witnessing the original story of the characters and related characters, and making friends with other players complete different challenges and adventures together.


Lineage 2M: 19 KR

Developer: NCSOFT Corporation

"LINEAGE 2M" is the new MMORPG mobile game developed by South Korea NCSOFT's popular online game "LINEAGE 2", which will provide players with an open world for more than 10,000 players to fight. While inheriting the original world view and gameplay, the game will also optimize the game battle system, and the quality of the game graphic will also be upgraded and improved.



Developer: Cygames, Inc.

◆ Play and aim! Non-stop battle! Shoot out the weak points of your enemies with your body! Opportunity to stop enemies and deal massive damage! Create more actions by changing the trajectory! Let's experience a heated battle with the cooperation of multi! ◆ Kick the enemy with the combined characters! Beam, tracking, recovery, skills for each character in various patterns! Two character skills can be used in combination! Double the effects of abilities and skills with character combinations! ◆ Challenge one or three bosses Powerful bosses with a habit and a habit! Activate "Skill Chain" in cooperation with other players! ◆ Story woven by various characters and the world Incidents that occur in various worlds, a mysterious world involving two people and one animal A must-see episode for each character! "World flipper will start" "Let's go! To a new world!"


ヴァンガード ZERO: TCG(トレーディングカードゲーム) JP

Developer: 株式会社ブシロード

大人気TCG「カードファイト!! ヴァンガード」が、ついにスマホ向け「カードファイトRPG」アプリとして登場! 「ヴァンガード」のすべてがここにある! ▼こんな方におすすめ▼ ・「カードファイト!! ヴァンガード」が好き ・トレーディングカードゲーム(TCG)が好き ・ロールプレイングゲーム(RPG)が好き ・パック開封にワクワクする ・フルボイスを堪能したい ・スマホでカードファイトを楽しみたい ・PVPでランキング上位に入りたい ・カードゲームならではの自分だけの最強のデッキを作りたい ・戦略を立ててゲームを攻略したい ・大人が熱中できるトレーディングカードゲーム(TCG)を探している ・無料で遊べてオンライン対戦もできるトレーディングカードゲーム(TCG)を探している ・ブシロードのゲームを探している ・青春が味わえるストーリー性が豊かなカードゲームが好き ・デジタルカードゲーム(DCG)が好き ・箱庭要素でキャラクターを見ているのが好き ・操作が簡単なゲームで暇つぶししたい ・モバイルで初めてのTCG(トレーディングカードゲーム)を探している ▼「ヴァンガード ZERO」とは▼ 「カードファイト!! ヴァンガード」の最新スマホアプリ! アニメさながらのストーリーモードや、 ライバルとカードファイトがいつでも楽しめる! メインビジュアルは「とみながまり」先生描き下ろし! ▼ストーリー▼ この物語の主人公「先導アイチ」はちょっと気弱でクラスでも目立たない中学三年生の男の子。 常に後ろ向きで目立たないように毎日を送っていたアイチだったが、一つだけ心の支えがあった。それは子供の頃にもらったあるカードゲームのカード、「ブラスター・ブレード」。そのカードがきっかけでカードファイトを始めた彼の日常は大きく変わり始める。 ヴァンガードの面白さに魅せられたアイチは、ヴァンガードファイトを通して「櫂トシキ」「戸倉ミサキ」「葛木カムイ」といった仲間たちや、沢山のライバルたちと出会う。 ▼アプリ特徴▼ 原作アニメ「カードファイト!! ヴァンガード」の世界観を完全再現したストーリーモード! スマホに最適されたルールでのド迫力のファイトモード! 好きなキャラや家具を自由に配置し自分だけのルームを作れるマイルーム! など、「ヴァンガード」の魅力がここに集結! ▼登場キャラクター▼ ※一部抜粋 先導アイチ (CV:代永翼) 櫂トシキ (CV:佐藤拓也) 葛木カムイ (CV:石川静) 戸倉ミサキ (CV:橘田いずみ) 雀ヶ森レン (CV:阿部敦) 新城テツ (CV:稲田徹) 鳴海アサカ (CV:生天目仁美) 矢作キョウ (CV:渡辺明乃) 先導エミ (CV:榎本温子) 三和タイシ (CV:森久保祥太郎) 新田シン (CV:森嶋秀太) ▼価格▼ 無料(一部有料アイテムあり) このアプリケーションには。株式会社Live2Dの「Live2D」が使用されています。 ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.



Developer: 北京微笑科技有限公司

"RAGNANIA" version 2.0 sincerely launched! The epic battle of divinity and personality, 3D beautiful girl action mobile game "RAGNANIA", presented by Beijing Smile Technology. The humans that survived the destruction of the old world rely on the resources of the Benta to rebuild civilization, and the last city, "Ragnania", is alive. The creatures are known as the "Apocalyptic Beast" and even the "God of Doom God" awakened from the White Tower, and they swarmed outside the tower, destroying the city. Humans have obtained new energy-"tinder" by killing "God of Doom". Tinder can be directly fused with the human body, making them an existence that can exercise the power of the gods-"exotics."



Developer: NCSOFT Corporation

"LINEAGE 2M" is the new MMORPG mobile game developed by South Korea NCSOFT's popular online game "LINEAGE 2", which will provide players with an open world for more than 10,000 players to fight. While inheriting the original world view and gameplay, the game will also optimize the game battle system, and the quality of the game graphic will also be upgraded and improved.



Developer: 上海蛙扑网络技术有限公司

《灌篮高手 正版授权手游》是一款真人实时篮球竞技手游,由蛙扑发行,先知者研发,东映动画授权并全程监制。游戏将以多样的比赛模式和剧情还原《灌篮高手》赋予我们的热血时代,一圆你我曾经“称霸全国”的梦想!


Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Developer: Illumix Inc.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery is the next terrifying installment in the FNAF franchise. Players will confront malfunctioning animatronics in their real world and attempt to survive these horrors come to life. Through the game, players subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment’s brand new “Fazbear Funtime Service” and get their favorite animatronics on-demand. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the visiting animatronics malfunction and attack subscribers instead of entertaining them. Players must confront an endless stream of hostile animatronics that will follow them wherever they go. The question is, how long can players survive? And just what is happening at Fazbear Entertainment? ________________________________ FEATURES ★IMMERSE YOURSELF in terrifying augmented reality audio-visual attack sequences exclusively designed for each animatronic ★EXPERIENCE real-time location based gameplay, where FNAF animatronics will pay you a visit wherever you are and wherever you go ★SURVIVE animatronic attacks by using your limited resources wisely (including battery, flashlight, and shocker) ★COLLECT parts, CPUs, and plushsuits to ASSEMBLE, test, repair and deploy your own hotwired animatronics, and search & collect remnant in your environment ★SEND ANIMATRONICS against your friends and other players, and get the highest streak on the leaderboard ________________________________ Additional Notes: Please note that FNAF AR: Special Delivery is free to download and play, but offers some game items for purchase with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. Play recommendations: - It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information. - Best played with headphones! Compatibility: - Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks. - Current device compatibility list can be found at Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


Song of Starfire JP

Developer: DMMGAMES

歴史上の科学者や哲学者のコードネームを持つ美少女「SEED」と共に 廃墟と化した世界でゾンビの侵略から生き残るために戦うストラテジー×ターン性バトルRPG ▼あらすじ A.D.2080年。 月の探索で発見された”ムーンストーン”の影響を受け 人類はゾンビへ変異し、世界は廃墟と化した。 『神啓グループ』の研究者は、ゾンビに対抗するために ゾンビの変異細胞を利用して、人体改造を試みる。 改造を施された者は、超常的な戦闘力とゾンビ感染への免疫を身に付け 彼女たちを「SEED(シード)」と呼ぶ。 主人公は「SEED」たちの指揮官として この廃墟と化した世界で生き残るために戦う――。 ▼個性豊かな仲間「SEED」 「アインシュタイン」「エジソン」「ダ・ヴィンチ」「ランスロット」「徳川家康」 科学者、発明家、画家、騎士、侍など「歴史上の人物」のコードネームを持つ美少女が多数登場! ▼自分好みのキャラクター染色 3Dキャラクターの衣装、髪型、武器など、部位ごとに染色ができる! 好きなキャラクターを好きな色に編集して、もっと好きになれるキャラクターにしよう! ▼キャンプの発展 キャンプを発展させて、迫り来るゾンビを迎え撃とう! 農園で野菜や果物を栽培したり、水着パーティで遊んだり、キャンプ生活を楽しもう! ▼豪華声優陣によるキャラクターボイス 石川由依、井上麻里奈、上坂すみれ、植田佳奈 金元寿子、小清水亜美、斎藤千和 日高里菜、安野希世乃、悠木碧 (50音順) ▼推奨環境 Android8.0以上 【公式サイト】 【公式Twitter】 ©DMM GAMES/HFDogs Studio



Developer: 启源计划工作室

3D次世代奇幻RPG,新用户注册即享10连抽!高福利开局,轻松召唤SSR英雄! 2019全新3D次世代大作全平台公测开启! 3D次世代奇幻RPG《启源女神》,赋予你拯救世界的神圣使命。你将以平凡的佣兵队长身份,通过神奇的塔罗牌将世界知名的英雄们逐一召唤到身边,与强大的黑暗势力战斗,解锁神秘剧情,书写属于你的奇幻冒险故事。 游戏赋予马可波罗、雅典娜、瓦尔基里、小红帽等世界名人焕然一新的动感印象,更将奇幻世界中的人类、精灵、霜狼、龙等多元种族概念完美融入,全3D高精模型演绎他们极富创造力的灵魂。英雄连携作战,超华丽奥义动画,华丽战斗痛快淋漓! 你将与英雄们自由组建战斗小队,英雄的独特战斗定位以及神奇的元素属性为策略带来无限可能。契约羁绊联结你与英雄的灵魂共鸣,佣兵冒险,试炼竞技,来吧,快拿起你的剑,与英雄们一同迎接挑战吧!


Ink Inc. - Tattoo Tycoon

Developer: Lion Studios

Are you ready to experience your inner rebel? Ever wonder what it is like to get a tattoo? Now you can experience it all without feeling the pain! Fill in hundreds of different tats for your customers. Try to get the picture as close as possible for them and don’t mess up!. Get ready to feel the satisfaction of watching your art become real tattoos! Relax and use your precision to point and aim the needle to fill in the shapes. So many satisfying vibrations! Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss an ink... Will you be the first one to tattoo them all? Hundreds of objects for you to carefully size up, outline, and ink your customers. The final results will leave you feeling satisfied! Game Features: 1. Simple but addicting mechanics Feel the satisfaction without the pain? The pictures are there for you. All you need to do is fill in the ink. Take your time and relax, it’s the simple. 2. Run your own Tattoo Shop Keep the customers coming. Whether its a heart, a zombie, or a skull, there are so many tattoo designs for you to stencil. 3. Don’t go over the lines!! Challenging shapes will test your precision. Can you beat each level in one hit? 4. Feel the experience Feel every needle tap with the best haptics experience there is. Whether you like tattoos or just want to draw some shapes, Ink Inc. will take you there. This is the best and most rewarding tattoo simulation game there is. Good luck putting down Ink Inc! Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;


ShadowSeven - 5vs5 Turn based PvP

Developer: Neptune Company

"Chess-like turn based PvP ShadowSeven is now open! Strateize with unique characters and earn victory! ■ Introduction of ShadowSeven Battle of seven leaders and mercenaries to prevent the resurrection of the seven demons who were sealed in the 7th kingdom for centuries. Become a hero/*** by winning a combat considering characteristics of leaders and mercenaries! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■ The fun of various strategies Create a victorious strategy with a combination of 7 Individual leaders and 36 mercenaries. ■ A unique story and individual character - Meet the various characters matching main story and the hidden side story. ■ Unique battle system - Choose carefully each turn, like a board game, to win for the battle game. ■ Global real time PVP Experience a strategic PVP with users from all around the world in real time. ■ Various power-up factors Gather characters pieces and make them stronger with promotion system. Make stronger characters with powerful equipments. ■ Access authorization for smartphone apps Access required to provide the following services when using the app. [Optional access authorization] Images/Media/Files: uploaded and/or saved images, photos and videos Phone number: gathering of mobile phone number to send an ads. * It is possible to use optional access without agreeing optional access authorization. [How to withdraw access authorization] ▶ Android 6.0 and higher: Settings > Apps > Select Permissions > Access List > Select consent or withdrawal of permissions ▶ Android 6.0 or lower: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access rights or delete app ※ The app may not provide an individual consent function and the access rights may be revoked by the above method."


Strange World (Early Access)

Developer: Seasun Game Corporation limited

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Strange World as you uncover the mystery behind an extinction-level event that was lost to time. Game Features: - Real Time Strategy Meets the hostile worlds of the Survival Genre! - Control up to 4 different characters at a time in combat and survival! - Over 30 unique stages that slowly uncover the mystery behind the Strange World - Over 16 characters to choose from each with unique skills and traits build the perfect team combination for the right situation! - Level up your characters to increase their capabilities in combat, and the survival skills! - Create a deadly arsenal of weapons specific to your characters, and unique items to turn the tide of battle! - Manage the well-being of your group by gathering, and hunting for food while completing missions! - Over 40 Hours of Fun and Intense Game Play


Innocent Warrior

Developer: ZIPLAB

Classical pixel Roguellike RPG! In a ruined town, in an unfinished war, leading heroes to explore Dungeon. Fight back against the evil monsters attacking you. It's hard. Survive to the end! ● Simple operation roguellike RPG that can be enjoyed with just one touch and drag ● In the cold roguelike world, a single fatal mistake will reset the game. ● Use your own growth strategy for various heroes. ● Eliminate the monsters full of dungeons and break through the randomly generated dungeons. ● Making coins to purchase equipment from merchants can make you stronger.



Developer: 雷霆游戏

永不言弃:黑洞!(英文:Give it up!Bouncy)是永不言弃系列的全新续集!由匈牙利独立工作室Invictus Games原班人马开发,保持前作熟悉的美漫画风、欢快魔性的BGM的同时,首次进行玩法变革,由节奏跳跃变革为策略解谜跳跃,体验过急中生智吗?说的就是它啦! 本次调皮鬼小墨点还带来了它的家族小伙伴,31个家族成员悉数亮相,但却被困在不同的关卡牢笼中,小墨点从此踏上为解救家族成员“斗智斗勇”的极限闯关之旅。 【颠覆前作玩法,首创策略解谜,竞时竞速,极致微操,难度爆表!】 永不言弃:黑洞!延续永不言弃系列经典的虐心闯关主线,72个关卡,29个魔鬼难度,每个关卡又包含3个维度任务挑战:指定任务、限时任务、苛刻任务。关卡挑战玩法首次摆脱节奏跳跃,增加尖刺、火线、玻璃危险机关,时时刻刻都有猝不及防的陷阱,每走一步都是生死抉择;增加护盾、放大镜、平台道具,合适时机下正确选用可快速过关;移动、跳跃、躲避、道具使用时机的选择、0.01s的操作反应,考验着每个闯关勇士智力、反应力,感受眼疾手快和绞尽脑汁交织在一起的爽快,不再只是依赖对BGM节奏的反应力就可以通关了... 【5首全新电音BGM增加口技,疯狂古怪又可爱,止不住抖腿单曲循环!】 熟悉的电子曲风魔性再升级,全新5首BGM来自全球知名作曲家比赛得出。新加入架子鼓、贝斯、甚至还有口技元素来模仿小墨点的演唱,让每个永不言弃的闯关勇士急到跳脚又喜欢到不行!本次BGM将会在开场动画、关卡主线、闯关关卡中听到哦!



Developer: Maple Whispering Limited

【关键词】 盗墓,Roguelike,开放式 【背景】 两个倒斗高手,在依据祖传古籍寻找传说中的玄城时失踪,从此再无音讯。 十七年后,一个失踪者的独子,在潘家园召集了各地的好手,意图寻找父辈的下落,及解开玄城之谜。 所谓幽行,时隐时出,踪迹诡秘。有人穷极一生寻找,只在某个星象异数之日,有幸在日出之时寻得其门,却在日落召足人马万事俱备之时消失,从此余生不再觅得其踪。 所谓玄城,危机四伏,变幻莫测。无数倒斗高手一路留下记号,却在被尸煞追得落荒而逃时,发现箭头所指的竟然全是死路。 玄城到底是什么?这本祖传的语言晦涩混乱的古书来历又是如何? 这个穿越数千年,跨越整个中国大陆,被遗忘已久的传说再现世间…… 对初出茅庐的你来说,也许这只是你玄城故事的序章。你又是否有能力为它画上句号,使其成为终章呢? 【游戏特点】 *密林之下的滇国古文明地宫,冰雪尘封的金国陵寝,死火山之下炎狱之门,形态各异的众多古墓究竟与玄城有何关联? *每次踏入都各不相同的地宫,其无数变化之后隐藏着什么样的秘密? *倒斗者,死中求活,险中求财! *面对数不胜数,能力各异的未知生物,只有熟知它们的弱点才能与其对抗; *风格各异的盗墓职业,高手们不仅要各显千秋,还需要无间的配合; *培养你的盗墓团队; *并利用好花样繁多的专业盗墓工具,才能险中求生! =============================== 客服QQ:2545271351,幽行玄城官方QQ群:739166067



Developer: SXJGames

---激情闖蕩,航海冒險--- 無盡的海洋,自由冒險。尋找豐富的寶藏,建立強大的海上聯盟。 ---一鍵放置,輕鬆升級--- 24小時離線自動放置升級,上線即有大量獎勵回收,等級快速提升。 ---夥伴養成,最強陣容--- 伴隨海上冒險,遇到不一樣的人物。收納夥伴,多樣養成。建立最強海上艦隊。 ---海路爭霸,巔峰對決--- 全服玩家爭鋒海上霸主,成就最強艦隊。實時PVP對決,夥伴的深度較量。



Developer: PangSky

대한민국 무협의 전설 긴 잠에서 깨어나 모바일게임으로 부활! 【구글 사전예약 쿠폰받기】 【브랜드 페이지】 【공식 카페】 ▶웹툰 '고수'의 한 장면 처럼! 류기운&문정후 콤비의 전설은 계속된다! 탄탄한 스토리와 무협 액션이 가득한 정통 무협의 종착지 ▶웹툰 '고수'를 내 손으로 직접! 백마곡, 파천문, 천지회 등 를 배경으로 한 생동감 넘치는 무림의 현장을 생생하게 재연하다! ▶웹툰 '고수'가 눈 앞에 현실처럼! 화려한 무공 액션을 느껴라! 이제는 모바일에서 고수의 무공을 실감나게 즐겨라! ▶웹툰 '고수'에서만 특별하게! 문파원들이 합심하지 않으면 승리할 수 없다 고수만의 특별한 레이드 '문파수호전' 접근권한 안내 [필수적 접근권한] ▶사진, 미디어, 파일사용 이 권한은 게임 업데이트 진행시 사용되는 권한입니다. 기타 파일은 수정 또는 편집하지 않습니다. ▶마이크 이 권한은 네이버 카페 SDK를 통해 게임화면 촬영시 녹음을 위해 사용되는 권한입니다. [접근권한 철회 방법] ▶ 안드로이드 6.0 이상: 설정 > 앱 > 권한 항목 선택 > 권한 목록 > 접근권한 동의 또는 철회 선택 ▶ 안드로이드 6.0 미만: 운영체제를 업그레이드하여 접근권한을 철회하거나, 앱을 삭제 ※ 앱이 개별 동의 기능을 제공하지 않을 수 있으며 위의 방법으로 접근 권한을 철회할 수 있습니다. ※ 안드로이드 6.0 미만 버전을 사용하시는 경우에는 선택적 접근권한을 개별적으로 설정하실 수 없으므로 6.0 이상으로 업그레이드 하는 것을 권장 드립니다. [주의사항] 필수적 접근권한 철회 시 리소스 중단 혹은 게임 접속 불가 현상이 발생할 수 있습니다. ▶ 고객센터 ---- 개발자 연락처 : 통신판매업 번호: 제2014-서울강남-01064호 ---- 개발자 연락처 : 통신판매업 번호: 제2014-서울강남-01064호



Developer: Chung Wa Man

Dive into the deep space and build colony, explore the unknown Enjoy endless space exploration fun!


量子特攻-Cyber Hunter

Developer: EnvoyGames

產品說明: 《量子特攻》是擁有最極致的生存體驗的戰術競技手遊,集生存、射擊、探索、技能甚至跑酷等諸多元素於一身,盡力為您帶來與眾不同的遊戲體驗。遊戲在描述未來的世界裡,因大腦結合AI人工智慧技術的躍進,人類文明產生了重大進展,擁有了技術突飛猛進所產生的高科技結晶。 《量子特攻》延續經典的戰術競技遊戲模式,保留百人戰場的刺激體驗,在有別於傳統的高科技賽博龐克風格中,突破過往只能到處找掩體掩護的限制,在《量子特攻》內,你可以自由建造「堡壘、盾牆、甚至是飛行火箭包、治療儀...等」,與隊友合作展現多元戰略、打造有利生存條件,創造屬於你的勝利方程式。 我們的特色: - 量子魔方超能力,多元的組合由你發現 14種生存技能創造專屬戰術,你就是戰術的魔術師。 - 子彈中混戰突圍,競技的樂趣由你挖掘 多樣化武器玩法多元,快節奏高自由戰鬥體驗。 - 特色個性捏臉,獨特的外觀由你創造 鮮活角色,高擬真度捏臉;科技感與未來感的視覺饗宴。 - 攻佔陸海空,跑酷攀爬滑翔由你操作 上天下地,特攻跑酷出擊;多樣化載具自由選擇。 我們的資訊: - 官網: - 臉書:



Developer: withHUG

방치소녀학원 전설적인 무장들이 여자의 모습으로 환생한다면 어떻게 될까? 신비로운 현상으로 현대로 오게된 삼국무장들 겉모습은 학생이지만 영혼은 아직도 천하대장군! 그녀들이 본모습으로 돌아갈 유일한 방법은 치열한 전투로 과거의 영광을 되찾는 것뿐이다! 경기장에서 당신의 영웅 본능을 깨워라~월드보스 훈련소, 통천탑, 경쟁컨텐츠로 실력을 증명할 수 있다! 천하의 대세가 되기 위해 길드원과의 협업으로 영지를 쟁탈하자! 평범하다면 전설이라 불리울수 없다! =================================================== 방치소녀-학원편 권한 안내 [필수권한] 1. 전화 걸기 및 관리 - 게임 내 이벤트 진행 보상 및 고객 응대에 필요한 단말기 식별 정보를 수집하는 용도로만 사용됩니다. 2. 기기 사진, 미디어, 파일 액세스 - 사용하시는 디바이스의 용량이 부족할 경우 기기 사진, 미디어, 파일 내의 빈 공간을 사용합니다. ---- 개발자 연락처 : 주소: 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 171 연락처:


英靈異聞錄 TW


【遊戲介紹】 純真的北歐少女,無意間推開一座神殿遺跡的大門,千年之前的神界秘辛從此被打開! 阿斯加德為何陷落?女武神又為何全體靜滯?神界往昔的諸多謎團,將通過妳的手,逐步解開。妳將接連喚醒神力各異的女武神,並指揮她們收復阿斯加德,恢復神界輝煌,並揭開諸神黃昏的真正原因,塑造神王傳說! 【特色介紹】 =====100+女神 御姐萌妹蘿莉等你選===== 百位美麗又強大的女神,御姐、萌妹、蘿莉看哪位女神會是你的菜! =====一分鐘戰鬥 見招拆招輕鬆好玩===== 輕鬆好玩的新策略卡牌戰鬥,遊玩一分鐘快樂一整天,拒絕肝硬化拒絕無腦掛機! =====千萬字劇情 體驗北歐神話冒險===== 千萬字匠心獨運的高規格劇情,讓你沉浸體驗與女神們的史詩冒險! =====多樣化玩法 多倍快樂停不下來===== 女神化身降臨、軍團據點戰、符文之塔、挑戰神之領域......多樣上癮玩法讓你停不下來! 本遊戲部分內容或服務需另行支付其他費用 請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷於遊戲 ◆官方Faceboo***絲團: ◆官網連結:


Elora’s Raid

Developer: EYOUGAME(USS)

After one year in the making, through unremitting effort in improving the graphic and gameplay, this leisure strategy mobile game “Elora’s Raid”, that is specially designed for idle game lovers, is finally out! Elora’s Raid, a Japanese-Western mash-up, is a battler arena card game filled with anime-style characters. Every character in this game is elaborately created. Flamboyant effects and ultimate weapon are guaranteed to have you hooked! This game has adopted an elemental system that consists of elements that reinforce and restrain each other. There are hundreds of gods with unique skills in this game. When you evolve them, a new skill or other elemental attribute will be acquired. You can mix and match the elves and relic freely to create an ultimately powerful troop to embark on a journey of adventure. Are you ready to embrace this brand new adventure? This is going to be the one you don’t want to miss! Game Features [Aesthetic Character Drawing] Exquisite graphics paired with beautiful characters and creative battle scene bring an immersive and adrenaline-pumping battle to you. [Unique Battle, Free Combination] The battle is always full of variety and change. The more you play, the more things you are going to find out in this game. [Various PVE and PVP Gameplay] Plunge into various challenge and arena to show your power and collect abundant rewards. Who will the Goddess of Victory smile upon? [Call out for Your Friends, Unity is Strength] You can chat with your friends anytime and anywhere through regional, cross-server and world channels. Exchange Friendship Point with your friends and summon heroes with the points. You can also summon a hero of your friend to help you. [Lavish Benefits, Earn EXP while You Sleep] Just by logging in the game for half an hour, you can complete all daily quests and gain enormous resource! [Summon System, A Contract with Goddess of Luck ] You can summon a 5-star Hero through Summon Pool. Will the Goddess of Luck smile at you today? [No More Numbers Game, It’s All about Tactics] With six types of formations and hundreds of heroes, you can create unlimited combat combination. The heroes and the skills they use mutually reinforce and counteract each other. Build any combination you can imagine by freely mixing the heroes. The only limit is your creativity. [Exciting Dungeons and Menacing Challenge] You are going to start a game with uniquely-designed maze-like map as well as captivating and menacing dungeons in it that you just can’t stop playing. With the companion of Elora, you are no longer alone. Bring along your favorite partner and complete the quest together!! Let's play with Elora's Raid~! You won't find another free TCG like it! Follow us to get news and Updates: Official Facebook Page: Elora’s Raid Website: Instagram: Eyougame_official Email: [Reminder] ※ This game is rated for 12+ according to Game Software Rating Regulations. ※ This game contains image of fighting, sexual or attacking that is not bloody, or a terrifying image ※ This game design procures users to have virtual romantic relationship or virtual marriage. ※ This game has a top-up store. You are advised to spend wisely according to personal interest and ability. ※ Playing game for long hours might affect normal work and rest. You are advised to take rest and exercise appropriately


異世界で始める偉人大戦争  JP

Developer: Eyedentity Games Japan, Inc.

異世界に偉人たちが集結!? ◇◆【ゲーム概要】◆◇ 『異世界で始める偉人大戦争』は、場所も時代もバラバラな偉人や英雄が集う異世界「メモリア・テラ」で、 他のプレイヤーと同盟を結び、世界の中心城を手に入れ、世界統一をかけて戦うリアルタイム戦略シミュレーションゲームです。 幾千ものユーザーが影響を与え合い、リアルタイムに世界の姿が変化します。 ■【「最大300人 VS 300人」のギルド大戦争が勃発!】 戦略を練り、戦術を駆使し、他のユーザーと仲間になって共闘。 力をあわせて世界統一への道を切り開こう! チャット機能も搭載! コミュニケーションを図り、刻々と変化する戦況をともに乗り越えよう! ■【ドハマりのコンテンツが満載!】 競技場で1VS1のガチバトル! 試練之塔でのランキングバトル! さらに、探索により「女神」との勝負などなど、ヤリコミ要素が満載! ■【時空を超えた「英雄」たちと最強の部隊を編成!】 永遠に続く乱世。時代を超えた英雄たちが舞い降りる! 「ナポレオン」「ジャンヌ・ダルク」「豊臣秀吉」「エドワード・ティ―チ」・・・。 あなたを待っている英雄たちは100体以上!時空を超えた英雄たちと最強の部隊を編成しよう! ◇◆【ストーリー】◆◇ 永遠に続く乱世の時空、メモリア・テラ。 時代も場所もバラバラな英雄たちが召喚され、いつ果てるとも知れない戦いを続けている。 この世界に時折現れる異質な存在。その人物は【王権】を持つ者と呼ばれる。 【王権】を持つ者は、英雄に特別な力を与えることができる。 そして、もうひとつ囁かれている噂がある。 曰く、【王権】の力があれば、この世界を統一して争いを終わらせることが出来る……と。 この世界を真に統一するには「世界の中心の城」を手に入れねばならない。 その城を手に入れた者こそが、世界統一をする資格とより強大な力を得ることになる。 【王権】を持つ者と英雄たちの世界統一をかけた闘いが、今始まる……。 ◇◆【豪華スタッフ】◆◇ キャラクターデザイン:のぶし【NOB-C】 シナリオ構成:多宇部貞人 ◇◆【豪華声優陣によるキャラクターボイス】◆◇ 五十嵐裕美、小倉唯、鬼頭明里、小林ゆう、洲崎綾、鈴代紗弓、高田憂希、水橋かおり (50音順) ◇◆公式サイトはこちら◆◇ -------------------------------------------------------------- ■公式SNS ・Twitter ・LINE@ ------------------------------------------------------------- (C)Eyedentity Games Japan,Inc All Rights Reserved


Give It Up! Bouncy EN

Developer: Leiting Games

A new sequel of the extremely popular rhythm-based platform game Give It Up has arrived! Bounce across gaps, among traps, and over spikes. The little Blob awaits you to proceed an amazing adventure with our new dynamic music. Game Features: -Strategic Puzzle You think this is just a simple jumping game? Big mistake! In Give It Up! Bouncy, you must utilize your brain and various props to help the little Blob survive in this critical platform world. -Timing and Racing Fast and furious? Join the race in timing mode and finish all the tasks in certain time to win the final reward. -72 Complicated Levels Practice! Practice! Practice a lot! Finish all the crazy levels with your cute black Blob. Danger is everywhere and remember it is a game habitual to die. -29 Devil Difficulties You think this is hard? It can never be hard enough. 29 devil difficulties await you to accomplish and be aware that it could drive you crazy and throw your phone away. [Community] Facebook Page:


Utawarerumono Lost Flag JP

Developer: AQUAPLUS

“Utawarerumono Lost Flag” is a completely new RPG, and a new story is spun with new characters. I realized that I was in the darkness that I didn't know above or below. How long have you been here and how long have you been here? When the voice didn't reach anywhere and even the remaining consciousness seemed to melt into the darkness, A single light shines. I hear someone calling ... It is strange that I was driven by such thoughts and desperately reached out to the light. It was a strange starry sky. And in that arm was a girl with two horns and red eyes pointing to the heavens. Endlessly without bleeding girl Tayutau the border of life and death asks him. "Black mask ...? You ... my ..." She is tied up with blood, loses her name as a princess of the clan, and rebellion against the fate of the man begins.


Starry Tower

Developer: 深圳市探娱互动科学文化有限公司

"Starry Tower" is a horizontal pixel RPG game with the skill combination, pixel dressing, and multiplayer bosses. Players can summon heroes of different professions in the game, match a wide range of skills, equip a variety of equipment, challenge different levels of dungeon battlefields, and complete bounty missions of varying difficulty. Here you can not only play BOSS online with your friends, but you can also use the friends in the top rankings as a challenging target.


The Room:Old Sins

Developer: 网易游戏

往逝解密场景为系列宏大之最,对于非旗舰机型加载较慢,请android玩家耐心等待(可能需要90s及以上时间) “你来了,你的好奇心驱使你来到了这里。” 这里是《迷室:往逝》, The Room系列第四部作品The Room: Old Sins的官方中文版。The Room系列作为千万级销量的单机游戏品牌,曾获BAFTA、GDC、Pocket Gamer等权威游戏机构和媒体颁发的16个奖项,更被日本殿堂级游戏评测媒体Famitsu喻为“史上最巅峰的手机逃脱游戏” 。本作继承了系列优秀的机械谜题设计和维多利亚式画风,更首次对系列剧情进行了前传式的补完。 >>>游戏特色 作为《迷室》(The Room)系列第四部,《迷室:往逝》(The Room: Old Sins)将为你呈现更为扣人心弦的解谜之旅。本作中,你将扮演一位调查员,寻找一位雄心勃勃的工程师与他的名媛夫人神秘失踪的原因。废弃的阁楼、幽深的小路和古怪的玩具屋,通过一个个模糊的线索,去解开隐藏在玩具屋里的文物机关。揭开重重面纱,等待你的,会是怎样一个“往逝”呢?一切的秘密,都藏在日记里。 不可思议的机械设计——没想到还有这种操作 游戏以“盒子”或“锁”为核心元素,一个个设计精密的3D机械谜题环环相扣,每一处细节都兼具想象力和创造力,全方位呈现机械装置艺术的美感和魅力。 独自陷入悬疑迷局——想玩不敢玩才最寂寞 寂静的昏暗房间、隐晦的谜题线索、神秘的失踪事件,逐步陷入越来越深的迷局。伴随着一个个机关的破解,一个带有某种克苏鲁主题的剧情故事在你面前缓缓上演,你即将体验一场略带惊悚的轻冒险。 极致的触屏操控体验——会用手机就会玩 一款专为移动平台打造的游戏,最大程度利用手机物理性能及触屏操作特点。将“点击”、“滑动”、“重力感应”等动作与游戏中柜子拉开、箱子拖动以及密码台转动等操作巧妙结合,一个个简单的操作从未如此惊喜。 身临其境的沉浸感——别陷太深,只是3D特效 你将以第一视角穿梭在布满各式精巧机关的房间里,真实的3D场景道具、逼真的光影效果,配合引人入胜的主线剧情和充满神秘感的音乐氛围,久而久之让你似乎忘记这是一部游戏,而是置身于一个真实的迷室空间。


Clash of Wizardry

Developer: Ingenious Knowledge

Do you have what it takes to become a powerful wizard? Make your friends grovel in front of you when they see your mastery of magic spells! Create your own wizard avatar and join the arena in which you battle other wizards in short duels. Choose from a great selection of spells but choose wisely. Reacting to your opponents with the right spells and mastering the most damaging magic is a sure way to win and gain eternal glory. Teach your opponents what a fireball feels like, summon an ice storm, or let them feel a touch of necromancy! However, be careful… Overestimating your skills and attempting the most powerful spells will lead to certain doom! - Choose your favorite spells - Play online and offline against other players - Create leagues and host your own tournaments - Become the best wizard in the ranking - Analyse your enemies strategies

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