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JUN JUN 2019-04-18 12:49:52 8442
Hi,Guys! Today Nexon New Mobile game "Traha" being Grand Open in Android and iOS
First, Check out the minimum playable divice spec before you play games. 

 troubleshooting Soultion Video(From:Candra Setiawan Youtube)

Patch troubleshooting Soultion

# Problem Case 1. Stopped on start screen
• Cause : If the game is not accessible through IP of the your country, the first start screen will become inaccessible.

• Soultion : After you install a Virtual Private Network in the Google Play Store, you can set up your connection country in Korea and access it.

# Problem Case 2. Patch Error (including error 5.0) Android and iOS)
• Cause :  Is not connected to error phrases after game install

• Soultion : The Problems caused by not properly downloading files due to network problems when downloading game files,please delete the game and reinstall it.

# Problem Case 3.  Install failing 

• Cause :  When you download APK, Install failing 

• Soultion : Please Check the storage space and the minimum device Spec

Minimum Device Spec: More than Samsung GALAXY S7
Required storage space: 5G


#1. Game Background Story
It's basically dealing with two areas of war: Vulcan vs Naiad. Player chooses the area first before creating the character.
As seen in the various artwork, there are 2 warring factions in Traha and players must choose one to align with. The team mentioned they have systems in place in case one faction gets too powerful than the other.
As you can see from the World Map, the two areas(Vulcan vs Naiad) have completely opposite structures, outside of that the land of Elf "El Leg" and A mysterious area "Caldes Island" and "Ludac" information has yet to be released.

#2. Game Login and creating the character
A Creating character can choose a male or female character. It also offers a many of costume functions, such as dyeing hair, face, body type etc. the game login will be support Facebook and Google, Guest.

#3. Game UI (1) (Translate) 
1. My Profile : can be check your character information.

2. Mission : can see various missions of the game. Click Mission to find directions automatically.

3. Characteristic :
You can check the various stats of the characters. Level up and distribute the stats in the contents.

4. Achievement : can earn rewards for your achievements and achievements in the game.

5. Event : can check the game event,It is currently holding various events to celebrate its game open

6. Partner : Partner means in TRAHA It's a pat content.  that will help you in battle or Arena. Purchases Pat in the stores or through missions reward can be obtained automatically.

7. Reinforcement :It is the such as the content of normal RPG games. It is possible to strengthen the equipment you have.

8. Summon Store : a store of Purchases pat or summon

9. Saleroom : You can auction off your inventory weapons or buy a Unique weapon on Saleroom

10. Friends :Made a Friends in game

11. Professional Skill : In Traha, Professional Skill are separate (similar to Black Desert M) technology can be produced and sold by honing the technology into craft, cooking, colon, archaeology, etc.

12. Spirit Card :   similar to a Rune  can be obtained from a boss or field. Spirit Card also increases the ability of the ballast or defense.

13. Regions: Indicates the result of the siege in two regions.

14. Battle Arena: You can fight 1V1 with other users. If you win the battle, you can get a ranking point.

15. Dungeon : You can enter the dungeon on a set number of occasions every day. Dealing with Dunjeon Monster can get various items.

16. Guild : You can work with your Friends by guilding them.

17. RankingRanking scores from below the battle will be determined.

18. Filed Boss : With boss dungeon, you can grab a boss that fits the demand level and get a rare item.

19. Power saving mode : None 

20. Setting : None 

#4. Game UI (2) 
1. World Map :None 

2. A piece of memory : If you have a fragmented item of memory, you can move to the area using teleport skill easily.

3. View Peripheral NPC :None

Updated at 2019-04-19 18:30:50

I'm download this game file 2.67 gb this game consume my 5gb data after this game not working why, Even after this, it is demanding 800MB download 🙄

  • Hitori Hanzo
    2019-04-18 15:58:47

    me too

  • JUN
    2019-04-18 18:25:56

    yeah,This game needs a lot of storage space.

    cuz game has a lot of content and graphics are quite good.

  • 😈 Devil ๛ AK 👿
    2019-04-18 18:53:26

    No i mean 1st time they download 2.67gb and but they consume my 5gb data, And after that I reached the START screen, then the 800MB download was demanding this is really Sucks 😒

  • User648412
    2019-06-14 11:57:18

    IM TOO

I tried login to the game / guest but keep failing is there a solution for it?

  • JUN
    2019-04-18 18:27:41

    Can you tell me the connection country and the device information? If possible, send me a screen shot that fails to connect and I'll check it out!

  • wei qiang
    2019-04-18 22:37:28

    May i know how to send screenshots to you in didnt find the option

im using vpn already and i made it korea but still it says not accessible or not available in your region...can you help..


virtual private network*

  • JUN
    2019-04-18 18:29:39

    Can you tell me what kind of VPN I use? I will recommend Express VPN to you. It is quite simple to access the Korean nation.

  • Chris Valencia
    2019-04-18 18:30:19

    im using solo vpn

  • Chris Valencia
    2019-04-18 18:30:59

    i set it to korea already but still its telling not accessible in your region

  • Chris Valencia
    2019-04-18 18:31:26

    ok i will try express vpn

  • Chris Valencia
    2019-04-18 18:31:33

    thanks man

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This is my problem. What is it? I run the game by Xperia XZs. I also picked Korean IP.

Asus Zenfone 3 is not compatible?

  • JUN
    2019-04-18 22:05:46

    could you please check that?

    Minimum Device Spec: More than Samsung GALAXY S7

    Required storage space: 5G

# Problem Case 1. Stopped on start screen 
I downloaded the game from the Korean App store but still can't access the game .
My device : 8 plus

ima just wait for english version

    2019-04-23 16:52:53

    same heeree....







Connected to Korean VPN,still cannot play even as a guest.Xiaomi red note 5

Using Express VPN and can't login with Note 8....getting "The server is undergoing inspection.  (-9)"....any fix?

  • Marcio Vale
    2019-04-19 04:04:16

    you need erase the game data 😂😂

i've got this . When i try log in using korea vpn

stuck here help me please sir

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Click the this icon

Bhai kis tarh login kro

I keep on getting the patch version error.. even though I used vpn and uninstalled the game many times 

What server do you play on? Would love to find an English speaking community (or Discord), lvl 15, battle score 800 at the moment but happy to remake char if needed

por favor arreglen eso no se puede jugar y la descarga no abrell.ni ase nada.la actualizacion porfavorr

How can I farm the fastest experience ?

someone who helps me with ios and can't log in to TRAHA!

Czemu ta gra nie działa i kiedy będzie działac

Managed to download okay and install , i get a screen that looks like it wants a phone number , can i bypass this ?

Is there any english patch?

Does anyone like me?

Kiedy ta gra będzie działac

how to fix black screen on my htc one m8 2 Gb Ram Snapdragon 801 adreno 330 please?
I love this game im a poor guy i can't buy a better phone to play it so please do something fast😩😩😩❤❤❤

Help, fixed. I am always free and then force close on the game. Please fixed.

Please fixed the game. I am always freeze and then crash in main quest

Redmi note 4 SD 4/64  is not compatible?


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