Another long-awaited title, speedy drifter “Kartrider Rush+” is coming globally General

Royalflare Royalflare 2020-03-25 21:04:47 11469
In the earlier days back 2019, many players knew and saw the Chinese officially launch of the IP-based game from the smash hit KartRider online game, KartRider: Crazy Racing, with many hope to the global version.
▲ The KartRider: Crazy Racing features exciting Nitro Boost & Drift with multiplayer

Now, we can celebrate this hilarity, Nexon has announced that this mobile drifter, titled as Kartrider Rush+ will be coming soon in this 2020. In addition to multiple modes like classic item match, team racing, time attack and almost everything else, the official also gurantee that the players will be absolutely fair competing to each others. More important, you can play this fast-paced game in full English!
So far, Kartrider Rush+ only releases the teaser trailer on their official website, here is the teaser you can check out below:
It is for sure that this great news rouses many players so make sure to follow their official website or Tap for further details.

  • XxbilsmanxX
    2020-03-25 22:35:46

    don't worry game will be more free to play friendly than speed drifters Chinese version created by tiancity and tencent games in outside version is created by tiancity nexon and need game publisher form South Korea or Singapore netmarble or garena international I private limited (no wheel of problems)

  • Selli°moemoe
    2020-03-26 00:08:47

    like how come this game gonna be f2p friendly ? im afraid paying some money would give you extra stats (probably speed/stability/booster or something like that) since this is most likely the source of income for developer

Have played kartrider crazy racing (china) high ping is standard waiting for BnB mobile (global launch) and kartrider rush+ 

Chơi bản China 1 mình buồn vãi. Sắp có bản Eng rồi hy vọng khoảng cách giữa các ngôn ngữ sẽ ko còn xa

Can I play the in English?

Plz is it offline with AI players

Waiting for this

I want Durango come back :(

Not nexon Thailand, right?

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