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Aprogen games Aprogen games 2019-08-13 18:21:03 1384
First, Thank you for everything and your interestin SoulWorker Zero.

Currently, we understand the problems that occur in our game and would like to explain to all players

This Global SoulWorker Zero build is based on one build, in other words, worldwide users in one server.
Also, it was launched in South Korea first for language issue.
However, translation is still in QA state and we are willing to fix as soon as possible.
So please wait for next patch for any mistyping and fragment. It would take more than just one
patch, but we will fix in time. Please and be kindly understand that, its OBT season, and we will not give up on this.

Other issue is about high level players from Korea. As I written above, all global users can be meet and play together.
Even though its worldwide, and seems unfair, leveling is not that hard, and its
control base game.
So, We will give players who started game as OBT on Tap extra in-game reward soon.
We will post about it soon.

Please notice that this is not official launching of Global version and this is exclusive OBT for Only Tap players.

For the above reason, we are trying our best to fixing most of errors and bugs.
We will open officially global version early Sep,2019 with improved build.

For errors related to translation, we are trulysorry for the inconvenience.
This issue also will be fixed in official global build early Sep 2019.

For error not able to access to game, we noticed it well and try to fix it as soon as possible and let you know in new post soon after fixing it.

We apologize for the inconvenience,

Again, Thank you for all your supporting toward“Soulworker ZERO”

From Aprogen games.
I don't worry about that personnaly :) just enjoying the game :)

How can i use the gift code? 

  • ~alienMike~
    2019-08-13 20:17:44

    I've been trying to figure that one out too 😂

  • Speely
    2019-08-13 20:21:50

    Go to Menu-Settings (Gear) icon- Customer Support - Coupon Code then Enter

  • aLdAxX303
    2019-08-13 21:08:28

    Eso hice, de hecho ya venía a comentarlo pero ya me ganaron

영어 공지상태가?!


¿Cómo puedo usar el código?

No worries, we players understand it all. You did a good job on this one. We're here to support you all the way! More powers!

No hay problema, es de esperar ya que es una OBT, pero como aclaras se irá solucionando el es transcurso, gracias.

i got stuck on the dungeon please fix it

thank you so much for the opportunity to play the game early (in english) .. so see you guys again in official OBT ^^

oh right , pls make the packages cheaper when obt "3"

No problem i love this game so much im waiting for this game for a long time ago 

Thanks for making a statement addressing the issues. Can you clarify the information about this being an OBT and there being a global release in September? Does this mean that we will have to uninstall this version to install that one or will our accounts transfer over to it?

I have no issues testing games and providing feedback, but I cannot see investing a lot of time or money in a version that will be discontinued next month. I'm sure you understand.

  • Ranattachi
    2019-08-14 00:06:52

    yea, dear dev Aprogen games .. pls give us more details about the global release .. did we get new server ?

    since some1 saying that he asked the dev and the global just an update version of tap ... so does that means we still meet players from kr/tap players version then ?

Thank you Aprogen games, I understand and support you all. Hope this SoulWorker: Zero be better

So. It will be a new server in early sept or same 

this game didnt aplied in play store?

i found my new favorite game 

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