Once Again!! Welcome Gift From APG Official General

Aprogen games Aprogen games 2019-08-14 09:19:37 2390
Hello SWZ Players. 

Here is the Welcome Gift from APG.



PS. I wish our rating goes up..


it's  a great game, rating drops cause of bugs and repetitive issues . 😑


Rating drops because lag , and force close on other phone with ram 2GB .


I cant still sign up with my gmail still invalid. 

Alguien sabe donde poner ese codigo???

Wow...Nice Thanks

Hi ..how I use the code please ? Thank you

Look I'm going to keep it 100 with you and ya crew. The game is fly but it's not tailored to the player so far as more amount of currency and quicker power up and what not. Quick power upgrades that are powerful enough to make it seem like the game is actually made for the players who play it not jus for the profit.... And change the look of the rooms.. Same *** it really boring really quick... Especially when you have ADHD.. 

  • Alla karim
    2019-08-17 01:34:09

    yeah... i did all main quests and now have nothing to do but pvp its soo booooring

thanks you, but it's kinda laggy in my phone.. 

thanks. by the way i dont really see usage of blue gemstones. what can i buy with blue one?

Dont play this in blu mobile, alcatel or azumi :v

You want you rating to go up make purchases go through Google play instead of some third party website B's I left you game because the shop system was *** 

Getting 8.0 is good enough with many issues over the game and considering many people drop 1-2 * rating due problems to be able play the game .
Rather than you ask us to evaluate our review , i suggest the gm read& collect our feedback first then make a improvement sooner. Though i appreciate the efforts but giving puny gems is not the best resolution.

Game just keeps closing randomly 

sampah hadiah yg ini

I have to face lvl 40 players in PvP and I'm in lvl 19 silver rank..... It's just like they are just standing their waiting for me to finish trying and quite the match...... Improve the PvP match matching sir.... I really enjoying this game.....


👍Muito legal

Look below to use the code!

Please GM send me code PREregristation :(
im so late for regristation

How to use code?

Thanks admin

how to hide other player?
baattery eater

Trash gift


Where and how to input this code?


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