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Royalflare Royalflare 2019-08-14 18:05:03 2463
First, there are two new announcements by official:
⭐️Announcing “Text Bug Event”: (Leave your found text bug)
⭐️Play the game by tomorrow Aug 15 00:01 until 23:59 (KST). You can get 815 Blue cubic in your mail box.

After a week of event, we have received total of 151 participants! And overall 15 with their lovely creations! The Tap and Aprogen games (SoulWorker: Zero Official) both have seen your enthusiasm and expectations to SoulWorker: Zero for Tap.

As it mentioned before, the 40 selects will be announced in below:Congratulations! These 40 players will receive:
Random Weapon Box *1
Free Cubic 300
(All codes has been sent out)

If you are the one on the list, you will receive the redeem code via the "Tap-Notification Center-Notice" (the same way of receiving pre-registration code)
If you did not receive the code, please send your Tap ID (with your personal center screenshot) to Email address:

For those participants not selected please don't be discouraged, there will be more forum events on Tap soon after, please follow and support Tap and SoulWorker: Zero. 😁

Once thank you all for participation, see you next time!

Updated at 2019-08-14 18:34:22

You are so kind with us Thxxxx :) And question when will come the new character because we can't even take it but i want test him <3 !

Nice :3 

39 GM!

Thanks, ill donate the gift to others players who havent or miss the pre-register the game  ^3^ 
Find me in tap discord 😘

Nvm I thought legendary wep still Thanks. Love ya guys.

  • Vizino
    2019-08-14 18:59:24

    This box doesnt guarantee a legendary grade weapon


Tnq so much☺️

Aww... Thankyou ^^

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Thank you^^

And also congratulations to other participants~

I didn't receive my code for this event. 

  • JUN
    2019-08-14 20:13:19

    did you say pre-registration gift code?

  • Ranattachi
    2019-08-14 23:44:48

    pre-celebration event only have 40 winners .. and i dont see your name on the winner list

hamm nice game but plz improve the graphics of this game

Có mấy ông Việt Nam kìa, sướng vãi ra luôn ý

Why im not in the list :( 

Please what wrong with this,,

Thank you~

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