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JUN JUN 楼主 2019-08-15 20:02:17 41792

Hi,All Taper COD M 1.0.6 version has been updated today, To join the game, please set up Canada or Australia with VPN and then connect to the game!

[1.0.6 Update Note]

- New multiplayer map: Takeoff Available in TDM, Domination, S&D, Hardpoint and Free for all.

- New limited time game mode: Gun Game Free for all game mode where players earn better weapons by scoring kills.

- New ranks added to Ranked Mode

- New Operator Skill: Defender Deployable shield that flashes enemies while expanding.

- New Battle Royale weapons: AK117 [Assault Rifle] RPD [LMG] MSMC [SMG]

- New locations, landmarks and textures added to Battle Royale.

- New Battle Royale Vehicle: Antelope A20 Assault Vehicle.

- Your Best Helper Jun -

Updated at 2019-08-15 20:03:08

Ufo vpn doesn't seems to work anymore with this version, u have the same problem too ? 

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Same.. no UFO VPN working now

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I found another vpn guys 

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It's working 

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Share to us bro..

what  vpn ?

I've been using cyberghost For  a vpn

It works with me with tap application

I can't even get Into game I'm on Vpn like everyday but can't get update help.

  • GaMe RiveW
    2019-08-15 20:58:39

    Update it from Tap Tap even if its say install press install and it will download a 1300mb update its ok just wait until the download finesh and wait for a new VPN

  • Colin Dowie
    2019-08-15 21:57:41

    yh idone that alreay

  • Colin Dowie
    2019-08-15 21:58:35

    what vpn did u get

  • User896930
    2019-08-15 22:06:12

    تأتي لوحدها تلقائيا يجب ان يكون vpnقوي

  • Jesse James
    2019-08-15 22:19:21

    use proton VPN Australia server 15 or 16

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  • JAC
    2019-08-17 22:22:50

    Conspiracy 😂

Guys try yo use Power VPN clean cash open shoose Canada 

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In South Asian countries? 

Which vpn to use

Lol...still...."Beta" long is global? 

Everybody ! Only proton VPN Australia 13 works still now

Add Reply waiting for free VPN to use. Like solo or ufo. 🤔

  • Obey
    2019-08-16 05:44:00

    solo works but it lags alot

  • Z M
    Z M
    2019-08-16 05:46:36

    I was playing earlier with it. Holy Balls it's laggy! probably because everyone is using it because it is Free. thanks for the heads up tho! 🤘😆🤘

How to connect the vpn

Cual VPN funciona ahora ??

  • User745656
    2019-08-15 21:29:39


  • Willem Kmetsch
    2019-08-15 22:02:18

    gracias lo probaré

  • Kregger
    2019-08-16 00:24:19

    El proton tampoco me funciona ¿alguien sabe alguna novedad o otro VPN?

  • Willem Kmetsch
    2019-08-16 19:29:41

    protón si sirve el servidor 13 de Australia el único

Solo is vpn canada is working but no much of lag

Same here. Ufo vpn premium cannot connect again.. 


Im doing the same as everyday butcant play its telling me VPN is refusing entry to VPN they are trying to fix what other vpn can I use

What vpn did u guys use to play game

When this facking game already release???🤔


Samsung j6 plus ?


they added a glider andsome zombiz in BR mod

UFO vpn works on Australia server not on Canada server for now they are fixing it

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