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Source: 论选好角色的重要性

1. 龙  Position: Gank 
Review: strong weapon stability, high rate of fire, continuous damage dealer and high mobility although hp is low, it is still friendly to beginner.

Skill: a homing missile, it is a good choice to make up the damage, it is recommended to use it first, and then shooting after.

Ultimate: nothing is a gun can not solve, if there is? Come two! Then take out twin-gun, the two shots are simply high to no, double damage deal, find a great timing and position directly shoot without brain-mining.

2. 火花  Position: Push
Review: High ammo capacity, high rate of fire, scattered bullets and can place a shield to protect teammates, firepower, suitable for defense (the fire needs to be warmed up, and the speed is reduced when firing).

Skill: Put a shield to absorb damage, until the maximum damage received by the shield or reach the maximum time for being exist, suitable for places where there is no barrier, to protect the teammates to create a good damage environment.

Ultimate: Launch missiles to the front, the range is far, but standing to use will easy to be attacked, pay attention to release timing, suitable for blocking enemy or area damage deal.

3. 天才少年  Position: Push
Review: Low ammo and low rate of fire, but can slow down the enemy, place a turret will make you much stronger with high damage deal, suitable for defense, himself is relatively weak, simple and practical role.

Skill: Put a turret with HP to assist in battle, the turret is fixed, will automatically attack when the enemy in range, you can also use it to block the damage.

Ultimate: Strengthen yourself and the turret, add shield and damage, and bullet slowdown.

4. 火神  Position: Tank
Review: AOE damage dealer but shot ranged, self shield, very high hp (included shield) at the same time the damage is high as well. It is simple to operate as well as high damge and hp, but his mobility is very low.

Skill: Lose a range of fire bottles with continuous area damage.

Ultimate: A big roar, turn the flame round and burn enemy see if anyone dare to get close you.

5. 指挥官卡洛琳    Position: Sniper
Review: This is most DPSer like, one of the highest damge dealers, one headshot can eliminate most enemy. But the self-protection ability is poor, voyeur small expert.

Skill: Put a reconnaissance drone forward, it will fly forward to get the position of all enemies in the range.

Ultimate: Bombing your drone, causing area damage to the enemy in its position.

6. 爆风安妮    Position: Gank
Review: High weapon damage, need to control the recoil, continously headshot will casue massive damage, easy killing machine combo with her flash bang skill.

Skill: The flash bang will casue enemy's screen in a holy light XD, thrown to a place where there are multiple enemies, flashing a large piece. Also good for fallback.

Ultimate: Pull out the big baby missile launcher, start to smash all enemies in the front, but only three shots.

7. 铁骑士    Position: Tank, Control
Review: The right hand weapon can fire, the left hand shield can throw to dizzy enemy, she has high control ability. Very useful in support teammates.

Skill: The big shield throws over and stuns enemy, and shield can deal extra damage.

Ultimate: Push all enemies on her way as well as dealing damage. ppay attention to the angle and position.

8. 银    Position: Healer
Review: Her ultimate is a good choice of protection, to add shield to the teammates, the enegy cube will continue to recover HP in a short range and deal low damage to enemy in area.

Skill: Release enegy cube forward to heal teammates HP in a range and deal low damage to enemy; Everytime you use HP pack to heal yourself, you can gain more energy charge and a short speed up.

Ultimate: Give yourself a shield and HP regeneration, connect with the teammates can add shield to them.

9. 小丑    Position: Assault
Review: Very high damage, medium and short distance, can stealth and great for killing the back of enemy team, give priority to snipers.

Skill: Can use throw axe instead of knife by using 3 energy point, axe dealing more damage. Use the hidden points to get yourself invisible (but look carefully will still be seen)

Ultimate: Using a controlled machine clown, and detonate to cause range explosion damage.

10. 猎手    Position: Sniper
Review: You can get her after sign-in three days, she has high damage, can move quickly, but her fire rate is low and HP is very low.

Skill: Throw a hook to pull yourself and climb to a high place

Skill: Shoot three continous arrows, used to fire at a close range

Ultimate: The holy stone arrow will knock back all enemies on its way and cause high area damage and stunning all enemies in a range.

11. 巨熊    Position: Tank
Review: He can burst at a close distance, high shield and damage deal, used to resist damage and attract attack, but low mobility and no long range attack.

Skill: Use a stimpack can heal himself, the cooldown is over 10s for emergency use.

Ultimate: Infinity ammo when activate Ultimate, increase attack speed and movement speed, gain a temporary shield, will reload his shotgun instantly.

12. 幽灵    Position: Sniper
Review: A pistol and a sniper rifle, can switch between two shoot modes, and stealth after eliminate enemy. He has high mobility and high damage but low HP. Pay attention when using sniper mode, you cannot move during this mode.

Skill: Instand stealth and won't be assist-aimed, will remove stealth effect by attacking or being damaged.

Ultimate: Share all enemies' location continously to all teammates in a certain time.

13. 风魔忍者    Position: Assualt
Review: She uses shuriken and has high mobility and damage, but she is weak at protection, low HP and requires high control skills. She also has very powerful passive skill which deal additional damage when in stealth.

Skill: create a clone, stealth herself, the clone will use a blade slash when encounter enemy, to use skill again to teleport to the clone's position.

Ultimate: Create a clone again and it will continue to throw the shuriken to its front, to use skill again will teleport to the clone's position.

14. 时空探员    Position: Support, Gank
Review: He has high rate of fire with continuous damage deal. After each teleport he will receive a short-time damage boost. When teleport to the teammates, both sides will get a temporary shield for support. High mobility and great for support, but he does not have burst damage.

Skill: Long press the skill icon to select a teammate, release the skill icon to teleport, provide temporary shields for both of you, and gain additional attack boost for short time.

Ultimate: Place a station with unlimited bullets, increased movement speed and attack speed during the skill time, and then click the skill icon to return to the position where the base station is placed and explode it to cause range explosion damage.

15. 蝶     Position: Push
Review: She is the only one can fly and the weapon will be switched to the missile launcher. She is not quite difficult to handle but her position and attack timing are important. She has an advance that can double jump, to reach the higher place for missile attack.

Skill: Fly into the sky, the weapon switch to missile launcher, pay attention to the skill time limit.

Ultimate: Fly to the sky and lock up to five enemies in range, fire two missile to each of them, and instantly refresh the cooldown of fly skill.

Wow English. Why don't u put same language in game? And make the login easier for user. Ooww... I'm forget, it's trump and social med banned things right?

Thank For release 
Seneng banget gua Akhirnya rilis juga Nunggu brpa bulan ini lama banget..!!
Pendidikan banyak Event menariknya


Please make server Europe and English language I play this game all day I loved but I losses aloys Bucoses PNG high 500 😨

Kindly add English language support 
Btw how do I change my gender it shows female

Pls make google play account.I can't sign in QQ or wechat.i love this game.

Hey man, they removed the cros***ow and the
thunder girl right?! It's so sad why did they do this?

Edit: turns out a lot of heroes are missing. The pump shotgun oldie and the M1 garand ol man is also missing. Are they kept for further releases? Sorry ik not being hostile I'm just asking some basic questions as I've seen ace warrior gameplays for long now. 

  • MasudRana9
    2019-08-23 17:54:28

    thunder girl is back tho. Along with a AR15 dude.

  • SlipperyVox
    2019-08-26 09:25:17

    I'm still on 750 dias.😔

    Ima buy that thunder gal tho.. Heh

Why i can't install this game?

Nice thread thanks
Please update for the new hero

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