“Blade of God” English will release on May 22, hold sharp blade and start your epic adventure General

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"Blade of God" is a hardcore 3D action game that allows you to start your epic adventure with an immersive experience. The game had Chinese version that was released in 2019, with a long wait and expectation, the "Blade of God" English will release on May 22 (Android), only 3 days left!
With the Norse Mythology background that fights against gigantic beasts and gods. Control your character in the very fast-paced and epic battle with combo attacks, perfect dodge counter-attacks, and QTE hardcore combat styles.
▲ "Blade of God" English Trailer

The English version is about to release very soon, Tap has prepared exclusive rewards for all pre-registered players, include:
 •  Soul Shard * 10
 •  Skill Rune *10
 •  Gem Bag*1(Lv. 1 Fire Attack Gem x 10,Lv. 1 Fire Resist Gem x 10,Lv. 1 Ice Attack Gem x 10,Lv. 1 Ice Resist Gem x 10)
NOTE: Only pre-registered players will receive rewards when game releases

"Blade of God" Android English will release on May 22, pre-register the game on Tap now and receive exclusive rewards!

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Can't wait for it 🤩


And please implement gamepad support,  with controller is more like a console game,  thanks 👍


Ps2 graphics? I pass


Rip and tear until it is done!

Royal flare, when will devil may cry mobile will be released?

We can't make purchase in game via Google Play,  I don't see another option,  or any option for how to buy anything,  so please fix this

Dem thes game is bey nic



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