Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile New Class Lahn is coming!

Source: Black Desert Mobile KR Official Page

Pearl Abyss today announced a new class of 'Black Desert Mobile' and begins pre-registration.'Lahn' is the 12th new class of 'Black Desert Mobile' which uses the main weapon 'Banwolchu' and the Secondary weapon 'High Sword'.

"Lahn" is a class that attacks' enemies' by throwing or swinging' Banwolchu 'with horrific destructive powers. It is a characteristic that it overwhelms enemies by spreading colorful martial arts like dancing.
A new class "Lahn" can be pre-created from the July 4th  and users can play 'Lahn' from the July 11th.

Updated at 2019-07-04 19:36:02

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When global launch ? Still waiting..😅

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Global please 😭

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The PC version call this character Lahn. 

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Lahn ? 

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Whatever it takes, we will waiting for global version.

В ожидании обновления.... И конечно же глобального релиза 

Want Eng version so much

When English version be release?