Black Desert Mobile

Today 'Black Desert Mobile' Update New Class “Lahn”

Today “Black Desert Mobile” Update New Class “Lahn” 'Lahn' is the 12th new class of 'Black Desert Mobile' which uses the main weapon 'Banwolchu' and the Secondary weapon 'High Sword'.

Also New class that attacks' enemies' by throwing or swinging' Banwolchu 'with horrific destructive powers. It is a characteristic that it overwhelms enemies by spreading colorful martial arts like dancing.

Updated at 2020-06-10 13:12:47

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게임은 굉장하다. 나는 스페인어이다. 그리고 나는 번역했다. 그 이후로 게임. 하지만 내 질문은 : 이 클래스 나머지는 그들은 미국 버전에있을 것입니다?

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I love this game

Hi! Good gameplay