[🇬🇧] In official Dead by Daylight Twitter was posted a link, where you can and need report all bugs you found. Please, report only there.
[🇷🇺] В официальном Твиттере Dead by Daylight была выложена ссылка, на которую можно и нужно сообщать о всех багах, которые вы найдёте в игре. Пожалуйста, сообщайте о них только туда.
Link // Ссылка: https://support.deadbydaylight.com
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 the game is good especially the tutorial that scared me hahahah...anyway there s a bug where in everything around me is continuing blinking and blinking that's why please this fix asap...looking forward in this game to put on playstore

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The game is not updated after reinstalling

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Why i cant playing killer

O meu snapdragon 450 não e compatível espero que otimizem isso 

У меня игра не подключается к учётной записи :(

When does this game will support OpenGsl Es 2 Im Really hoping because i waited thus game on mobile for 2 years

My game Bug 2 killer in game

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Will not install on Samsung j3 prime 

why i cant put my name in this game, i followed the inst.but ist blank.

I buy auricsell but it didn`t  send to me

☹️plss help me how could i fix it..i tried so many times!!

Win I try to download the game it is saying I don't have enough space win I do what do I do

Hi, I want to know why my game says "optimizing game" then it goes at about 60% progress then it crashes then it tkes me back at the homescreen. I am using an OPPO A83 and my phone has the location in the Philippines, I tried reinstalling and deleting it for about 4 times now and yet it still doent work. I want to play this game though

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cool skating rink

Everyone here, please stop telling me bugs, report them here: https://support.deadbydaylight.com
I'm just a mod, I'm not a developer. Please understand.

This game is not updating for me I did instill it and still it and I have Samsung Galaxy s9 

I can't download :(

Is this where we give feedback? Or just bug reports? But in Autohaven wreckers theres a glitch where the garage door doesn't render so it looks invisible but the door is still there. It was funny tho because the hunter was trying to get through but couldn't 

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I have 8.0.0 Oreo, 64 bit, 3 gig ram and 9 gigs to spare. I have a Moto E 5 Plus. I've tried everything (except ***) uninstalling reinstalling from TapTap, the obb and apk files, giving permission to my settings for tap tap, restarting phone, and finally even going to the point of disabling Play Protect(as I saw someone do for L P) What is even my problem here. I don't get it. I love Dead By Daylight so this really hurts especially because I like running bug tests and help the devs in games I like with their games. If someone could just give me a heads up on what I'm doing wrong or a way to fix this plz contact me immediately. It would be super appreciated and just one more fan helping out with the game of Dead By Daylight. If I find anything to fix this I will update this comment. Till then this 2 hours of figuring this out has been a bust. :(

Official Specs:
Operating systemAndroid™ 8.0, Oreo™ProcessorQualcomm® Snapdragon™ 435 processor with 1.4GHz Octa-core CPU and Adreno 505 GPUMemory (RAM)3 GB‡‡Internal storage32 GB§§

Textures got problem sometimes they dissapear and if my character touch a wall for exemple they appear

Why icant update ?

I can't install it my samsung *** is pie 9.0 please help

Hey uhm i have a question i have a samsung s8 it download and opens but when i starting the tutorial the graphic are going wild what does that mean please help 

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Well I cant see the red stain of the killer at all

There was a bug where I couldn't wiggle on top of the killers shoulder. There was nothing to press on. Also there was a bug where I couldn't escape after exiting through the gates. It was just a floating map. Upon jumping off I was put in the map again but it was too late and was killed by the endgame. Thank you for reading and hope you guys improve and fix these bugs.

I have Trapper,Hillbilly,The Plague teachables unlocked(all lvl 50 Prestige 1),but for some reason my Nurse, and Hag at lvl 50 Prestige 1 can't unlock their Teachables.. What should I do?

Stuck at input players name for hours, tried resetting my phone and everything but still doesnt work. Any tips or help??

I can't see red scratch marks where survivor an into. I noticed it earlier when I lose every match as a killer. I can't chase them.

while in lobby my character keeps blinking pls fix

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Во время игры, игра через некоторое время зависает и вылетает. Что делать?