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Critical Ops: Reloaded Close beta test in Aug 30!

Korea NHN Corp Today announced Critical Ops: Reloaded Close Beta Test in Now. The test can be registered only for users who have Pre-register in the Official Website.
▲ At this time, it is not possible to connect to the game.

The test area is conducted in Korea, Japan and India. The test period lasts for four days on September 1, and users can access 20:00-24:00 (total 4 hours) based on GMT +9.
Critical Ops: Reloaded is a completely new C-OPS experience designed for Asian players that began its localization in 2017.  While maintaining the same gameplay as C-OPS, the new variation, Reloaded, will have features currently exclusive to the Asian Market including:

• About 「Critical Ops: Reloaded」

1. Practice game mode against AI

2. More Asian Languages

3. Localized menu and UI

4. Improved design relating to party/friend/loadout screens

5. New Anti-Cheat System

6. The ability for Asian players to migrate accounts from C-OPS West to C-OPS:R (current status of C-OPS West in Asian region undetermined)

7. There will be no Pay-to-Win -elements 

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Eu recebi o convite mas não aparece nada nem um link para download

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Eu queria jogar

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Quando o jogo será lançado?

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Hmm limited acces...need ***?

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Já Fiz meu pre registo preciso jogar uma partida pra ver posta no meu canal me manda ele no email fazer um teste e dar dicas??

Как мне начать играть как скачать игру

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  • the test is over..

    pleae looking forward official release will be late October or November

What is a code of verfy code

Jak dostać zaproszenie

No update n no realese hahaha.  

Realese date 2059

Nc beta

How do i install it?do i have to wait until 13 june?

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  • Same question let's wait for it but for its gonna release for 600 years xD

  • I alr downloaded it but I want to play the original critical ops reloaded I mean in the playstore to remove some bugs yep u don't get me probably

  • King IOS
  • 13 floor
  • played 7 hrs 30 mins
Graphics bad,laggy, buggy, glitches and more