Re: Zero -INFINITY (Test)

“Re: Zero -INFINITY” Login Guide & Account Setting

“Re: Zero -INFINITY” launched new CBT today on Nov 19. The game only supports Chinese and requires an account for login. Fortunately, there is no account limit for this test, but only QQ/Wechat or iQIYI account can log in.
When you first run the game you will see the announcement which said the test will be running from 11.19 at 10:00 to 12.10 at 00:00 (GMT+8). For more information about this test please go to

Then it will ask you to log in with an account.
Unfortunately, there is no guest account option, so if you don't have a Chinese mobile number please select either QQ or Wechat login. (You need to sign up either of one if you don't have)
Then tap the icon to bind the account and to start the game.
If you want to change your account password or switch to other accounts, you can achieve it in the Account Center located with a side of your screen.
Select “账户安全” for your account settings.
Also, the game does not force to verify the Chinese Real Name ID, so don't worry about it just go & play.

That's all about the guide, hope you enjoy the game

Updated at 2020-06-10 15:45:55

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How make a acount of QQ or wechat?

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min android spec?

What are the 3 dots beside the QQ and WebChat loging? Is that another way to log in? I'm sorry if you  already explained that and I didn't understand

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  • The 3 dots is where you sign in from TapTap. However, I tried it and doesn't sign me in. Tried it multiple times and it said I got it wrong and it locked me out for 24 hours.

  • thanks but now I'm having other problem. I can't create the QQ account. Do I try to solve it or is it better to create the WeChat account? Because I've seen people that got their WeChat accounts blocked

  • sorry for the late, the three dots there was the IQiyi account login, it is the one of the other platforms in China, here suggest you use Wechat login

ahh even i cant login

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What i have to do here please help when i press we chat logo this screen shows up and when i press back it takes me to login menu