【Updated】“Lineage 2M” Game Guide: News, Video, Level Guide, Jobs and more...

“Lineage 2M” will officially launch the server on November 26th at 23:00 (GMT+8). This guide will have the general information that may help you to get started easier in “Lineage 2M”, including “Lineage 2M” basic translation, news, videos, weapons/jobs and other guides about the game.

• NCSOFT announced that "Lineage 2M" Korean version is expected to release this year!
• Lineage 2M - NC Soft announced New Game Trailer! Watch it now!
• NC announces new trailers (Full Updated)
• Ultra 4K MMORPG “Lineage 2M” Grand Open on November 27
• Pre-registration hits 7 Million! “LINEAGE 2M” Pre-download will start on November 25
• “Lineage 2M” unreleased videos & illustrations by NCSOFT Instagram

• Which weapon would you choose? “Lineage 2M” Weapon Guide
• “Lineage 2M” Jobs Info, which race is your choice?

• “Lineage 2M” Pre-download starts now. Server will open very soon
“Lineage 2M” - Settings Menus (English)
•  "Lineage 2M" Basic Guide Part 1
• 【Part.1】Lv.1 - 30 on the map Gludio. Monsters, Areas and Farming
• 【Part.2】Lv.1 - 30 on the map Gludio. Monsters, Areas and Farming
• Lineage 2M - Character introduction and recommendation


In addition, “Lineage 2M” Discord is opened, free chat at here about the walkthrough, tips&tricks, looking for translation, find friends, etc.
“Lineage 2M” Discord Channel:

Updated at 2020-06-10 15:45:55

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Saben si es multilenguaje?

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English please english

Czy jutro będzie działac ta gra 

Россия ждёт.


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It says "Parse error" on my LG G5 4GB RAM Quadcore Snapdragon 820 Android 6.0...

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I need *** ?

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Only will work on android 7.0 nougat or higher  . Needs at least 2.3 GB, GAME SERVERS WILL OPEN 0.00 GMT. KOREAN TIME 11/27/2019.

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just unistalled mine. Thx btw

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Wait... Is this the same with LineAge II Revolution? 

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any video to show where to low the graphics? 

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why i cant install? 

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Did they forgot to add damage numbers and healthbar for enemies?

oprimixen mejor el juego le falta mucha optimizacion para celulares de gama media y baja ... gracias