EVE Echoes

“EVE Echoes” Open Beta Announcement

“EVE Echoes” launches Open Beta now. The open beta test goes live on 2 December and starts server at 3:00 am UTC on both iOS and Android.
* iOS users please download the game through TestFlight (Click "Try" button on the game page)


The open beta is limited to part of the devices as follows:
Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S6 or later, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or later, Samsung Galaxy A9 or later
Google: Google Nexus 6P or later, Google Pixel or later
Sony: Sony Xperia X or later, Sony Xperia XA or later, Sony Xperia M5 or later

For other devices please check the full list of devices supported:


For what is new in the “EVE Echoes” Open Beta, please read the "Feature Notes":

Updated at 2020-06-10 15:45:55

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can it be played in Realm 5 pro

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Any word on when the OBT will end?

I've checked the site, FB, and Play. Doesn't seem to specify it.

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Hi, my cell phone is a LeEco S3 x522. I can not open the game, when I open it appears a black screen and then quits the game. my CPU is Qualcomm MSM8976 (Snapdragon 652)