Dead by Daylight Mobile

“Dead by Daylight Mobile” Celebration Event - Show your game match score & win game

The most popular worldwide asymmetric horror survival game "Dead by Daylight" finally official launched!

We love good game as the original intention, like many of us are looking forward to its launch. For celebration the grand launch of "Dead by Daylight Mobile", Tap will launch the event at same time, and thank to all players with long waiting.
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Please read the information carefully
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🕒 Event Time:
April 16 - April 26
A total of 10 days

💡 How to participate:
1. Reply in this post
2. Attach your screenshots with your game match score and your DbD Mobile game profile. And explain which side of your game match score is (Survivor or Killer), we will check the scores each side when the event is ended. The top-five-score players will win a game, a total of 10 winners!

You can always update your best scores, but you can only submit one side scores (Survivor or Killer)

🏆 Winner Rewards
Choose any【1】game you like from the Tap Exclusive Premium Game

1. Reply with your game match scores & game profile screenshots & your wanted premium game
2. Spamming, troll will regarded as invaild
3. One account can participate once, repeat replies will be subject to the highest score
4. Winners will receive game 3 working days if they reply correctly after the event ended
5. Tap reserves all final interpretation to the Tap Event

Updated at 2020-04-18 05:32:25

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 that is last

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My score as feng min ( Survivor )

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Suvival. VN ae nào chơi thì ad nhé

ay have problème withe killer ay play kille poom déconnecté way how to fix problème 


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ID game : SANGOMANG (survivor) 

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jpmatador (assasino) o espirito

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pls gimme wkwkwkwkwk, alphabacodlu( Survivor ) Feng min


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SereyVathanaa (Survivor)


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Oh my god 

Nk?h i   v  GBv 6 b bbn    GB gyb xbox hh v7  g v vgnvhfbb in  hhhh7. M86.
Uh.hbh ..8lh


How do you see those stats



I can't install the app



lolzikforever$ (killer)

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Cơ Chế Điều Khiển Như Cặc

Cơ Chế Điều Khiển Như Cặc Vậy Làm Game Ngủ VL

  • Smith98
  • 108 floor
  • played 260 hrs 20 mins

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ExHunter (Survivor) 

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Comparability for OnePlus 3t?