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  • 2020-05-22 02:53:25
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“Dead by Daylight Mobile” latest update brings the new killer, Leatherface


The "Dead by Daylight Mobile" just had a new update which introduced a new killer, The Cannibal, which is a chainsaw-wielding character, able to trigger a deadly frenzy using Bubba’s Chainsaw, immediately downing anyone in its path.
His perks are:

Knock Out
Dying Survivors’ auras are invisible to other Survivors when they aren’t nearby.

Barbecue & Chilli
After hooking a Survivor, all other Survivors’ who aren’t nearby have their auras temporarily revealed. Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time you are awarded with bonus Bloodpoints at the end of the trial.

Franklin’s Demise
Your successful basic attacks make the Survivors drop their item on impact.

And his powerful weapon: BUBBA’S CHAINSAW
will allow him to hit multiple targets with a charge attack, by press and hold the power button to charge the Chainsaw, and start a timed sweeping attack upon activation.
▲ Dead by Daylight Mobile: The Cannibal
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Earliest reply
Please read my feedback about this latest update because i have issue about squad making match or party match when they invited me its say mismatch i have proof 

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they said it bacause of cross playing you dont play a game with android to ios device but the inviter is same to my device android device but its say mismatching but i already updated in TapTap from latest version

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Dude me can't enter  the game

Me use Android Oppo a3s

Well, gg, game is crushing

I'm trying to enter the game and it kept crashing after the update please fix this

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2x update for this new killer.. but, full bug and cheater

Good play bbbbby yes the must pupillaire game

Facecamp intensive

I cant open DBD mobile


Just clear the data and start open the dbd again. Or the other option is uninstall the dbd and download again. Just choose what option make you comfortable.

The game is crashing when we open it it just loading for short time then it goes back to home screen plz fix my phone is Huawei Y9 Prime

I'm experiencing mismatch games as well with my friends even if we all have the latest version. Please fix it.

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They're fixing some issue just wait there are one update left to start your trial 

Bruu why is it everytime I play the server disconnected? The first time I updated it I can play but the fourth attempt to join server, it disconnected everytime. Worst first match in a while tho, I save my teammates twice and even block for them. I was hooked right in front of their eye but they just left me.Plus the baby Legion face camped me, wow. If any of you do this, fucck you. You have special place in hell
 EDIT: this the sixth time . Hope they fix it soon

I'm still waiting for demogorgon sounds. 

New update!! But no new map??