"Wild Rift" Alpha had first balance patch, the overwhelming 'Master Yi' got nerfed!

The LoL mobile, "Wild Rift" has running the alpha test for over a week, since is the mobile version of the League of Legends, the dev team has continued the tradition of the PC version by constantly updating the game. On June 17, "Wild Rift's" official Twitter posted the first patch note of balance update for the alpha test.

The detail of the patch notes is shown below:

🔽 Champion 🔽

Gragas is running out of mana pretty quickly, and his full ability combo felt a little on the weak side, so we’re buffing his mana regen, (1) Barrel Roll and (2) Drunken Rage to get him back in the happy hour spirit.
Mana Regen :: 12 >>> 15
Mana Regen per level :: 0.7 per level >>> 0.9 per level(1) Barrel Roll AP ratio :: 0.7 >>> 0.8
(1) Barrel Roll cooldown :: 11/10/9/8s >>> 9.5/8.5/7.5/6.5s
(2) Drunken Rage AP ratio :: 0.5 >>> 0.65

Ezreal’s underperforming because his “Blue Build” isn’t giving him much damage, and he’s getting outclassed by basic-attacking marksmen. We’re updating his recommended items and runes, and buffing (1) Mystic Shot, his main damage output ability.
Default recom. items: Muramana / TriForce / Ionian Boots + Quicksilver / BotRK / IE / Mortal Rem.
Recom. runes: Conqueror / Gathering Storm / Regeneration / Manaflow Band
(1) Mystic Shot damage :: 15/50/85/120 >>> 30/65/100/135
(1) Mystic Shot AD ratio :: 1.1 >>> 1.2MASTER YI
Yi has truly mastered the power of Wuju and is an unstoppable tank-melting, split-pushing terror, so we’re taking a chunk out of his attack damage per level, as well as the damage gained via (3) Wuju Style.
AD per level :: 4.55 >>> 3.6
(3) Wuju Style active AD ratio :: 0.35 >>> 0.25VAYNE
Vayne’s mobility and kiting, as well as her late-game damage, is making her scarier than intended. We still think Vayne’s identity as a late-game carry is important to her playstyle, but she should probably have to work harder to get there.
(2) Silver Bolts active Attack Speed :: 45/60/76/90% >>> 40/45/50/55%(Ult) Final Hour cooldown :: 80/70/60s >>> 100/80/60s

Jinx was getting a little TOO excited, so we’re scaling back her attack speed per level.

🔽 Other 🔽

We’ve seen your feedback around towers feeling weak, so we’re increasing tower stats when they’re backdoored, or taken in quick succession. So far, we’re pretty happy with Wild Rift’s average game length (around 17 mins); we’ll be watching these changes closely.
Backdoor Bonus Tower Damage :: 10% >>> 20%
Backdoor Bonus Tower Damage Reduction :: 66% >>> 75%
Domino Bonus (temporary damage reduction after previous tower destroyed) :: 35% >>> 50%

🔽 Future Changes 🔽
(No promises)

We’re seeing junglers level up very quickly, and we’re keeping an eye on their ability to outscale laners.

Feedback from Blitz players (and opponents) suggests his (1) Rocket Fist is a little too reliable in lane.

Nami’s crowd control seems strong - we’re watching her ability to lock down key targets with relative ease.

Marksmen are feeling incredibly powerful as players get used to dual-stick controls, basic attacks, kiting etc. For the same reason, we’re seeing Jhin UNDERperform due to his reload downtime.

Jax is running away with many games by splitpushing to victory, forcing teams to send multiple members to stop him. We’re hoping the tower changes address his dominance, but we’re keeping an eye on him for future changes.

Updated at 2020-06-18 22:20:30

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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