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  • 2020-06-19 21:51:14
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The Ultimate “Pascal's Wager” Game Guide. The best content you can find here!


The promising high-quality action, the flagship of the souls-like game for mobile, Pascal's Wager is finally coming globally on Android.

In order to help new players further understand the world of Pascal; in order to keep the efforts of players who played the game continue to shine, we have hereby created an ultimate game guide, players can find the game library, gameplay video, walkthrough, FAQs, bug report in the related content.

This post will continuously update, and players are welcome to post any high-quality content. We will integrate it into this guide as appropriate.  •  Four Characters Brief Introduction
  •  Pascal's Wager Background Setting
  •  Encyclopedia of the rule -- SANITY
  •  Encyclopedia of the setting -- SENDRIL
  •  Encyclopedia of the system --TROPHY

  •  The most useful 10 tips in game - Recommend!
  •  25 question answers, all you want to know about Pascals Wager
  •  The guide for new player
  •  The Ultra-quality Mashup - Must Watch!
  •  Benita vs DLC boss, highest difficulty
  •  Terrence vs DLC boss, no damage taken
  •  Final Chapter Boss: The First Messenger
  •  Bungee jumping in Pascal's Wager, leap you faith  
【FEEDBACK】  FAQs, Problem and Bug Report

We also have the Discord server opened for Pascal's Wager, welcome to join & free chat

Updated at 2020-06-22 15:58:48

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Bro why this game is paid..I thought it was free to play that's why I downloaded TapTap app...

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  • We are willing to offer you those games with high quality. Although most games are free on TapTap, there are still some games we think they are worth paying, sp we still will recommend it to you. Believe me, you can try it for one time.

Yeah me too

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  • l understand how you feel, but if you try to give one chance to this game, you will find it worth the payment.

Me too

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  • Maybe you have to pay a little for Pascal's Wager, but the experience of playing games will be worthy. Trust our recommendation and also trust yours. l believe that you click into this page is because of some shining points when you saw.

Mee to

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  • Are you not curious why such a paid game will receive such good reviews at all? You can really try it and you will know the reason.

Когда игра появится в Google play?

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noooo make it free 

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When can i download It in Italy?

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Give me free please 

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L em
Cfp lời lộ
Mà mà một con

Why can't I see the game on Google play store ? I would like to buy it and the dlc 

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  • The Pascal's Wager will release on June 25th in Google Play Store. Please wait the update on June 25th. There's a limited-time discount price for Pascal's Wager, which is $3.99 USD, until July 31, 2020! After that, the price will return to $6.99 USD. The first DLC "Deep Into the Dark Mist" will be available to unlock when the game is official released and will cost $0.99 USD. Don't miss the special offer!

  • thanks

The Terrence herald dlc wasn't for free when you buy the game?

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  • Hi there, Could you please tell us more detailed info and provide us the screenshots of your problem?

    The DLC and Heroic Herald Outfit for Terrence are two different items.

    The DLC [Deep into the Dark Mist] is $0.99; The DLC is an additional content for the game.

    Heroic Herald Outfit for Terrence is free for the first week, after first week will be $0.99.

    The game released in TapTap on June 22nd.

  • Free for the first week right? so it should still be free as of today? Since the next week would be in 2 days from now

  • So you mean the Heroic Herald Outfit of Terrence, right? When did you purchase the game in TapTap? Can I have your order ID or screenshots of the problem? Then we can check the issue.

  • I cant send a photo of my purchase (paypal history) where can I contact you? I bought it on release since I pre registered for months already. Not sure if this is the ID you are looking for but in paypal it says "app_id: 133336"

  • Hi, you can contact our support team in Facebook. Please send them a message, including screenshots of your problem and your order info. Then we can help you fix the issue. Thanks for your time.

    - Facebook: @PascalsWagerGame

Damn so many people begging for this game to be free i mean cmon the dev gotta make his money
Its not even a big price for the content that this game has

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  • Hi there, thanks for your support and kind words. We will keep on working to bring you more content. The new DLC [The Tides of Oblivion] do come soon so stay tuned. Enjoy!