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Royalflare Royalflare 楼主 2019-08-27 10:42:45 10599
# CN(中文):https://www.tap.io/topic/27123
According to the Dead by Daylight Google Play page and @DbDMobile official Twitter
Dead by Daylight finally got an update to version 0.7.0, with new mobile-exclusive features and more in this update.
- Daily Rewards Calendar: start earning in-game items and resources just by logging in.
- Try before you buy: many characters available to try for a limit time using Free Ticket earned through Daily Rewards
- New map added: enter Father Campbell's Chapel in the Crotus Prenn Asylum
- Improvements: implemented bug fixes

Updated at 2019-08-27 11:16:56

thx... finally i can play this game thx


There better be improved graphics in there or i will uninstall  This game The only reason I'm not is because they want to play the Demogorgon And some characters Just please let there be improved graphics

  • ekko
    2019-08-27 20:47:33

    Dude this is a mobile version not a console version the graphics are fine stop being picky

  • 手机用户1189461
    2019-08-28 10:00:33

    thi is MOBILE

  • mr Baptiste
    2019-08-28 10:14:12

    I played this version before the update the graphics Weren't as good before now they're fine

  • ekko
    2019-09-01 03:13:18

    They're always been like this Ive played since the start of the beta

  • ekko
    2019-09-01 06:31:33

    High graphics mean people with low end phones won't be able to play

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Long room search

chong a

Add support for Android 6.0

  • iu❤️
    2019-08-27 13:39:35

    Change your phone

  • Arsene Sataniel
    2019-08-27 13:57:56

    Actually mine support Android 8.0. It is a S7. The thing is that I have not update my phone, because everything is so simple with Android 6.0 Anyways I will probably get a Tablet because of the screen


Al fin llevo esperando desde la última semana espero que aigan arreglado donde se cierra el juego en la parte de optimizando juego🤩

Thx dev and taptap......👏😭

I play on samsung galaxy A9. I not see footprint and blood of survivals. And viewpoint of killer not far. Help me please. I love this game.♥️

Thanks for always giving us updates! 
Hopefully survive with friends is next.
September is approaching.

now all we have to do is add friends. big day 👍 

  • ekko
    2019-08-27 20:48:09


When i can add my friend to play 💔

  • 手机用户1190350
    2019-08-27 16:49:09

    حبي هسه تفتح عندك العبه لو مثل التحديث الفات ما تفتح

  • حسام ألزبيدي
    2019-08-27 17:22:17

    لا ليش التحديث اللي فات فتحت مثل الورد

    عندك هذا التحديث ما ادري دا تنزل يمي من تفتح ارد عليك واكلك اذا فتحت اولا

  • 手机用户1190350
    2019-08-27 17:29:59

    اوكي بس هذاك التحديث من توصل للتحسين وره ما يكمل التنزيل الداخلي يوصل تسعين وطلع من اللعبه

  • حسام ألزبيدي
    2019-08-27 17:31:04

    يب هالمشكلة همينة صارت بواحد من جماعتي مدري ليش صار هيچ وياه

  • حسام ألزبيدي
    2019-08-27 17:31:25

    يمكن رامك ميتحمل حبي هسة اني رامي 4 ومعالجي زين نسيت اسمه

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เติมไม่ได้ มีวิธีการแนะนำไหมครับ

  • bomer ffo
    2019-08-27 16:21:40

    ตามนี้ครับเข้าไปดูในยูทูปครับ https://youtu.be/w31hR-5vG8E

This game keeps getting better and better

não estou conseguindo jogar, o jogo fecha após a tela de otimização


Roda em 32bits?

Yey new update


Very nice!

Its been worst after the update,
When i complete the killer tips the game just crushed and it keep doing the same every time i open it

Please fix it.


Oh man why I download it again the 1.35GB?
aren't they put the patch file on the dbd app so we never download the 1.35 again? It's a waste of data😐😑😐😑

Not working on j5 2017, says app not installed, any fix?

  • Negru Gheorghe
    2019-08-31 06:02:55

    Yes, your phone does not support the game

  • Geo
    2019-08-31 19:42:16

    will it in new updates?

Connection still AWFULL, contant LAGGING making almost impossible to play. The mental hospital like  map gliches horribly. New content without bugs fixing? With THOSE graphics... the game should at the least run smooth'n easy! 

**Also some of us have been playing a lot even before log in rewards, shouldn't we receive at least three weeks of log in rewards??! 

in my application not clicked how do I solve ??? my android 9.0 j4 + don't peg

Please fix Legion's power , when you stab someone while in frenzy the detection ability of the killer still doesn't work . If you don't fix it it is still ok bcuz he is still a good killer :)

Fixed a crash out of the game is mandatory but the lag appeared incredibly .

Map of the nurse is very bad I can not complete a game without compulsory exit

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