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Firstly, thanks a lot for participating in the beta test of “Within”. As a newly established indie game team from Taiwan, we, Silver Lining Studio, are happy to introduce you our first game, “Within.” 

“Silver Lining Studio” is named after a hopeful quote -- “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

We hope that

Whenever or wherever you are, through the power of games and heart-warming tales, we shall energize your soul and aid you through the gloomy hours. 

Like the strands of the silver light, we hope we could guide you through the mist and discover the most magnificent sunrise together.

Hopefully, we would be able to explore and then grow together in the world of “Within”.

Meanwhile, we’d like to hold a small campaign for the TapTap community during this beta test period. Please feel free to join and answer the questions about the game. All of your answers or ideas will be an invaluable asset that makes the story of "Within" even more complete!

• After playing “Within”, what do you think the main storyline is about? (Hint: Pay attention to items in the scenes.)

• Which part in “Within” beta version is your favorite? Why?

• What kind of contents do you expect the most in the future “Within” versions?

• Any word to the development team?

To whoever participates in this event, we’ve prepared some little surprises for you.

• All participants will receive an exclusive “Within” mobile wallpaper. 

• A lucky draw will be held to pick up 20 participants. These people will be granted access to an exclusive video showing a special game content and a secret message from our team. 

Together, let us complete a story of ours.

Tap Beta Test Link: https://www.tap.io/app/172594

⟪Within⟫ X Tap – Thanks for Your Beta Test

Updated at 2019-09-06 18:05:39

that game is amazing. I believe the story is about a child who suffers from his bad mother, and in the game she tries to escape / escape from her for her freedom.

Oh my god

We should answer here in a reply? 'Cause I answered all these things on the survey on your site, but if Yes i'll re-answer here.

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