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JUN JUN 2019-09-02 10:24:00 1011
"ELCHRONICLE" Mobile Game is A fantastic world where ancient gods, humans, and beastkins live together. The classic JRPG with a lyrical story. Players can receive pre-registration rewards by clicking on 'Pre-register'! 

As with many JRPGs El Chronicle can seem near indecipherable at first, especially if you’re not au fait with the genre. But fear not! The following tips should help you ease into the game. For Tap Version uses a new payment module and will provide better services to users through Pre-register -events after launch.

I already play this game for more than a month now, and I gotta say, the game is very "open handed" we can get any character that we want through the connect, we can rise them to max level just by playing and using our income in-game, it's fun, the story actually interested me and the character designs are amazing! Just with our truly and balanced efforts we can go very far into the game without having to spend any cents on it, the game is really generous and full of good and rewarding activity, different from the others heroes gacha games, I recommend it a lot.

  • JUN
    2019-09-02 19:23:49

    wow thank you for your review!

    please looking forward For Tap Version :D

ㅜㅜ쿠폰이 안들어와요

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