【CODM News】Confirmed! CODM Korean iOS will release on Oct 2 | New Chinese CODM HD Wallpapers Choice General

Royalflare Royalflare 楼主 2019-09-02 14:11:07 3132
After a month of OBT in AU & CA & Peru, now the official finally made a release, unfortunately not for global version but COD Mobile Korean version will launch a blast in App Store (iOS) on Oct 2nd.
▲ The Korean App Store confirmed the date of COD Mobile release
Link of CODM Korean in App Store: https://apps.apple.com/kr/app/%EC%BD%9C-%EC%98%A4%EB%B8%8C-%EB%93%80%ED%8B%B0-%EB%AA%A8%EB%B0%94%EC%9D%BC/id1466195505
★ NOTE: In order to download it on Oct 2, you will need to have an Apple ID with country/region registered as Korean. Game language set as Arabic.

PS: The global & Chinese release date have not been announced yet, stay tuned.


Chinese CODM Official reporter released some latest HD Wallpapers, it's free to grab if you have a favourite one or more.

For Desktop

For Mobile

Updated at 2019-09-02 17:19:21

Image quality is really awesome!!! chong a

Caraio quevsaiu global logo

  • Davi Wesley
    2019-09-02 17:21:46

    Sabe quando vai lançar?

  • silver
    2019-09-02 17:23:38

    tudo indica pela noticia qye e em outrobo

why always in Chinese language

Do you have wallpaper for henfon...

Thé COD bane m'y account whyyyyyyy....ive i use the vpn..but how van play this game without vpn...it's bad  so   i will play "pubg" keep your  COD inutile

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