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DBD Official FAQ Video

1.ADD License Screen

2.ADD Rituals System
Above the mail button is the Rituals button.

3.There is a bug in "Daily Reward" in the current version. Likely to be fixed in the next version(2019.9.12-Fixed)

4.ADD Ghost Face(This is a guess)
There is a possibility that the release speed will be faster as it is the "Ghost Face" which also had play video. Also, "DBD Mobile" probably has all the characters already implemented. However, it is disabled due to copyright issues and optimization issues. (My guess is)

5.Soon Canada will gain beta access.

You will have many questions. If you leave it in the comments, I will let you know as far as I know.

Thank you for reading

Updated at 2019-09-12 19:18:26

Pero eso será una actualización del futuro o ya está implementada. (I write spanish because my english is very bad, sorri)

  • NakiaRubio
    2019-09-13 03:03:37

    actualización de hoy amigo

  • Frost
    2019-09-13 17:18:15

    A mí no me sale para actualizarlo.

  • NakiaRubio
    2019-09-14 02:32:52

    en la Play store ya está, en los países que está oficialmente la beta claramente, a nosotros aún nos queda esperar a que suban la actualización a TapTap

  • Frost
    2019-09-14 02:58:03

    Ok, muchas gracias.

오우 좋은 정보 감사드립니다! :)

 Error of not showing the full map on Redmi Note 7 please fix. 😭😭😭

My phone temperature is too high when playing DbD Mobile. fix it

그 트위터에 stranger thing's는 9월 17일에 모든 플렛폼에 출시할것입니다 하고 되어있는데 모바일 은 포함되는건가요 안되는건가요?

  • KSH
    2019-09-12 19:07:43

    모바일은 포함되지않습니다.

    하지만 모바일은 이미 Stranger Thing's챕터 작업에 들어갔습니다.

    또한 모든 캐릭터는 Pc와 똑같이 출시할것입니다.

    다만 베타기간이기때문에 캐릭터 출시 시간이 다를거라는점 양해해주십시오.

  • tv조관해
    2019-09-12 19:14:53

    감사합니다 ㅠㅠ 트위터에서는 답장을 안해주셔서 곤란했었는데 감사합니다 수고하세요

Why does dead by daylight have to come on mobile on Apple and tablet

¿J2 PRIME? :'(

Dud, i can't wait for global release.....

It sais app not installed fix this please

I am afraid for my phone to explode when playing this game :)

Я не чего не вижу на новой карте!!! На ксиоми редми7ноте

Please are game in samsung galaxy a6 2018

I want ,Ultra HDR

My phone he get derob fram fix it

Where is new update?

What I need is fix bugs.

У меня обновление не вышло ( 

En dead by daylight mobile me dice nueva actualización pero no aparece en tap tap

  • ElmeeR
    2019-09-15 13:42:13

    solo se puede actualizar desde playstore

Gimana cara mabar bareng sama temen dan bisa di undang teman

전승버그좀 고쳐주세요 제발


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