Chinese ARPG Mobile Game 'Pascal's Wager' Appears at Apple Conference! Ready For Sale in Q4 2019 Official Sticky General

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At the Apple Event Conference in the early time on Sep 10, the Giant Network TipsWorks's mobile game 'Pascal's Wager' appeared during the new iPhone 11 announcement. The official was demonstrating the performance of the A13 processor as well as the 'Pascal's Wager' gameplay on new iPhone, which is also the first Chinese local game that appeared at Apple's new product conference.
'Pascal's Wager' E3 Trailer

The iOS version will begin pre-registration next month (Oct), and the Android version is now available for pre-registration on Tap 
'Pascal's Wager' expected for sale in Q4 2019 (Price is unknown yet)
Pascal's Wager is a dark, stylish mobile action-RPG developed by Tips-Works, an independent studio under Giant Games. Developed in the Unity3D engine.
Base on the current information, the gameplay uses real-time rendering and dubbing, including camera lock, character skill shortcuts and other elements, as well as combo, stamina, parry, shield counterattack and other battle settings that are biased towards the console gaming experience.

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