Top 10 NEW Anime Games for Android / iOS 2018-2019 General

JUN JUN 2019-09-11 15:28:54 10312
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Top 10 NEW Anime Games for Android/IOS 2018-2019 (High Graphics)

► 10. Rebellious Million Arthur
Support Language:

► 09. Witch Weapon
Support Language:

► 08. Bleach - Realm Death Battle
Support Language:

► 07. Hope Legend
Support Language:Chinese

► 06. One Piece Bounty Rush
Support Language:Chinese,Japanese

► 05. SIGNAL - Official release Not yet
Support Language:

► 04. Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi
Support Language:

► 03. Mob Psycho 100
Support Language:Chinese

► 02. Inuyasha - Battle of Naraku
Support Language:Chinese

► 01. 
One Piece: Burning Will
Support Language:Chinese

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  • JUN
    2019-09-11 17:14:16


English player be like : hello , am i a joke to you ?

  • JUN
    2019-09-11 19:49:03

    Emm why?

  • Ranattachi
    2019-09-11 22:12:21

    its a sarcasm , as you can see .. none of those games support english . and mostly it would be takes half of a year or more until its support english haha

  • JUN
    2019-09-12 09:46:22

    yeah That's a tragedy :(

  • Ranattachi
    2019-09-12 10:13:37

    lol ikr

Bom dia

Nice info !!!

  • JUN
    2019-09-11 19:48:44

    Thank you!

    Enjoy :)

One plunman

Rip english gamers

No English? Support?

  • JUN
    2019-09-12 09:44:45

    Supported languages ​​for each game are listed in the post.

    please check it

the clownery luv 

Are you have wechat acount ?i want help to creat an accout 

  • JUN
    2019-09-12 09:44:06

    WeChat sign-up support in English....

  • Abdlrahman Foua
    2019-09-12 16:45:50

    yes i want to sign up, but they have new privacy to sign up, must be add the new member to WeChat by another member that have account mor than one month.

    if you have account please can you help me .

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