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# 中文:https://www.tap.io/topic/33498 NEXON announced the core information of "Inter-Server" and "Devil Chaser Mode" on September 6th, then published new classes information on September 10. The classes that were revealed that day were: Bladder, Knight, Gunslinger, Magician, Warlord, and Axler.
All of the six classes can carry out the DPS battle. If you meet certain conditions, the battle will turn into "Devil Chaser", which can deal great damage to the enemy.

In addition, each class gear has distinct features. An independent battle mechanism was designed through the main and sub weapons. When the inherent skill gauge reaches a certain level, you can buff the overall skills or change the skill set.
■ Deep Strike, melee attack 'Warlord'
Warlord uses close-range weapons: huge battle hammers (main weapons) and gauntlet (sub weapons). The feature of the Warlord is "Raging". If Warlord's unique energy "Vitality" accumulates to the maximum, the normal attack can trigger "raging skills." The lower the HP, the faster the accumulation of energy fill.

■ "Warlord" fits for players who:
1) Want easy and simple battle mechanism
2) Like close-range attack, with a heavy, violent attack
3) Like to deal huge damage in a short time
4) Hope to accumulate energy and return to the battlefield quickly without in battle.
■ The stronger the battle becomes, melee attack "Knight"
Knights using swords (main weapons) and shields (sub weapons) are good at attack and defend on the battlefield. The most significant feature of the Knights is to "buff themselves." When attacking the enemy or being attacked, you can accumulate the unique energy "Spirit", which can buff the two times at most. Each time buffs, the skill will change, and the attack power and the defense will generate additional effects at the same time.

■ "Knight" fits for players who:
1) Good at attack and defend, familiar with the close-range battle
2) Using strategy, good at a long-time battle
3) Enjoy the skills change along with the battle

■ Instant energy burst, long-range attack "Magician"
A long-range attack character "Magician" that repeatedly generate energy and deal powerful damage to the enemy. Use staff (main weapons) and crystal balls (sub weapons) to suppress enemies with multiple spells. The magician's battle feature is "charge". Once the attack is successful, the mage can gain energy "concentration." Consuming concentration and mental strength, you can continuously use the "charge-enhancing skills", which can greatly increase the skill effect and deal great damage to the enemy.

■ "Mage" fits for players who:
1) Like to keep distance from each other to fight
2) Use skills flexibly according to the situation
3) Like gorgeous and powerful spells

■ Quickly and agilely, melee attack "Bladder"
The Bladder is a fast-disturbing attack with a long-handed sword (main weapon) and a short-handed sword (sub weapon). The Bladder's battle characteristic is "combo attack." If you successfully kill the enemy, you can use "Link". With a combo, you can also cast the Bladder's unique "mark skills" and attack in a variety of changes.

■ "Bladder" fits for players who:
1) Like to attack the enemy in a close range in gorgeous style
2) Like the instant attack or ambush
3) Strategic battles that prefer to use multiple combo skills

■ A fatal injury occurred in an instant, long-range attack "Gunslinger"
The Gunslinger is similar to the archer in the ordinary RPG and is a long-range attack class. Use pistols (main weapon) and shotguns (sub weapons), good at battle by attacking and avoiding attacks. The most significant feature of Gunslinger is "Transform." The other 5 skills outside the main skill can be combined into one, while the shotgun can use 2 skill sets with 10 active skills in the battle. If the skill attack is successful, you can get the "preheat" energy that is unique to the shotgun and use the "invisible killer" skill that can cause great damage to the enemy by spending energy.

■ "Gunslinger" fits for players who
1) Familiar with long-distance gameplay
2) Like to quickly get close to each other and avoid attacks, and have strong reaction ability
3) Like to use a variety of skills to in a gorgeous battle
■ A dazzling attack with different weapons, a full DPS in melee attack "Axler"
Axler is good at melee and medium-range attacks, showing a balanced attack mode. The main weapon is a giant axe with cannon, attacking the closed enemy with an axe slashing in front. In addition, attacks are carried out in cannon by omnidirectional missiles and artillery shells that cause huge explosions at specific locations. The battle characteristics of Axler are "Airflow" and "Linkage". Consuming the accumulated airflow and gaining power in a short time. When the skill hits the target, the "combo skill" will activate, causing explosive damage to the enemy.

■ "Axler" fits for players who:
1) A combination of short-range and medium-range attacks that can be widely used on the battlefield.
2) Want to use a unique type of weapon
3) Use unstoppable combo attacks

Source: https://bbs.ruliweb.com/news/531/read/127398

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    global will be out but after korean version i think

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