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JUN JUN 2019-09-30 18:45:59 23261
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Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today - GM Price

We are opening up early access (soft launch) to everybody who wishes to have a taste of the game before the official launch tomorrow.


-- Tap COD M Join Guide(COD M US / Garena Version) -- 

#1. click to Tap App Auxiliary Tools

#2. Download UU Game Booster
#3. Click to COD M US or Garena Version Booster
If you want join the US Version Please Click to (加拿大海外 or 澳服海外)

Updated at 2019-10-01 13:06:36

so we can play now?

I can't login

Seruh ada CODM kita gk usa main di ps 4./3 xbox pc atau yang lain wooow seruh cuk

Every one can't play right now cause developer ready for lauching on 01 okt, so dont forget to update

  • JUN
    2019-09-30 19:55:53

    The current game can be updated in a Tap, and If you can not access the game please install UU Booster!

  • Gerald Glimz
    2019-09-30 20:22:57

    can i download now

nice, i can play it, maybe cause i have pre register - region Indonesia

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It's not working. 👍

  • JUN
    2019-09-30 19:54:27

    Could you tell me a error situation?

  • Macro Trinity
    2019-10-03 09:17:53

    Different version from GARENA,Timi didn't have global launch server


  • JUN
    2019-09-30 19:54:09

    yaeh !!! Let's Get it!


Udah bisa login abis update?

Is garena version and global version the same?

Di donlot diplaystore patah" di tap tap pun sama. Knapa ya? 

The reason you all can't play is because this version of the game is for parts of Asia. Global version is tomorrow.

  • JUN
    2019-09-30 19:53:05

    The game can be played with UU Booster.

é amanhã 😍

Di play store udah ada guys

Very nice thnx 

  • JUN
    2019-09-30 19:52:32


I want player this games

  • JUN
    2019-09-30 19:52:22

    yeah, could you please check the guide line?

What?!?! We can't update it? We must to download it again?!?! 

  • JUN
    2019-09-30 19:51:34

    no. The game can be updated directly from the page. 1.6.8version~

Even with the UU booster i cant log in 

Me to 

A bit disappointed cause my progress in CBT is gone. But its fine, imma just start a new one! 

Was the data we play in beta version not transferred to this global version ?


Can we Seamlessly change or play with garena and later login on us ver. 

  • Royalflare
    2019-09-30 21:25:24

    they are separate server i think in which data not shared

  • Kaito
    2019-10-02 16:41:12

    can we play us version in the Philippines?

Can i use vpn or not

I can login now by uu booster

The graphics is still weak on my Huawei y92019 Is the game has a problem with the graphics processor I have. There are weak devices and the least specifications of my device is working on them with a higher quality can be addressed this problem or will remain

  • GhostMerSlayer
    2019-10-01 03:50:58

    tal vez sea por qué el juego no está del todo optimizado sería de esperar asta mañana

  • Mohanad
    2019-10-01 11:39:00

    Ihop that

  • Macro Trinity
    2019-10-03 09:20:51

    Timi is still with old setup... GARENA do better with graphic

Soy de México y he jugado la beta desde que salió en Australia,(con VPN claro)y ya descargue UU bostero pero no aparece nada,entre al juego sin usar el VPN y entre muy rápido,al parecer el juego ya está liberado para mucha gente,pero creo que solo sea gente que jugó la beta

Y de México y llevo jugando la beta de Australia desde que salió (con VPN claro) y descargue UU boster y entre al juego sin el VPN y ya estaba libre,ya pude disfrutar el juego sin el molesto VPN y su lag,creo que solo la gente que lleve tiempo con la beta lo tiene libre para jugar,por eso decían q lanzaría el juego de manera suave para la gente

I can't use my wifi stuck at 3% when entering the game. (We have stable internet connection) what should I do? When I use my data it works.. 

  • JUN
    2019-10-01 15:50:13

    did you used UUBooster?

  • Kaito
    2019-10-01 17:35:36

    I fix the problem already I just forget the wifi network and connect again.. thank you

Can i log in to my gmail? 
And ive played since the beta australia release
How do i get the account

  • JUN
    2019-10-01 15:49:50

    The US version is available for Facebook and Guest, and the Garena version is for Garena ID and Guest Facebook.

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