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Share your memorable moment in League

“League of Legends” has been with us for a decade. Can you share your deepest memory in the League within more than 3,600 days and nights?

Is it you are playing Vayne and hiding in the jungle for an ambush? Or you successfully backdoor to the enemy base after all your teammate died? Or get a 5 Kill moment you are most proud of? Or even you found your love in the League?

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Chinese/Global Store

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October 18 to October 28 23:59 PM GMT+8 (10 Days)

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October 30 18:30 PM GMT+8

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Updated at 2019-10-29 15:07:05

When the game release I want to play it so bad please and let me have thresh in this game I wait for too long league of legends on mobile 

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Screenshots only? Or video

 nice beautiful game nice im excited to play LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
i will delete mobile legends and i play LOL mobile
you lost mobile legends 
the most favorite of all time game PC LOL
next year the most favorite game IN the word LOL mobile im excited

email address-pastoralzed04@gmail.com

•Country/ Rigion: Brazil> Alagoas> Maceió
•Contact: r41ll4n@gmail.com

-Happy Birthday, LOL-
•This game marked my childhood while I still had a computer. But now with the mobile release, and if I win this draw I'll be able to enjoy the whole game and kill my longing.


When I Got Penta Kill With Support Champion.

I play the league when the game is new in Indonesian. I play many role in league but i'm not familiar with Support champ. I see Sona and then i'll play the champ. The first its so hard 'cause its support Champ. I must protect my Carry, heal teamate, and its difficult to gain a gold in old season. Then i'll see that Q skill Sona its make a Great damage when the pasive skill triggered. And then i'll play sone with AP or damage item. And i got many kill's 'cause other line its chase me 'cause i'm a support. But i'll made it 'cause the damage of sona Q's its so powerfull. When a war or battle team i make a great contribution for damage and healing with redemtion item and W skill. They chase me 'caude i'm a healer but i got them all thats i got Penta kill. My team are mad at me 'cause i'm a support and i took all the kills. But there're person in my team who supporting me 'cause i'm make a great push in game. That's why i Love Sona and i wanna play it when it comes to Mobile, cause i dont have a time go to internet cafe.. Thats my best experience in League and best Champ that i play. Thanks League Of Legend to make my young life great. 

But its sad that i forgot to Transfer my account to Singapore Server.. And my account was gone -...

  • JUN
    2019-10-19 09:58:48

    For every lol user, the first pentakill memory will always be hard to forget. It's a shame that the ID was deleted. :(

Never played it but love to play .. i am waiting for beta 

  • JUN
    2019-10-19 10:52:40

    The global version beta isn't available yet. Wait for the news!

I am happy today it's because league of legend move to the Mobile 😍😊😊


Wow nice

i wanna play this game so bad coze my acc on oc has been hacked...so i want to restart my league journey in mobile...

-Fed Lee sin vs Vayne (not fed)

One of the best plays I've done with Vayne is I'd outplayed the fed Lee sin on 1v1. I've flashed behind him before he activated his q or sonic wave so he missed and I'd killed him. I will never forget this outplay.
-Let's Dance!
And the other one is with Xayah. My sidesteps are so smooth that Aatrox didn't even hit me with his q's, except for his w or infernal chains which has a little damage.
These plays are my favorite and my most memorable moment in League.

  • JUN
    2019-10-19 11:32:32

    Wow your control is awesome! Watching the gameplay scene as a gif file, you can see that your controls are fantastic! :)

  • User1927295
    2019-10-19 20:49:59

    your plays are great!

  • User1928387
    2019-10-19 20:11:55

    cooool bro

  • Jhustin Cruz
    2019-10-19 20:51:22

    Thank you! :)

  • Royalflare
    2019-11-22 10:48:35

    Hi, Jhustin Cruz

    Congratulations! You are selected with 🏆Grandmaster Winner🏆

    Unfortunately, we try to reach you via the Email address you provided and we did not receive your reply. If you read this notice please send an email with the following format to wangyucong@taptap.com, thank you.






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    “Dawnbringer - Riven" or “Nightbringer - Yasuo”

Brasil : Mato grosso , Barra do Garças

Country/Region: Philippines
Contact (Email Address) : angelodonato09@gmail.com
Content: i have been waiting for this to come. I really want to play LOL mobile. 

  • JUN
    2019-10-19 11:33:11

    If you share your memories of lol, thank you!

My best moment in League when I get the baron and Get Pentakill in Katarina I just use E and R then I get a triple after that I killed the 2 and the baron it's so satisfying and I'm Proud Of it!

  • JUN
    2019-10-19 11:33:46

    After pentakill the game voice will excite all users :)

Bir gün yine oyuna giriyorum savaş alanı yüklenirken şöyle bir nick görmüştüm "cho'gat Ashe Lee sin" hayatımda gördüğüm en yaratıcı nickdi


I've been playing league of legends since 2012 and i stop 5 months ago because of personal things that i need to do and i'm shocked when i heard that my childhood game is getting an console/mobile version and suddenly it brings back all of my memories when i'm playing league of legends with my friends. Who would've thought that a past time game before is getting an 10th year anniversary and getting an expansion with mobile/console game, just wow. 
                         "Summoners dont die, they respawn" 😎

  • JUN
    2019-10-19 11:34:51

    yeah I agree "Summoners dont die, they respawn". If you have a lol game, the mobile version might have excited all users!

  • Warren Pangilin
    2019-10-19 12:15:32

    no game can replace LOL unless LOL itself ❤️ hahahaha

im play too the league of legends may favolite

Hell yeah LOL Mobile 😆😆😆😆😆

Brasil/ Mato Grosso / Barra do Garças
Estou falando de muito longe, quero mais um penta de LeBlanc
Email: Naves517@gmail.com

I love you league of legend

Country/Region: Cambodia Contact (Email Address) : chhaysereythornin@gmail.com Content: i have been waiting for this to come. I really want to play LOL mobile.  and now a day I play on Garena (Singapore Sever) <3 I Love This Game So Much<3


  • JUN
    2019-10-19 10:51:29

    This picture is not a lol image but a dota image ...?

  • Fubuki Kaos
    2019-10-19 11:04:25

    But in LoL I Only Know How to Die

  • Kaung Khant
    2019-10-20 22:01:53


Ive been playing League of Legends since high school back 2013 and im still playing it today.
I am a support player. I used thresh, alistar, morgana, blitzcrank, taric, puppy, and soraka..
I really like playing support because i really wanna show my team mates and made them to realize how important supports in a gameplay. I remember last time i played thresh and made a flash and a hook(1st) gameplay, we won that game. And i just realize how risky and *** to do it but if you make it correctly your team will cheer you up for the good thing you . And soraka for healing all the time with your team while you are just at the back. Taric with ulti that you are so untouchable. Blitzcrank that hooks all the time. And others who really support their ADC or their carry.. and now im so happy come to realize that you have now riot mobile game for league of legends. Happy and excited cant wait for 2020 for the release..

1. Malaysia
2. pkuan90_@hotmail.com

I waiting LOL mobile so long. 😘😘

Rất mong nph sớm ra mắt để game-er trên toàn thế giới đón chào.. từ LOL pc đến giờ thành mobile thì vẫn cứ thích thú love all

The lore is tink that most I like to share 


Comeback at 42 - 80 2 1/2 hrs game by using jax (split pushing)

I was about to check the Dragon because its an infernal then I hit may Q then kill it. Im so shock that I got it. This is madness, you can  see the enemy ping "Signals enemy missing" I have my video :)

EMAIL : lyonbarrameda@yahoo.com

  • Royalflare
    2019-10-19 17:05:52

    thats so awesome, if you kill Nashor in one Q then you will be badass

  • Lyon
    2019-10-28 11:15:34

    Yeah! I hope I have a chance to win anything

I'm happy for lol

way back November 10 2017 ascension days  i finally got the chance to play vayne...Really miss the game mode ascension 

  • JUN
    2019-10-19 11:36:17

    I really like the vane , but when I picked vane, my teammates didn't like it! :(

  • Kiado Harz
    2019-10-19 13:47:55

    in LoL Mobile you have the chance to play Vayne...its our time to shine dont mind about your teammates pay no attention to someone or their words, actions, or behaviors...😁

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