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JUN JUN 楼主 2019-06-21 18:12:33 16046
Behaviour Interactive has officially announced that DBD will be coming to the App Store and Google Play later this year (▲ Mobile Version in Game ScreenShot 1 ▲ Mobile Version in Game ScreenShot2 

▲ Mobile Version in Game ScreenShot3

▲ Mobile Version in Game ScreenShot4

▲ Mobile Version in Game ScreenShot5

Players of Behaviour Interactive's popular 4v1 asymmetrical horror game know exactly how tense things can get, especially when one steps into the role of a survivor and tries to repair a generator while a killer is on the loose.

DBD Login guide : (Korean)

DBD TapTap Discord Channel [EN] :
DBD TapTap Discord Channel [KR] :

Updated at 2019-07-05 19:04:44

Keep up! When will the game be released? 

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  • JUN
    2019-07-05 19:06:35


한국어패치 빨리 해주시면 좋겠어요.

  • 사람
    2019-07-05 15:28:48


  • JUN
    2019-07-05 19:06:51

    이번 버전은 아쉽게도 한국어 지원이 안됩니다 ㅠ.ㅠ

How long the game will be relrashed

When release?


그래서 출시는 언제?

제일 궁금한 것!!!:한국출시는 언제???


Is DbD mobile support a 3GB ram phone?
Btw my phone is Vivo y91

  • crazy_rich_asia
    2019-07-07 13:40:40

    i think it will lag a bit.. i suggest a 4gb ram phone to have a smooth gameplay

  • ThreeToedMensch
    2019-07-13 01:48:30

    i have 4gb ram snapdragon 820. graphic is very low and resolution is horrible

  • Joy Abednego
    2019-07-14 10:34:04

    well its the beta test so they will improve the grapich so when the game are released it will be great, its fun to play

  • Loi Laithanh
    2019-12-15 23:25:23


sorry, I can't sure that. :(

데바데가 드디어 모바일로?!


  • JUN
    2019-07-05 19:06:12

    this game play don't need code~

not working

  • JUN
    2019-07-05 19:06:24

    could you please send me a screenshot? unstable problem.

  • Nanhu Kumar
    2019-07-05 19:09:55

    not obb file

Dm game tets trên iOS thôi à

이거 뜨면서 안들어가져요 ㅠㅠ

  • JUN
    2019-07-05 19:05:07

    해당 오류는 이미 픽스가 완료되었습니다!

    재설치 부탁드려요~

No me deja instalarlo, alguien sabe por qué?":c o a alguien más le pasa?

  • JUN
    2019-07-05 19:05:35

    could you please send me a screenshot?

This game is unstable 

  • JUN
    2019-07-05 19:05:50

    could you please send me a screenshot? unstable problem.

  • Arif Arif
    2019-07-05 19:26:19

    its failed when I want to open it

I can't play it can fix it

Good job developer. Its real DBD on mobile.  Now can play this game on mobile. I love it. Keep it up. Graphics is ok gameplay ok. But emm how can i play survive with my friend? I hope it come in the next update. Sorry for bad english. Thanks for your attention 🙏

 나이제한있나요? 몇인가요?

  • JUN
    2019-07-15 17:40:49

    나이 제한은 없고 게스트 로그인 하시면 플레이가 가능합니다~

I like the game

  • JUN
    2019-07-15 17:40:57

    me too!!!



guys please help what's wrong thats?

  • JUN
    2019-07-15 14:16:51

    Unable to run your device. Please Check your Device Spec. Thank you.



When will 0.5.5 be updated to here?

got bug. I cant wiggle. No wiggle button

السلام عليكم 

Cak babi

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