“Call of Duty: Mobile” 2.0 Update Notes Official General

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The first major Patch Update for “Call of Duty: Mobile” Season 2.0 The Season 2 update will be made available within this week. We highly recommend all players to update to the latest version of “Call of Duty: Mobile” when it’s ready. Without wasting any more time, let’s get to it:-

What’s New!
Winter is here! Ranked Season 2 runs from 11.25.2019 to 1.15.2020

※ New winter-themed rewards for ranked Multiplayer and Battle Royale!
※ Season 2 Premium and Free Battle Pass is here!
    - New characters and themed content
※ Ranked Improvements
    - Season 2 starting rank will take into account your final rank in Season 1
    - Scoring experience has been balanced at higher ranks
    - Optimized ranked matchmaking to reduce wait times
    - Banned players will be removed from leaderboards
    - Improved scoring issues that occurred under rare circumstances

Controller Support available!
※ Generation 2 and later wireless Playstation 4 and Xbox controllers are now supported in matches
※ Controller support is currently unavailable in lobby, store and loadout

*Controller users will be placed in the same matchmaking pool as Emulator users and Keyboard Docking users.

Zombie mode is here! The long-awaited Zombie mode is now live with two different modes
※ Play classic Survival or objective-driven Raid mode on the Shi No Numa map
※ Find the Easter Egg to explore additional content
※ Unlock new Zombie content
※ New Limited Time Modes
    - One Shot, One Kill
            · First to 20 kills with a J358 Revolver wins!
    - Sticks and Stones
            · Mix of Melee, Molotovs and limited Operator Skills in this new mode. First to 20 kills wins!
    - Prop Hunt
            · Become either the hunter or be hunted in this popular Call of Duty mode!
※ New Map: Summit
    - Battle it out in this high altitude location from the Black Ops universe
    - Available for TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy and Frontline
※ Limited time holiday themed Raid map
※ New Operator Skill and Scorestreak coming soon
※ New map areas
    - Circus themed area
    - Snowy areas
※ Map improvements
    - Expanded the underground area of the bus station
※ New Limited Time Battle Royale Mode
    - Sniper Rifle Challenge - Become the last one standing while using a sniper rifle only
※ New weapon
    - M16 rifle that fires 5.56mm ammo
※ New Battle Royale Class coming soon!
※ Battle Royale holiday events coming soon!

Social Features

※ Daily Clan missions
    - Earn credits by completing clan missions
※ New Weekly and Season Clan ranking system
※ New XP bonus for playing with your friends

Improvements and Optimizations

Ranked Mode

※ Season 2 starting rank will take into account your final rank in Season 1
※ Scoring experience has been balanced at higher ranks
※ Optimized ranked matchmaking to reduce wait times
※ Banned players will be removed from leaderboards
※ Improved scoring calculations that occurred under rare circumstances


※ Optimized the bullet penetration of certain walls in some MP maps
※ Optimized the mantling of various objects in MP
※ Improved natural lighting on MP maps
※ Added firing during hip fire to ADS transition
※ Added fixed joystick option in settings
※ Added a firing turn function in setting
※ Optimize the firing responsiveness in Multiplayer and Battle Royale
※ Slightly increased the charge up time of Sparrow operator skill
※ Slightly increased firing rate of LK24
※ Slightly increased Chicom damage, while reducing damage effectiveness at longer distances
※ Slightly increased range of the HG 40 while reducing damage effectiveness at longer distances
※ Slightly increased damage of BY15 and HS0405 shotguns
※ Slightly increased vertical recoil of Arctic .50 and extended the aiming time
※ Slightly increased the distance of DLQ33
※ Slightly reduced recoil of UL736 and M4LMG
※ Slightly reduced the lethality of AKS-74U at medium and long ranges and slightly increased recoil
※ Slightly increased recoil of AK117
※ Slightly reduced forward movement speed
※ Optic attachments will slightly affect ADS speed
※ Optimized recoil animations while in hip fire and ADS
※ Optimized reloading animation to sync with ammo increase
※ Improved bullet hit detection
※ Improved melee hit detection
※ Improved weapon firing control
※ Improved the firing sounds for all weapons
※ Optimized the equipment throwing and trajectory indicator
※ Optimized quick throw function in settings
※ Added kill confirmation sound
※ Added a marking system to multiplayer

Battle Royale

※ Slightly reduced damage taken when outside the safe zone
※ Improved the logic of safe zone spawn
※ Improved the information displayed on mini map
※ Optimized recoil performance for lower frame rates
※ Improved accuracy of directional sounds of footsteps and weapons
※ Optimized the pursuit performance of FHJ for airdrop aircraft.
※ Optimized timing of thermal sights
※ Slightly increased Chicom damage, while reduced damage effectiveness at longer distances
※ Significantly increased the damage of gas bombs on Zombies
※ Slightly reduced the number of vehicle spawns
※ Improved control of certain vehicles
※ Optimized loading of vehicle assets
※ Added vehicle health indicator for driver
※ Improved logic of air drop location
※ Reduced health of Zombie summoned by Toy Bomb
※ Slightly reduced slowdown effect of EMP Drone
※ Resolved issue with EMP Drone colliding with obstacles
※ Improved camera behavior for improved overall performance
※ Improved movement while using stairs
※ Improved movement while climbing through windows

System and Client

※ Improved battery usage and temperature
※ Improved performance on minimum spec devices
※ Improved “Play Again” functionality
※ Improved game descriptions in mode selection
※ Added support for displaying HD images for avatars
※ Support for adding friends from profile information screen
※ Improved display information of players in matches
※ Various bug fixes

Call of Duty Mobile Discord

Call of Duty Mobile - Garena Discord

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This is so awesome




Cadê a atualização?!

Damn finally zombies are coming and other cool stuff, i am so happy seeing cod rising up again, big respect from an pubg player.

Waaoo nice

as armas boas gratis foram pioradas, nao melhoraram forma de ganhar personagens grátis continua somente sendo comprado nao adicionaram nenhum arma boa, que atualização em, estão de parabéns! pay to win. 

  • K'Sheep
    2019-11-21 13:44:59

    espera, ela não saiu ainda, vc jogou o teste que não tem metade dessas aqui só pode né

  • Analepsy
    2019-11-22 02:06:07

    i think this game is not really pay to win bro (from me, a free player) they give me, a free player, a lot of free weapon skins and exp for upgrade the weapon. just saying. if you play a little time, i can't say very much.

  • thor13
    2019-11-22 22:06:31

    ja sou pro ranking no jogo, falta melhorar sim

Bản bên garena nào có cập nhật vs chế zoobie nữa 

There is any official fixed date fir release


yo this update's gonna make the game so ***ing good!!!!

Still no new map for BR 🙄

 I hope they solve this bugss for my BR mode


Y los hacker que mierda pasa con eso

Year perfect


im waiting for zombie mode good job codm for making classic zombie mode




there alot of bot on BR (solo) i cant even find 20 or 30 real player to fight against them in rank Pro

Can't Wait!

Can't wait like roll on Friday.

I cant wait to see this

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