Get ready for the next battle! The ultimate collab “Tekken” x “KOF Allstar” will start soon Official General

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In the first collaboration event in Japanese and Korean version, “Tekken” is absolutely an ultimate title for KOF series. And now, this title will join the “KOF Allstar” on November 26!

According to the official announcement, there will be a total of eight playable characters will be added in the collaboration event! 2 types of Jin Kazama, 2 types of Xiaoyu Ling, Paul Phoenix, Armor King, Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima. It’s as if a portal was opened!
During the collaboration period, all users, including new users, will be able to get Jin Kazama (classic) & ‘98 Iori Yagami. After the update, you can also take part in the Super Mission!

In addition, a new Tekken Collaboration Stage was added. You can get the materials you need to obtain Armor King!

Updated at 2019-11-22 17:40:56

Woww nice

Man that's why I love this game


Amazing, i love kof and Tekken 🤩

My Good

Still waiting this game 😁

Love it

bellissimo non vedo l'ora



They really brought max on

I can't wait to play it

Wow nice, love it❤️👌👌🔥

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