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Royalflare Royalflare 2019-11-25 17:10:10 10644
“Lineage 2M” will officially launch the server on November 26th at 23:00 (GMT+8). This guide will have the general information that may help you to get started easier in “Lineage 2M”, including “Lineage 2M” basic translation, news, videos, weapons/jobs and other guides about the game.

• NCSOFT announced that "Lineage 2M" Korean version is expected to release this year!
• Lineage 2M - NC Soft announced New Game Trailer! Watch it now!
• NC announces new trailers (Full Updated)
• Ultra 4K MMORPG “Lineage 2M” Grand Open on November 27
• Pre-registration hits 7 Million! “LINEAGE 2M” Pre-download will start on November 25
• “Lineage 2M” unreleased videos & illustrations by NCSOFT Instagram

• Which weapon would you choose? “Lineage 2M” Weapon Guide
• “Lineage 2M” Jobs Info, which race is your choice?

• “Lineage 2M” Pre-download starts now. Server will open very soon
“Lineage 2M” - Settings Menus (English)
•  "Lineage 2M" Basic Guide Part 1
• 【Part.1】Lv.1 - 30 on the map Gludio. Monsters, Areas and Farming
• 【Part.2】Lv.1 - 30 on the map Gludio. Monsters, Areas and Farming
• Lineage 2M - Character introduction and recommendation


In addition, “Lineage 2M” Discord is opened, free chat at here about the walkthrough, tips&tricks, looking for translation, find friends, etc.
“Lineage 2M” Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/tAyeupP

Updated at 2019-11-27 15:49:44

English please

  • User1476639
    2019-11-25 20:25:48

    Actually they don't know much English

Suport sub english please min

Saben si es multilenguaje?

  • luis alvarez
    2019-11-27 01:15:28

    no, solo coreano y ni esperes multilenguaje pronto todos los juegos coreanos tardan entre 1 y 2 años en salir globalmente

  • SrBloodh
    2019-11-27 01:23:00

    que bajón

English please english

Czy jutro będzie działac ta gra 

Россия ждёт.


need VPN?

It says "Parse error" on my LG G5 4GB RAM Quadcore Snapdragon 820 Android 6.0...

  • Royalflare
    2019-11-27 10:05:59

    requires andorid 7.0+ and also you need to leave 5GB+ free space

  • User1645139
    2019-11-28 02:43:30

    amigo mi y9 prime 4 gb ram lo pueda jugar?

Ohhhhh yeaaa

English pleasrle

Indonesia sedang menunggu updatenya 

I need vpn ?

Only will work on android 7.0 nougat or higher  . Needs at least 2.3 GB, GAME SERVERS WILL OPEN 0.00 GMT. KOREAN TIME 11/27/2019.

  • Royalflare
    2019-11-26 22:09:33

    thanks for great info

  • D
    2019-11-29 12:16:54

    np your welcome

just unistalled mine. Thx btw

Wait... Is this the same with LineAge II Revolution? 

any video to show where to low the graphics? 

why i cant install? 

  • Royalflare
    2019-11-27 10:02:16

    requires android os 7.0+

    if still cant install, your phone may not support the game

Did they forgot to add damage numbers and healthbar for enemies?

oprimixen mejor el juego le falta mucha optimizacion para celulares de gama media y baja ... gracias

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