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As all you know that “Punishing: Gray Raven” launched OBT today, so far the game is in Chinese only and currently there is no English version information. So, for new players who would like to experience this awesome 3D Action game with stunning graphics and bishojo. This guide will help you on login, translation and battle tips&tricks, etc.

WHAT'S NEW in OBT & Device Specifications
• New and optimized content & Device specification

• Punishing Gray Raven - General Wiki (Credit: Nguyễn Tấn Hùng)

• Guest / Username account unavailable ⚠️ (Read it first)

• “Punishing: Gray Raven” Login Guide
• “Punishing: Gray Raven” Basic Translation, New Gift Redeem Code

• Battle Skills | Basic battle system introduction
• Don't know which S-Class character to choose? This guide may help you

• “Punishing: Gray Raven” - OBT Launch Gameplay

• “Punishing: Gray Raven” Feedback
Join “Punishing: Gray Raven” Discord: https://discord.gg/RUnmtxt

Updated at 2019-12-18 17:37:28

Thanks for the free costume. I love this girl. <3

How to add a friend? I know someone who's also playing this and I was wondering if I can add him.

How to top up?

  • U.W.O.W
    2019-12-10 16:58:27

    dunno.. still no news bout' that

How to bind akun? 

Why it's so hard to login ,it always show check your connection (translated)

How do I earn a breakthrough? I need it for a quest

  • Vinsmoke Finns
    2019-12-13 22:46:36

    Did you fine any answer? because i need it too...

  • Amelie Tazreite
    2019-12-13 23:08:15

    Yeah I found it. When you upgrade a gear to the max level, you can upgrade it with different materials to increase its max level that's what you need to do

can u help me?

No pvp right?

  • Royalflare
    2019-12-09 14:09:28

    im lv 35 now didnt find pvp system

How to create a new account?

How can i get trust lvl

what is this?

Is anyone experiencing strange lag input in some modes? This mode strangely causes delay input when I turn on the blue option.

  • Royalflare
    2019-12-12 20:53:18

    the blue button means multiplayer, i guess their multiplayer still unstable and need tobe optimized

  • Shokudaikiri
    2019-12-13 20:03:29

    Is this the training mode? This is strange because in the image shows the robot attacking but he does nothing. Just stands still with 5 bars of infinite HP..

    I haven't tested it with other players yet but sometimes playing alone with open multiplayer this caused some lag input. What should I do? Live in china to have a good connection? Reduce the graphics? I am currently playing with all graphics at max, HDR etc.

Minimum Requirement system' for Running game ?

I'm just getting tired of the connection issues while still in battle. My character can't do anything when loading circle suddenly appear on lower right part of the screen, enemy taking free hits, killing my character, failing the stage while loading circle is still there. Why tf you need constant connection while in battle against AI? My connection is perfectly fine fyi, never buffering while streaming any video or downloading. Just fix this in future please, this is the one thing making me wouldn't want to play this game. Mostly I'll just quit the game and wouldn't open again until a day later. Even just thinking of this connection issue would make me don't want to open the game. 

  • Shokudaikiri
    2019-12-26 11:50:14

    Same here. And that's funny because our character can't move while enemy robots can attack us when '' Loading '' appears. This should stop both characters and robots. lol

    Well I can not complain because this problem rarely happens. But yeah this is very annoying.

 i cant read it what it means, coz i cant enter the game

How to purchase in game currency in foreign country?

Any news about the guest account option is going to come back

I need help please 

RIP Punishing Gray Raven...

  • NiceWave90s
    2020-01-01 16:50:56

    yeah I got that problem too can't close it though.but I found a solution for this is clear data of the game and you can play but it just happens again after you close the game. so you need to repeat that step again.Rip

  • Shokudaikiri
    2020-01-02 01:25:54

    Nice bro! There is another way. You need a Chinese ID and code but this is hard because a lot of people have tried many codes. These dudes are fast. I was lucky because a girl in PGR group sent me some IDs and I got one working.

  • NiceWave90s
    2020-01-02 13:26:47

    yo nice. i also got one working. for real those dude are fast. I sit through 2 hours of hell but it finally payoff.haha

  • Shokudaikiri
    2020-01-04 15:14:37

    gg bro :D

what can I do...I'm not from China and more players not from China please fix it 

Emma hard to say cause we got another problem 

They need to check all of our china reality name and ID, so it will take a long time 

Really can't login or create account. The tips your guys gave for logging in or creating an account is complete bull***. 

 I get to play for awhile and then it's kick me out and ask for id

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