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Royalflare Royalflare 2019-12-10 10:00:54 7732
# 中文:https://www.tap.io/topic/69945

⚠️Currently, the game requires a Chinese real-name verification, please be patient if not have Chinese ID.I received some new users that cannot sign up a regular account by username & password as well as the guest account.

Currently, Kuro Game closed the new guest account and regular username account, only "Wechat", "QQ" or Chinese mobile number account are available. It is still unknown if Kuro Game will re-open the entry for Guest Account and Regular Account.
▲ Unfortunately, guest account registrations are full, please use other ways to sign up

▲ And if you follow my login guide to sign up a regular account by username, you will receive the message said "Please use mobile number to sign up" (Chinese mobile number)

So, only Wechat and QQ are available to log in if you don't have a Chinese mobile number, if you haven't signed up an account either Wechat or QQ, please check https://www.tap.io/topic/1612 or https://www.tap.io/topic/69945 (Chinese)
Recommended to sign up a Wechat account.

* Wechat & QQ do no need Chinese ID verification
▲ When you sign in with Wechat or QQ account, just close (skip) the Chinese ID verification

If there is a question, please comment on https://www.tap.io/topic/68144

Updated at 2020-01-01 19:36:28

Glad i singed up on first day

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glad i made my account an hour after it was released

I still use guest, about 6 days ago 

already registered since CBT heheheheheh~~

Hóng ra global vision

Managed to make kurogame account on first day.

  • Vanessa Chow Ji
    2019-12-10 12:40:28

    oops managed to use new wechat, but have to play all over again

  • Vanessa Chow Ji
    2019-12-10 12:55:14

    at least better than nothing since getting into the mechanics

  • Shaun Alcantara
    2019-12-11 21:37:43

    can you help me verify ng wechat account? thank youuu

  • Vinsmoke Finns
    2019-12-19 08:53:29

    Can you help me to verify my WeChat account?

  • Đεαη
    2019-12-25 23:41:05

    nah, kuro account and guest account are different. You can choose username for kuro account, not just some random numbers

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Can I link my game account with Wechat?, few days ago I registered just by logging in / guest login.

I only saw this in the initial login. I always passed it

  • qiemyy shimee
    2019-12-10 11:09:17

    yup..i wanna know too..because im use guest acc too..haha..hope we can link it with wechat acc..plss help us

  • Royalflare
    2019-12-10 11:27:33

    since the guest account is closed and my account is via Wechat, I cannot help you unless you provide some screenshots when you start the game. The login page should ask you to bind with account for game data security

  • ChioXZ
    2019-12-10 12:00:28

    up here.

  • Royalflare
    2019-12-10 12:04:57

    thank you, the first one said for game data safety please bind with mobile number, yes only Chinese mobile number.

    second is id verification, you can skip this.

    So, the only way you want to upgrade as a real account you have to bind with Chinese mobile number, otherwise you only can start new game with Wechat or QQ account or continue using guest (not recommended bc you may lost it)

  • ChioXZ
    2019-12-10 12:27:05

    unfortunately in this game account I have made some of my characters strong, yes even though not as strong as the people who top up in this game. sad when I restart the new game. So I will continue the game with a guest account even though I risk losing this account. end of my career lol

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I use a quest account but i want a wechat account x.x the game dont let me  login with wechat  or qq just  enter in the guest account help please

Seriously.. why i can't login into my account guest..
I made this account about 6 days ago. But after this day. I can't login at all.. or my password just wrong?

  • Royalflare
    2019-12-10 11:18:52

    guest account is not a real account and you cannot log in the guest account, it is automatically logged in by game. I suggest you to use Wechat to save your game data

  • ice jade
    2020-01-02 10:31:00

    It is not true. I have been using a Wechat account but today I can't get in because of the new Chinese policy.

I don't have Chinese id but i can use guest account to login

Haha use qq acc

Okey thanks :)

What the f**k????

ayuda soy de latino América y entré como invitado pero ahora quiero hacerme una cuenta wechat como lo hago ayuda pls quiero salvar mi progreso ni idea como se puede hacer saludos bueno el juego un 10

  • Limu poison
    2020-01-12 11:40:10

    tu cuenta ya se fue a la basura, cerraron todas las cuentas invitadas, y parece que tambien las registradas en kuro game. no hay nada que puedas hacer ahora mas que esperar

Randomly closing down your proprietary login without offering any option to port your account to QQ / WeChat is absurd. Developers lose a lot of credibility when they openly admit being incompetent. Why else would the only login removed be their own?

  • Đεαη
    2019-12-25 23:51:18

    They only closed guest accounts. I mean it isn't called guest account for nothing. It's our own mistake for playing with guest account when there's kuro account registration. Now they put restrictions on kuro account registration. I guess they don't wanna non-chinese players play their game and, give one star, *** on their game saying "I don't understand chinese, give us English version", or connection problems due to servers being in china.

  • Valentine
    2019-12-27 05:27:10

    I don't have a guest account, so you're not attacking me. Guest accounts weren't the only ones they closed when this was posted nearly a month ago.

    It doesn't solve any of the problems you listed because even those that would understand they are playing a Chinese game will post low reviews for being blocked.

    I get it, though. You're trolling my comments on it. You're just a little late.

3 days ago I registered using a username and password, but today I can't log in even though my connection is very stable, but why in the game the connection is problematic and can't log in to game ??

So, If I use a username account, I can't save my data? Or how save my username account? I don't want lost my progress (‘◉⌓◉’)

  • Royalflare
    2019-12-10 13:37:48

    i think you still can log in with username account if you already have one, they just closed new registration.

  • Shaun Alcantara
    2019-12-20 23:56:05

    hey royalflare. can you pleqse help.me.activate ng wechat account? i cant create account since i need friend to verify me :"<

Is regular kuro account (made one via signing up, not given with U+numbers) still considered as a guest account and will be lost unless linked? I'm kinda confused based on what I'm reading upon the comments. Your reply is utmostly appreciated.

  • Royalflare
    2019-12-10 13:36:59

    account using username and password is different from guest, they now just closed registration for both guest and regular kuro account

  • Ophelia
    2019-12-10 13:46:29

    thanks royal. that should put me at ease. at least my progress is saved.

It is very good gameI

Hope they don't delete my kuro account :((

  • Yusari
    2019-12-11 00:21:19

    you can play it if you already have one, Kuro Game just closed the registration

My account is connected QQ my account is safe 😂

Okey, i cant play the game. I didnt expect kuro game doing this :)

Can someone help me get my wechat acc unlocked

i skipped the real name and Identification number but it moves me to this, I tried to click that black box and it moves me back on the real name and idenfication box

  • Qveeny
    2019-12-11 03:01:46

    Try quit the game and enter again.

I will uninstall this game after this game release jp version,Taiwan version and SEA version.

I'll wait the English version this, seems free account ain't safe yet & maybe all your money will be wasted when your account is gone.

if you got a wechat please help me

Okay so, i'm registered via a regular username account. I can play the game just fine, but is my account safe? Or do i need to switch over to WeChat to properly save my account?

Thanks for your help!

My wechat account was Block :(

  • Titan
    2019-12-17 21:04:18

    got bilibili account ?? cause this game have bilibili ver.

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