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In the hot summer, will you choose to “surf” and play in the “luxury yacht”, or to find the legendary underwater treasure?

Today, we brings you the latest news of the new version of the "Summer Carnival Season", together with the new "Summer Mode (夏日模式)" party, Let's Go~ officially opened at 10:00 on July 17!
Love is always pounding

"Summer mode(夏日模式)" is a random play mode.

In Classic mode(经典模式) If you select "Sea map(海岛地图)" in the third person, "Summer mode" will be activated randomly.

▲"Summer Mode" starts randomly.

If it is a hot summer, there must be a beach where sunshine will naturally fall!

▲Beachfront that can not be missed in the summer

In "Summer mode (summer day)", a special change occurs in the map of the sea. It will be the first time to start a small island "Love Island(爱心岛)" in the sea, and you can enjoy summer in peace with the sound of waves and sea birds.

▲"Love Island(爱心岛)"

▲ Love Island Location

Special forces can choose to drive on the boat, use surfboards or direct skydiving to board "Love Island". There are waves, beaches and even a holiday villa. In the center of the island, you can also see two cute little yellow chickens!
▲The two lovely yellow chicken

Close to the little yellow chicken, press the "打卡" button, you can get a love balloon, not only can make the character become more cute, but also increase the jumping height slightly, and let you slow down when you fall from a height.

This love balloon is really fun, in addition to this, there are three kinds of balloons waiting for your discovery!

Our holiday destination is called Love Island, of course not just because of the love balloon and the two little yellow chickens that love it~ Do not believe? Find the miniature tornado on the beach and click on "take off(起飞)" to let the eyes tell you the answer!
▲Love balloon

The second 打卡 location is at the bedside mural on the second floor of the villa. Did you remember any memories when you saw this picture?
▲ House 2nd floor

The special forces can complete the punching near the murals, and there is a small yellow chicken hovering over the head. Is there a super-faceted?
▲ Big yellow chicken!

Surfing, enjoying the cool summer
▲ Surfing game mode

In the "Summer Mode", each special soldier comes with a power surfboard from the beginning. Use a power surfboard without worrying about lack of oil and never be destroyed. It will be the most determined ally of the special forces at sea.

When swimming on the surface, there will be a “surf(冲浪)” button, click on the “surf” button to step on the surfboard – in addition, the special forces can also freely surf the board by switching on the equipment field in the backpack.
▲Surf (冲浪) button

You can jump while surfing, and the high jump can even trigger the turn stunt. The top speed can over 100km/h, which is really cool!
▲Surfing status

In addition, a surf track is set up between G Port and Port P. With special surfboards, special forces can enjoy "Fast & Furious" on the sea! I don't know if you are ready to have a good surf race with the chickens?
▲ Surfing track

Yacht fierce battle
▲ Luxury yacht

The summer mode also has two luxury yachts that continue to drive along the coastline.

The yacht carries a lot of game materials, and the gun in the bow cab is 100% refreshed with a signal gun! The rich materials and the narrow environment design will surely become the "summer holiday paradise" of the special forces who love here.
▲ Signal gun is coming!

The special forces can also judge its approximate location and route by observing the yacht icon on the game map. Choose to jump directly or use a surfboard to get close to and board a luxury yacht, depending on your situation.
▲ Surfing close to luxury yachts

Undersea treasure, waiting for you
▲ Yellow chick buoy

There are many special "box" marks on the sea surface of the small map. When surfing to find these marks, you will find a striking chick "buoy" on the sea surface. Under the "buoy", there is a mysterious underwater treasure!
▲ Seabed treasure

These sea buoys are also the places where special forces compete, and everyone must hurry!

The above is the breaking news today. Have you been eager to see these new game content in "Game For Peace" after seeing so many new game content?


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Só falta lançar o mod global...

Wow 😮 i am waiting for this only🥰🥰

Wow 😮 i am waiting for this only🥰🥰

I can't quite open! help!

Por que não otimizam o global?

Please remove the Storm Shield!


Please listen to me. This is an amazing game and I love it, only problem is the bugs. Moreover you need to introduce some changes to autoaim. If two enemies, one closer and one farther, are infront of me and I shoot, no matter which one I attack, autoaim pushes me to the enemy that is closer. It should be that autoaim pushes me to the person closest to my cursor. Please fix this.

After the update, here are the issues a few of my friends and I are facing. 1. After clicking Start to enter a match, the game gets stuck on the Loading screen and will not go to the spawn island. We have to force close the game and restart it. 2. In Infection Mode and TDM, the game does not load properly and the player can move around but cannot equip anything. Also the other players remain static and cannot be killed. Please fix these.

This game keeps getting better and worse at the same time. The main menu and the user interface got an fresh new look. This is an overrated game with so many bugs, glitches, lags. They keep adding unwanted stuff like Infection Mode. It does nothing more than taking up more storage on the device. Maybe put on play store as an add-on mode for who ever wants to fill up their device storage with hot garbage. Get rid of the random red zone. It has turned into an annoyance rather than a distraction.

Thank Tencent Games.




Iutryut33uuf  v 

 I already download in China version is not opening from my Facebook and he asking China version Facebook WhatsApp message how to I prepare this

We want in English version

This is China version download this but it is not working he asking Facebook aur messenger China version I want English version

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