【VPN Tutorial, UFOVPN Updated!】CODM launch the new beta test in Australia & Canada! Official Choice General

Royalflare Royalflare 楼主 2019-07-17 16:18:19 45661
On July 18, the Call of Duty Mobile launch the latest Beta Test in Australia and Canada exclusively.
If you live outside these two countries then you need to use VPN with either Australia or Canada server to play.

Test starts period: July 18 - TBA
Test type: Beta Test, unlimited accounts, account data will NOT be erased after the test (maybe this is the final test)

VPN tools
UFO VPN & Solo VPN & Proton VPN
1. Open Tap App, find "My Games" on right bottom
2. Tap "My Games", then find a rocket icon on right topYou will be in Auxiliary Tools page

3. Download UFO VPN (Recommend), Solo VPN or Proton VPN
Note: UFO VPN & Solo VPN does not require sign up, no limited use. Proton VPN needs sign up and 7 days trial use.
UFO VPN (Recommend)
Select the "CODM Australia" server
By watching ads get free time to use
Enjoy the CODM!
Solo VPN
Select Australia server and connect
Note: If you cannot see Australia server, select Canada server.
Then enjoy the game!

Proton VPN
When you run the app, you will need to sign up with account
Then you will be direct to website to sign up. Select Free plan and follow steps to sign up.
After sign in, you will be given a 7 days free trial use
Select & connect the Australia servers or Canada servers (NOT Austria Servers!Be careful!)
If the selected server is not working, try with other servers (some may not work)
Enjoy the game!

Note: Free-For-All mode will be coming soon on July 20 0:00 - July 21 24:00 (UTC) for a limited time

Call of Duty Discord channel: https://discord.gg/ZfY9AX5

Updated at 2019-07-19 10:31:51

Test server again..Tired of waiting the global version 

  • JUN
    2019-07-18 14:11:05

    But this test is obt!

  • Dhany
    2019-07-19 06:18:17

    my hype has gone

  • 手机用户620296
    2019-07-19 13:55:11

    We don't care if it is obt have you seen the ping it is so high and all the vpns are banned and the one which are open are paid please release the game ASAP!!

  • GlAwA_RaKoB
    2019-07-19 16:19:28


  • cekiw _
    2019-07-26 18:58:13

    my connection always unstable, on australia or canada too


  • mrTai
    2019-07-18 18:35:50

    Still have no official information

  • User411119
    2019-07-18 18:42:21


  • User552701
    2019-07-19 14:02:58

    if the official game get out all the other games will stop like pubg and fortnite and survaivel rules

  • User552701
    2019-07-19 14:03:10

    this is the best game


¿ Alguien ya probó la nueva beta ?

  • CHD
    2019-07-18 16:39:29

    si pero la anterior, no estába mal pero supongo que en esta habran corregido varios fallos ya

  • JEAM
    2019-08-17 04:11:02

    Simona la mona xV

still need vpn??

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Please suggest a working VPN 😊

  • Antônio Helder
    2019-07-18 14:29:30


  • Royalflare
    2019-07-18 15:20:38

    VPN added, please read the post again

  • Arko Provo
    2019-07-18 16:32:43

    UFO VPN is the best in my opinion coz there is a dedicated server for COD: Mobile...so you can just directly play the game by connecting to the VPN from the app without any issues

  • Fredy Alpiansya
    2019-07-18 17:49:49

    proton vpn

  • JAC
    2019-07-18 18:54:56

    tnx flare👍

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Theare is no Australia server

  • Royalflare
    2019-07-18 15:27:26

    If you dont see Australia, select Canada

Umm why don't I see Australia in Solo VPN???

  • Royalflare
    2019-07-18 15:27:21

    If you dont see Australia, select Canada

    2019-07-18 15:28:34

    well I don't see Canada either...(maybe it has to do with where I am at the moment)

  • Royalflare
    2019-07-18 15:39:28

    hmmm, so you can choose Proton VPN, sign a new account grants 7 days free use

  • Adam Vene
    2019-07-18 15:55:01

    why proton vpn and vpn solo dont work ?

  • Adam Vene
    2019-07-18 15:56:37

    i have the same problem extortion, and proton vpn dont work when i connect in Canada, i live in france

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no canada no aus sad


I get this message, while opening with ufo vpn. Anyone knows a solution?

  • Royalflare
    2019-07-18 17:33:18

    try CODM Australia again, updated about 20mins ago

  • cekiw _
    2019-07-26 19:02:50

    not really but i have another announcement 'your connection unstable' and then i should exit game and reconnect, sama seperti kita bermain 10 kali prrtandingan, tapi kita hanya bisa stabil dalam 6 pertandingan, sisanya harus kita re log in atau restart the game

  • TopZ
    2019-08-17 20:49:29

    appeared to me too, as if I didn't recognize vpn

thank tou vary match

Facebook don't work help

When it relesed Global..

No me funciona

Game work on my mobile

  • N Sin
    2019-08-15 22:37:17

    which server and which vpn

Ohh God! Why must Indonesia be skipped??

  • cekiw _
    2019-07-26 19:04:26

    duit nya dikit kali dude ahaha

  • codename12st
    2019-08-02 12:04:38

    tapi udah ada pre-reg yg franchise sama garena.. tinggal nunggu tanggal mainnya

  • cekiw _
    2019-08-02 19:53:59

    iya itu baru tiga hari yg lalu, pay to win buat yg garena lagi rame tuh bro, ahahah yg gw rasain ih sama aja entah lo pake skin dan upgrade senjata, kalo nemu musuhnya auto aim ya kalah, ya kalo misalnya player yg beli dikasih kelebihan ya wajar sih, kan dia salah satu pemasukan buat develover nya, ya kan?

Последний бета-тест?когда релиз?

  • Kovarnyj
    2019-07-19 02:00:04

    КТТС. под каким впн играешь? работает хоть один?

  • Pro PlayeR
    2019-07-19 09:21:24

    UFO VPN работает,правда он платный,я видео смотрю,потом играю

Y para ios como le ago

Thank's new beta

how about holla vpn? 

bruh solo vpn i found nothing not australia or even canada m8 etf

  • cekiw _
    2019-07-26 19:05:31

    use ufo vpn, then hack the apps with unlimitid premium time remmaining

No me va :(

O UFO VPN tá disponível também na google play 


I cant find Australia or canada servers on solo vpn


Solo me deja jugar en Australia y no en Canadá, algún dato

pra ios não vai lançar a beta??

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