【MINIMAX】How do I redeem a Gift Code? Official General

JUN JUN 楼主 2020-01-15 17:23:11 1504
1. [Important]
If you are using a “Letter” Gift Code (“MINIMAXgift” for example), it can be used regardless of the realm you are logged into. However, when using a “Serial” Gift Code (like, “DTB-4PS-PAV-GJ3”), it will apply to the realm you are logged into. Gift Codes expire after they are used on one of the Realms;

2. In the main Lobby of the game, open the drop-down menu in the top left corner. 

3. Select “Settings” at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

4. In the tab called “General” click on the button called “Input”. 
5. Copy and paste your gift code and press “Confirm”. 
• The pre-register gift code can be delivered by push message to users who participated in the 17:59 Tap io pre-register on Jan 15th 

Updated at 2020-01-15 17:34:40

OMG I received a Minimax gift code

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:21:43

    hhahahah congratulation!

Nice i hope this game will be superb , and have many player 

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:21:30

    yeah I hope many people will love this game too!

This noiced me after I received a gift code @@ and take the present @@

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:20:59

    welcom~ enjoy!

I have receive one!!! Love it ;))

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:20:54

    welcom~ enjoy!

Thank you for the gift code

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:20:48

    welcom~ enjoy!

Hopefully I'll get one too

What they gift?

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:22:29

    Rewards have developer announcements, so check them out!

my minimax stuck,,

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:20:32

    yeah, There is a problem with the gameplay part, and the developer is checking it. Please wait a moment!

  • NyxUlric92
    2020-01-15 19:23:33

    thank you, hope the problem can be solved ASAP. i can't wait to playing this game☺️

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:56:58

    This problem is already solved ~ Please check!

Obrigado pelo gift code. 

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:55:55


Thank you for the code 🙏😁

  • JUN
    2020-01-15 19:55:45

    thank you for your support~

    If you have any problem plz tell me :)

where is the na code ??

I don't get although I follow

Sao tôi ko nhận được code

I got the gift thz you 

Thanks for the code

Thanks for the code. Finaaly, been waiting for this game xD

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