August 13! Ace Force will official release on iOS and Android! Official Choice General

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# KR (한국어):
Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are excited that "Ace Force" is scheduled to officially release on August 13, 2019.
Platform: iOS & Android
Server: Chinese

Usually the game will be released on the early of the day (if there are specific changes, the release time plan will be announced later), I am grateful to all players and friends that have been concerned about and support us!
The last beta test will end at 20:00 on August 8th.

If conditions permit, we will try our best to send out invitations to all players who participate in the pre-registration. Thank you for your support and communication. I hope that the future "Ace Force" will become our memory.

【About the beta test reward】

As mentioned before, first of all, all the players participating in the beta test (have to register) will receive a beta reward when the game is official released.

After logging in on official release, you can log in with the account that participated in the beta test. You can see the corresponding event (reach the specific levels can directly receive, and each beta test account is limited to one)

【Top-up return in the final beta test】

For the part of the final beta test, according to the announcement, the return of top-up will be made when the official release. It is still visible after entering the game. You can choose to receive it according to the situation of the server selection (each account is limited one and return to the corresponding paid account).

If you have any question during the period, please send inquiry through the customer service.

Updated at 2019-07-29 12:41:02

Mobile overwatch :)



Invite me.. Please .,How to download beta test.?  😅

is it English?

Quiero probar la beta

Can we use this on official version or only in beta? 

One A year ago, he played in MBT, and now it will be released in a year. Uraaaaa

when release in ASIA?

It's Release in English language? 

It's 13 August...when it will be published??😔😔

I can t install

This game neeed vpn?because im error in login page,number is error******

Where to download the offical version??

When will it release in English???? error in login page,this error  code 55687984...what this the meaning...

Hopefully released on English.

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