【Tutorial】“Teamfight Tactics: Mobile” Steps to Play the Beta Official General

Royalflare Royalflare 2020-02-09 22:45:59 19234
"Teamfight Tactics: Mobile" Beta is available now, you can find out more here.
And then, Beta download is available on Tap now. You can download and start to play in test server.

But before you download and run the game, you need to have a Riot account registered. Follow these steps to get access to game from now on:

1. Go to website: https://signup.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/index#/registration, type your Email address and go to next step.
2. Make sure the region located on right top of page is in EU NORDIC & EAST (ENGLISH), fill your username & password to finialise registration.
▲ Double check the REGION is EU NORDIC & EAST (ENGLISH)

3. Run the "TFT: Mobile" game on your phone (The game supports multiple languages, follow the device languages)
4. Tap "Riot Account" to login, before fill your username & password, select the REGION located on right top of screen first
5. Select "EU NORDIC & EAST"
6. Double check "EUNE" is the region on right top, and log in with your registered username & password.
7. Then you will back to the initial screen, tap "Riot Account". You may receive error with a message said unable to complete. Stop the game completely and run again.
8. Then you will be in the queue, wait patiently to get into the server.

PS: If you unable to connect the server, please try to use VPN tools with any node in EU, US, AU.
Free VPN:
Kiwi VPN, Solo VPN, Tunnelbear VPN


Pre-register “LOL” Mobile Games and get the latest game information.

【Updating】“League of Legends” Series Guide

In the meantime, “LOL” games Discord channels are now opened, welcome to join and discuss

League of Legends: Wild Rift Channel: https://discord.gg/F3derzE
Teamfight Tactics Channel: https://discord.gg/8zVsqKZ
Legends of Runeterra Channel:  https://discord.gg/btKduAm

Updated at 2020-02-10 10:46:19

Game doesn't install

  • Giang
    2020-02-09 23:41:43

    same :(((

the game doesnt install, how to install it btw

mình không chơi được, cứ vào ứng dụng lại bị thoát ra 

  • JUN
    2020-02-09 23:05:28

    Southeast Asia and some areas are not accessible. If you can't connect, please use vpn.

  • Hồng Vân
    2020-02-09 23:41:55

    ID sang australia cũng không được, vào lại bị thoát ra

  • Trương Hoài Pho
    2020-02-10 08:18:10

    ram 2gb và chip-32 thì khỏi chơi

    như tôi vậy nè😭😭

  • Вова Петрусенко
    2020-02-12 10:20:18

    Whats happened when saw yoi wrongs

I can't open the app it automatically close for no reason

  • JUN
    2020-02-09 23:06:00

    could you please send me a screenshot?

  • Sayumi Ryuzaki
    2020-02-09 23:11:14

    Sure but how?

  • Sayumi Ryuzaki
    2020-02-09 23:12:48

    I can't send images here

  • Sayumi Ryuzaki
    2020-02-09 23:16:49

    When I try to open the app it only shows game_error_directx with a black background and it suddenly close

  • Mikey Nieland
    2020-02-10 03:09:16

    yeah same on my other phone

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How to install on samsung ? :( plssss

O problema é n conseguir instalar

Dowload must be use Pc or Mac. So how I can open it on my phone???

  • Royalflare
    2020-02-09 23:44:43

    click try on the game page to download the game apk

 Tải về dc đăq nhập k dc

it says app not installed.

Nope still waiting sea server

I cant event go through the logging in, Im STUCKED!

安装时显示 "应用未安装"怎么解决  samsung j7 prime

Nao instala, motog4, não suportado.

잘 됩니다 ^^감사합니다 라이엇

  • Phương Xuân
    2020-02-10 23:07:30

    와아. 도와주세요 ~.~

  • 오어진
    2020-02-10 23:18:09

    오스트레일리아로 vpn키시고 https://signup.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/download 여기로 들어가셔서 회원 가입뒤에 게임 다운받으시고 게임에서 euen서버로 연결뒤에 하시면 됩니다 ^^

Không hỗ trợ sever asia và việt nam

대기열 이후 다운로드 파일확인에서 진행 불가네요


Why ???


Alguém tá com o mesmo problema ? Estou faz meia hora tentando entra e não consigo, fica nessa tela de login

  • JUN
    2020-02-10 12:02:14

    This problem is due to a network problem that prevents you from connecting. If you can't connect in your country, try using vpn.

Hello! I need help with mine, I've basically gone past the login, but after the waiting queue is done, the app proceeds to crash immediately. Why does this happen? Is there a way to fix this? 

  • Royalflare
    2020-02-10 10:45:44

    have you entered the game by now?

  • Robert Philip D
    2020-02-10 11:40:56

    i have the same problem. ☹️

  • Archimedius
    2020-02-10 11:55:03

    Nope, waiting in the queue takes about 10 minutes, and it'll crash after it's done.

  • Archimedius
    2020-02-11 23:04:15

    Now, it logins in without any waiting queue time and crashes immediately after "Knighting the Pengu", "Shining the Stars", "Filling the Orbs" etc.

it doesn't install

 K biet nói gì ngoài chờ đợi

What is the total size of this Gme size?

  • JUN
    2020-02-10 10:35:42

    48MB + 600MB Patch File

Once it finish the update it automatically exiting 😢😢😢
Then until now its doing the same thing

  • Royalflare
    2020-02-10 10:44:54

    so now app force close when run it?

    have you try connecting VPN first?

  • jaybhi santos
    2020-02-10 11:24:06

    Not yet What country is appropriate in vpn

wheres the download link for mobile? It say must from for mac or windows :(

sao dà thấy ma huhu không 😠

Cho nhẹ cái cấu hình chuẩn đi ad

is there anyone have the problem like after you wait in queue then the app force closing?

It closes after i wait for the queue. ☹️

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