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"Counter: Side" is newly developed by the development team of "Elsword". With the imaginary era as the background, the player plays the role of the president of the civil military enterprise, who is a person with the ability of "Watch Counter". Together with mercenaries fight against the unknown body of life "invading the body" and uncovering the unseen adventure behind the world.

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- 신규 소대 '제4 특별 기동 수사대' 업데이트
- 신규 시스템 : 협력사/게스트 소대 시스템
- 감정표현 : 이모티콘 변경 기능 추가 및 신규 이모티콘 업데이트
- 다이브 아티펙트 '이터니움 대량 지급 타입' 추가

Detailed info

  • File Size : 69.56MB
  • Current Version : 1.3.64168
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NEXON Company
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Latest Version :8.6 Android:8.1
  • Karlando
    248.33 hrs on record

    One of the most f2p games I've ever come across, graphics are breathtaking, Characters are phenomenal what more can I say, it's just a damn good game.

  • 7thNov

    - Classical gameplay, old but still good, easy for new players .

    - Fantastic graphics, especial character motions, very lively.

    - Beautiful artwork, high quality and very detail.

    - Massive, intense combat on every map.

    Things to notice before playing:

    - Need a lot of material (and time) to max upgrade a characters (without cash).

    - The higher the map the more tactics required, may take a lot of time (for failure) to get over it.

    - Quite "tough" for devices with low chipsets to play this game.

  • Ranpapao

    This is not the one that you're looking for if you want some adventurous deep story like console game. It is fun strategic line defense game similar to metal slug defense mechanics, with great character design and movement. In this game, even a Normal unit can be usefull if you got brain.

  • User2803976
    20 mins on record

    which is mean " please waiting" i could'nt play the game

  • Farhan Atdy

    umm... it's just me? I'm stuck at login screen 😭😭

    anyone know how to fix it besides clear data?

  • Official General

    “COUNTER SIDE” Basic Guide & In-Game Tips (English)

    # 中文版翻譯: # 基礎戰鬥介紹: “COUNTER SIDE” is official released. As Nexon's strategy RPG game, it's sci-fi background and elegant Live2D attract a lo

  • Choice General

    Nexon 2D RPG新作《雙重世界 Counter Side》預計 2月4日正式上線

    官方表示根據上一次 CBT 封閉測試中收取的玩家反饋,修改了‘戰鬥系統’‘物資取得’等30多種遊戲內系統,之後也會根據玩家意見會持續更新遊戲。《雙重世界》是以雙重世界存在的虛擬現實為背景,佐以都市幻想 2D 角色收集的智慧型手機遊戲新作。故事描述民間軍事企業的社長且擁有特殊能力的「Watch Counter」、普通士兵「Soldier」,為了防止遭受侵蝕,因此將與從雙重世界「Counter Sid

  • Official Choice General


    8月1日至8月5日開放測試的《Counter:SIDE》是由《艾爾之光》開發團隊製作的全新卡牌RPG手遊。遊戲以虛構的時間點為背景,玩家將擔任民間軍事企業的新任社長,並招聘傭兵對抗未知生物「侵食體」,最後揭開這一切不為人知的秘密。接著,就讓我來跟大家分享一下《Counter:SIDE》的遊戲體驗吧!   【遊戲中的「我」到底是誰?論劇情與人設】 首先我們來談談遊戲中的各式元素,比如:能夠進入次元世

  • Official Choice General

    Nexon New mobile game“Counter Side” New Tailer

    Today, Nexon New Mobile game New “Counter Side”  announced New Game Trailer. Tha game is Founded by team members who worked on PC online games Closers studio bside is a new Korean developer which rece

  • General


    一,主頁目錄 1,本公司: 研究室: - 강화 이식(強化移植): 提高角色潛在力 - 기술 훈련(技能訓練): 提高角色技能等級 - 한계 초월(突破極限): 提高角色的極限值 機庫: - 함선 건조(艦船建設): 使用艦船材料製作新的艦船 - 함선 정비(艦船修治): 提高艦船等級和成長最高值 工坊: - 장비 제작(製作裝備):使用材料製作裝備(隨機獲得) - 장비 강화(強化裝備):提高裝


NEXON Company



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